Know What is a Generator

30 December 2023

What is a Generator

Of course, you already know what a generator is, which is usually used when the power goes out. the present of a generator could keep off daily activities not stopped since the electricity supply needed can still be fulfilled.

But did you know, Sobat Honda, a Genset is one of the generators? Then what is a generator that generate electricity and can be used by the people? On this occasion, Sobat Honda will be invited to understand more about the generator itself.

Sobat Honda will be invited to see the actual function of the generator and the type of engine, specifically the 4 strokes. So, you don't buy the wrong, pay close attention to the information below!

What is Generator?

Generator is a machine that generates electricity from the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy. The generated electrical energy is an alternative current (AC).

What is the Function of Generators?

Even though there are many people who use generators, in fact some others have never known the existence of this one machine. Even though its presence will be very useful at home for emergency. If you are one of those who knows generators recently, look at their functions below.

1. Generate Electrical Energy (AC)

The existence of a generator is very important, especially for consumers whose have mobile activity or have a hobby of outdoor activities.

When the main power source is off or you are outside without a power source, the generator can directly replace the main power source to turn on various kinds of electronic and electrical devices. So, calm down and don’t worry anymore when the main power source turns off even though the work isn't finished yet. All you have to do is turn on the generator, then you will get a power source again at home.

2. Support Mobile Business Activities

Having a generator is also very profitable since your business activities can be more flexible. This means that your business can be opened from anywhere and at any time without having to think about the availability of electricity in public places.

You can also provide the best service by coming to customers directly. Not only personal use, generator is very useful for technology and information business sector.

Imagine you're at work and you're downloading data from the cloud and suddenly the power goes out. It’s mean you can't work anymore because the modem is shoot off which leads to disconnection of the internet network? In this case a generator is needed.

Companies which operating in information technology need to prepare generators with large capacity so downloading, uploading and other activities can still be carried out.

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3. Preventing Business Losses

Not just turning on electronic devices for household needs. Generators enable you to continue your activities to produce business products. Imagine if you could produce 100 pcs of products a day, how much would the number of products decrease if the electricity went out?

Of course the production target was not achieved and ultimately affected revenue and business development. Then the delay or delay of goods to customers will affect the credibility and integrity of your business.

So it is very important to make additional plans and preparations in the event of a power failure that stops all machines from producing. One way is to use a generator.

Its existence can keep production running and produce the same amount of product as usual days. Targets are achieved, finances are secure, income remains stable, and customers are happy because the products they buy arrived on time.

Advantages of a Generator Powered by a 4 Stroke Engine

4 stroke generator is one type of Gasoline Generators. Namely a generator with a 4-stroke engine that is more fuel-efficient and low in emissions, and also easier to use than a 2-stroke engine generator.

You can adjust the capacity as needed, such as 1,500 watts, 2,000 watts, 5,000 watts, up to 10,000 watts. So all household and business activities can run simultaneously with only electricity provided by 4 stroke generator.

Apart from the capacity, the way it works is quite different. The 4 strokes engine should go through 4 stages or 2 full revolutions to produce the power. On the other hand, a 2-stroke engine only goes through 2 stages or the equivalent of 1 full revolution.

The longer process and more components make a 4 stroke engine able to produce energy that is more stable, large and of good quality.

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The advantage of using a 4 stroke generator also keeps you from being extravagant in terms of finances. This can be done because the engine system installed in the 4 stroke makes fuel use much more efficient.

Not only that, Generator with 4 stroke engine is able to protect the environment since its exhaust emissions are much lower. What else do you need from a generator?

Efficient fuel consumption has become a very advantage for anyone who has a generator. Its simple and compact design will attract you to buy.

If  Sobat Honda is looking for a generator for back up electricity at home, then it's a good to watch Honda Generators line up. Here you can find generators of various types, sizes, capacities and designs.

so many model could be chosen. But before making final decision, otherwise make sure you already know what kind of generator you want to buy. Write down what the maximum price is, the quality, the required voltage capacity, and other important aspects.

Knowing what type generator you need, could make the buying process quicker. Find the best and most trusted generator based on your needed only at Honda Power Products!

Hopefully the information about what a generator is that has been explained above can be useful and open your mind to Sobat Honda!

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