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30 December 2023

 Best lawnmowers

Are Sobat Honda searching for the best Brushcutter with excellent machine quality? Don't worry, because Honda Power has a list of the best Brushcutter in its class. Competing with other machines, Honda Power ensures that all components are safe and produce great power to meet Sobat Honda needs. So start searching for the right Brushcutter below!

Best Brushcutter Recommendations

A high-quality Brushcutter will make mowing the grass more accessible and more efficient. However, with many available choices, finding the best Brushcutter that suits Sobat Honda needs may take time and effort.

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Before Sobat Hondastart choosing the right one, there are some things Sobat Honda need to consider first, such as the size of the land, the condition of the plants to be cut, and other specific needs.

By considering these factors, Sobat Hondawill be able to find the Brushcutter that is best suited to Sobat Honda needs so that the task of mowing the grass is quickly finished. So, if Sobat Honda spent considering, look at the best Brushcutter from Honda Power right now!

1. UMR435N Brushcutter

Honda Power has two high-quality and equally best push mowers in its class. First, the UMR435N Brushcutter has dimensions of 2,630 mm, 332 mm, and 463 mm.

Honda Power has installed all the best engines to produce excellent power in these dimensions. For example, a mini 4-stroke OHC engine can build a maximum capacity of 1.3 HP/9,000n rpm with a torque of 1.9 Nm/5,500 rpm.

The UMR435N Brushcutter is specifically equipped with a flexible shaft so that the machine can change the cut's direction without changing the user's body position.

The flexible shaft allows the user to access difficult areas, such as under plants or in the corners of dense plants, without changing position or performing uncomfortable maneuvers.

The cutting blade consists of a 2-blade cutter with a diameter of 300 mm and 5,250 rpm. The ignition system also uses Transistorized Magneto Ignition, ensuring more efficient fuel consumption and increased engine durability.

2. UMK450T Brushcutter

If the previous type of machine was specifically designed for cutting grass that is difficult to reach and dense, then this time, the UMK450T Brushcutter is more suitable for use in large areas but not challenging to get.

The UMK450T Brushcutter uses a straight fast type equipped with a mini 4-stroke OHC engine with a maximum power of 2.3 HP/8,500n rpm and a torque of 3.2 Nm/5,500 rpm.

This Brushcutter has a straight-fast type cutting blade with a diameter of 400 mm and a cutting speed of 5,250 rpm. The edge provides a wide cutting area and a comfortable grip.

The UMK450T Brushcutter is also equipped with a fuel tank capacity of 1.1 liters and a cutting height adjustment system that can adjust according to Sobat Honda needs.

3. The HRJ196 Push Brushcutter  

The HRJ196 is equipped with the exceptional engine GXV160 OHV, which is a 4-stroke OHV, single-cylinder engine, and features an air cooler to ensure efficient performance when in use. By installing this engine, Sobat Honda can experience its maximum power of 3.6 HP/3,000 RPM and a 9.0 Nm/25,000 RPM torque.

The ignition system is still the Transistorized Magneto Ignition for better fuel efficiency and increased durability. However, it is essential to note that the HRJ196 Brushcutter requires gasoline with an octane rating of 86 or higher for optimal performance.

So there Sobat Honda have it, the top 3 Brushcutters  from Honda Power that Sobat Honda can choose from to help Sobat Honda get the job done. Their quality engines will undoubtedly be able to deliver the best results most efficiently.

With decades of experience in the machinery industry, Honda Power only offers the best quality for long-term use. But, of course, this requires support from each user in terms of maintenance. Honda Power also has installed a braking system that can activate in unexpected situations.

When regular cleaning and maintenance are performed, Sobat Honda can use Sobat Honda Brushcutter for a very long time. So, what kind of Brushcutter do Sobat Hondaneed? A push Brushcutter or a riding one?

Ensure to consider all aspects based on Sobat Honda needs before making a purchase. For more detailed information about Brushcutter, visit the website or contact the Honda Power Product team.

Find the best and most reliable Brushcutter only at Honda Power Products!

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