Generator Types Based on Capacity

30 December 2023

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Sobat Honda may already be familiar with generator technology. However, did Sobat Honda know that there are several types of generators that Sobat Honda can choose according Sobat Honda needs? In everyday life, electric power has always been a major requirement to get a job complete .

If the electricity goes out, the impact on a small house may not be felt too much. However, other types of property that require a large capacity of electricity certainly require other source option for electricity transmission. That's what generators are for. Basically, the generator is an electricity backup system that operates when the power goes out.

Choosing the right generator is very important because it needs to be adjusted to Sobat Honda needs considering there are many types of generators available. In this article, Sobat Honda will get to know the various types of generators and their capacities. Check out the full review below.

Genset Types

There are many generators on the market, but not all of these generators have the same specifications. Before buying a generator, let's first briefly understand the types of generators below:

1. Generator Inverter

Inverter generators have a way of working that is different from other types of generators. This tool can automatically adjust the speed of the machine to meet the demand of electricity. Because of this, noise and fuel consumption are much less when compared to other generators.

Inverter generators have a lighter weight compared to conventional generators because they have an alternator that is integrated with the generator unit. There is no need to doubt the quality of the electricity. Inverter generators are generally equipped with a microchip to control the waves and make the generator deliver the best quality electricity.

not enough up there, another advantage of the inverter generator is has a fuel-efficient engine. Inverter generators are created with the latest technology that is more environmentally friendly so they can save fuel consumption and last longer.

To meet the needs of electricity at home when there is a blackout, an inverter generator is the right choice. Inverter generators produce energy that is good for charging smartphone, tablets or laptops.

The energy is also stored in the inverter generator making it a great choice for traveling, camping or boating. Not only that, maintenance of inverter generators is also much easier and dimension is also sufficient to be taken anywhere.

2. Open Type Generator

An open type generator is a type of generator that is open and is not equipped with a generator housing or a box to cover the engine. Therefore, the use of an open type generator requires a special soundproof room because it will cause a slightly noisy sound.

The advantage of the open model is that it is easy when Sobat Honda need to do maintenance and check the engine because Sobat Honda don't need to open and close the generator housing anymore. In addition, the disassembly process is also much easier if further maintenance or component replacement is required.

Even though it doesn't have a generator housing, the open type generator has its own power house which is designed to protect the engine and is equipped with weather-resistant paint so it can keep the engine running. This type of generator is suitable for use in large buildings with large electricity backup requirements such as malls, office buildings, and so on.

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Various Honda Generator Capacity

There are several types of generators offered by Honda and each has a different capacity. This means that all of these generators have a certain range of output power and fuel capacity depending on the situation in which they are used.

The following table is an overview of the differences in each product so Sobat Honda can determine the required generator capacity:

Generator Model

Max. AC Output 

Continuous Operation (Rate load)

Genset EU10i

0,9 kVa

3,2 - 7 h

Genset EU22i

1,8 kVa

3,2 - 8 h

Genset EU30is

2,8 kVa

7,3 jam - 18,2 h

Genset EU70is 

5,5 kVa

6,5 h

Genset EP1000 R

750 Va

6,7 h

Genset EG1000 R

750 Va

6,7 h

Genset EP2500CX

2 kVa

13 h

Genset EZ6500CXS

5,0 kVa

5,8 h

Genset EZ3000CX

2,3 kVa

7,3 h

Genset EG6500CXS

5,0 kVa

8,1 h

Genset EM1000

8,0 kVa

6,5 h

Genset ET120000

1 Phase (2,7 kVa x 3) 

6,5 h

3 Phase (10,0 kVa)

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So, those are some types of generators and best Honda Power products line up complete with wattage capacity which is best choice for Sobat Honda needed. Select the best generator based on type of power needed. If Sobat Honda are looking for a generator for a house, a portable generator may be the right one.

However, if Sobat Honda are looking for a generator for emergencies or blackouts, then inverter generator will be a better fit. Whatever the generator needs and wherever the generator will be used, calm down and don’t worry because Honda Power can be relied upon in every product.

Find the best and most trusted generator according to Sobat Honda needs only at Honda Power Products and solve the problem of the need for an appropriate power supply to get the job done faster.

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