Understand the Benefits of the Three Types of Lawn Mowers: Which is Better?

28 December 2023

types of lawn mowers

With the advancement of technology, many tasks in daily life have become easier to accomplish, not just for those directly related to technology, like IT, but also for other industries. For example, the same is true for the types of lawn mowers, which have continuously evolved up to this day.

The presence of modern lawn mowers is genuinely beneficial for all segments of society, whether it is for businesses or the general public. They speed up the process of cutting grass, but you need to choose the right one to maximize its usage and meet your needs.

Ensure you understand all the types of lawn mowers to avoid making mistakes when using them. We will guide you to understand the different types of lawn mowers available and their functions in daily life. So let's learn about the kinds of lawn mowers below.

Types of lawn mowers 

Lawn mowers had existed since 1830, when a mechanic from England discovered them. He realized that the rotating blades on wheels were very efficient in cutting grass without harming healthy plants.

Starting from blades and wheels, it's remarkable to develop. There are at least three types of lawn mowers to choose from according to each user's needs: handheld, riding, and push lawn mowers.

1. Handheld Lawn Mower (Brush Cutter) 

A handheld lawn mower cuts grass by carrying it with one hand. This type is designed specifically to cut uneven or hilly grass.

We recommend using the handheld lawn mower while moving forward so that its sharp blades don't harm you. There are already many handheld lawn mowers in the market, so you don't have to worry when making a purchase.

Typically, handheld lawn mowers sell in various sizes and features. Carefully consider each machine's quality, so you don't get deceived.

Honda Power is one of the trademarks that offers high-quality handheld lawn mowers with a warranty to guarantee customer satisfaction. Specially designed to meet your needs, Honda Power takes excellent care of the overall quality of its machines so you can use them with peace of mind. Find the handheld lawn mower you need at Honda Power right now!

2. Riding Lawn Mower (Riding Mower) 

Second, a lawn mower with an engine drives like a small vehicle. This type of lawn mower is best for large lawns or commercial purposes.

Riding lawn mowers have a cutting deck and blades mounted under the vehicle. They are capable of mowing grass quickly and efficiently and also easier to use than handheld lawn mowers.

Honda Power offers a wide selection of riding lawn mowers built to last. Choose the riding lawn mower that fits your needs and enjoy a better lawn mowing experience.

3. Push the Lawn Mower

Last but not least, the push lawn mower is powered by the user's pushing. Therefore, this lawn mower is highly efficient for small home lawns or golf courses.

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Of course, you can only use this machine on the flat, square-shaped ground. Honda Power also has a push lawn mower with the best technology to help you mow large land areas.

Its strength is guaranteed to be significant so that it can complete the mowing process faster. Curious? Try to understand more here!

Which Type of Lawn Mower is Better? 

The current lawn mowers have their advantages. So there is no concrete answer as to which lawn mower is better. Instead, it would help if you chose a lawn mower that suits your needs.

To make it easier to choose, you need to consider the ground surface, size, and engine strength. These three things can help you determine the best lawn mower to maximize its use. 

If you want to clean the grass so as not to interfere with the growth of rice or other plants, then the portable lawn mower can be an option. The machine easily cleans up the grass or weeds because it is not too big and can directly follow the ground surface.

However, if the ground surface is flat and large enough, the push lawn mower is more suitable. It is different again with a riding lawn mower, which is more appropriate for cutting grass in vast areas, even up to several hectares away.

How to Maintain a Lawn Mower 

No matter how good the lawn mower quality you buy, it will quickly break unless it is well maintained. When one does maintenance correctly and carefully, one can use it for a very long time.

That's why you must find out how to maintain a lawn mower properly. Don't just buy it and leave it be. Instead, try to pay attention to the following maintenance methods.

1. Know How to Use It Properly and Correctly 

First of all, find out how to use it properly and correctly. Proper use of a lawn mower maintains all its components. You will only turn it on and off recklessly and store it carelessly. Read the manual that is available when you first buy the lawn mower.

2. Routinely Warm Up the Lawn Mower 

A lawn mower is the same as a motor vehicle in that it needs to be warmed up regularly. Warming the lawn mower will make its components function efficiently and not clog up. When you want to warm up, keep the spark plug away from its cable so the lawn mower won't start.

3. Clean the Lawn Mower Regularly 

Cleaning the lawn mower is essential to keep it in good condition. Remember to clean it every time you use it. You can use a soft brush or cloth to remove dirt and debris from the machine.

4. Check the Blades Regularly 

Check the blades regularly to ensure they are in good condition and sharp. Dull blades can damage the lawn and take longer to mow. If the edges are damaged, replace them immediately to ensure efficient mowing.

5. Store the Lawn Mower Properly 

The best maintenance of a lawn mower involves cleaning after each use. The bottom of the lawn mower will get dirty with grass clippings and soil, so clean all parts thoroughly to prevent problems such as rust, fungus, or other damage.

6 . Always Check the Air Filter Section 

The air filter plays a crucial role in the working system of a lawn mower. Its presence ensures that no dust or other dirt enters the machine. However, this air filter often becomes dirty due to dust accumulation, so you must clean it periodically. If the air filter's condition is no longer suitable, you need to replace it immediately to maximize the lawn mower's performance.

Of the three available lawn mower types, which one is the most suitable to meet your needs? Ensure you consider the size of the land, its surface shape, and the power capacity generated to maximize the use of the lawn mower.

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If so, immediately find the best lawn mower in Honda Power, which uses the best components to help complete the job. Its performance is also very smooth and easy to start, so you can use it comfortably whenever you want. Immediately find the best and most trusted lawn mower according to your needs only in Honda Power Products!

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