The Types of Boat Fuel

30 December 2023

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Boats are a mode of transportation with many uses, both as a means of transportation and for carrying goods. The same goes for fishing boats used to catch fish in shallow seas. Fishing boats can be powered by outboard engines fueled by diesel or solar.

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Regarding the fuels commonly used for boat engines, this article will explain them in more detail and their advantages. However, first, let us take a look below.

History of Boat Fuel Usage

The use of boat fuel was first discovered in the 19th century when steamboats were used as a more efficient means of transportation than sailboats. The fuel used at that time was coal. This fuel became the primary energy source to move steam engines on boats.

However, using coal as boat fuel is inefficient because it produces much pollution and is the leading cause of air and water pollution. Coal also has transportation weaknesses due to its large and heavy size, making it difficult to store on boats.

In the 1900s, oil fuel became famous as a replacement for coal. Oil fuel is more efficient, easy to store, and environmentally friendly. Some types of oil fuels used at that time included kerosene, gasoline, and diesel.

To date, the use of boat fuel continues to develop. However, even now, you can use more affordable and best-quality fuels more efficiently, such as solar or diesel oil. You can read below for a detailed explanation of the fuel types.

Types of Boat Fuel

Currently, several types of boat fuel are commonly used, including marine fuel oil, high-speed diesel or solar oil, and diesel oil. The following is a brief explanation of each type of boat fuel.

1. Marine Fuel Oil

Marine Fuel Oil (MFO), or bunker oil, is the most commonly used boat fuel worldwide. MFO is made from a mixture of different types of crude oil, depending on the country of origin. MFO has a very viscous and heavy nature, so it needs to be heated before use.

However, MFO produces many pollution and exhaust emissions that could be better for the environment. However, MFO also has advantages in terms of cost, as it is relatively more affordable than other types of boatping fuel.

2. High-Speed Diesel or Solar Oil

You can use high-speed diesel or solar oil for lighter and cleaner fuel types. This fuel is usually used on boats that require high speed, such as passenger and cargo boats carrying high-value goods.

The exhaust emissions from this fuel are less, making it more environmentally friendly. Solar oil also has a higher calorific value than MFO, making it more efficient and cost-saving in the long run. However, the price of solar oil tends to be higher than MFO.

3. Diesel Fuel 

Diesel fuel, also known as distillate fuel oil, is one of the cleanest and most efficient types of boat fuel. Diesel fuel is typically used on boats that require low fuel consumption, such as small boats and fishing vessels.

Like solar oil, diesel fuel has very low exhaust emissions, is environmentally friendly, and is fuel efficient. In terms of price, diesel fuel is more expensive, but the energy produced will be maximum compared to MFO and solar oil. boat engines can also be more durable and long-lasting.

4. Gasoline 

Gasoline can also be used as boat fuel, although its use is less daily than land vehicles. Gasoline is generally used on boats such as rowboats or fishing boats. However, some large boats also use gasoline as fuel.

Generally, the gasoline used on boats has a higher octane and is purer than the gasoline used on land vehicles. It is due to the different environmental conditions and heavier boat engine operating conditions.

Advantages and Characteristics of Each Marine Fuel

Each type of marine fuel has different advantages and characteristics depending on the needs and conditions of the boat. To better understand their advantages, let us take a look at the explanations below:

1. Advantages of Marine Fuel Oil (MFO)

MFO can be obtained at a relatively affordable price compared to other types of marine fuels. MFO also has good stability in storage and usage and is widely available. However, MFO is very heavy and viscous, resulting in much pollution and exhaust emissions that could be more environmentally friendly.

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2. Advantages of High-Speed Diesel or Solar Oil

Solar oil has lower exhaust emissions and a higher calorific value than MFO. It makes solar oil more efficient and cost-saving in the long run. Solar oil is also more environmentally friendly than MFO. However, the price of solar oil tends to be higher than MFO, and it is unsuitable for boats requiring high fuel consumption.

3. Advantages of Diesel Oil

Diesel oil's main advantage is its low exhaust emissions and excellent fuel efficiency. It makes diesel oil very environmentally friendly and cost-saving in the long run. However, diesel oil can freeze at shallow temperatures and must be stored and operated correctly.

4. Gasoline

Gasoline is easy to obtain and available worldwide at almost all fuel-filling stations. In addition, gasoline is more easily combustible and produces power faster than diesel fuel. As a result, gasoline engines tend to be easier to maintain and have a longer lifespan. Gasoline also has a lower boiling point than diesel, making evaporating easier. Therefore, the storage and use of gasoline should be done carefully and safely to avoid the risk of fire or explosion.

Which type of marine fuel would you use for your daily needs? Understanding each type's advantages is essential, so you can choose one that suits your needs and reduces its negative impact on the environment.

Remembering that marine fuels are crucial in maintaining environmental sustainability is also essential. In this regard, you have practiced sustainable boat operations. As a result, you can help minimize the negative impact of boats on the environment and maintain the maritime industry's sustainability.

Using good-quality marine fuel also makes boat engines more durable and long-lasting. It applies to Honda's outboard motors as well. Various types of Honda outboard motors have different strengths, so that you can adjust the fuel type accordingly.

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For example, if you want to use a fishing boat to catch fish, you can use the BF90 Outboard Motor, which is equipped with advanced technologies such as VTEC and multiport injection electronic fuel.

You can use high-quality fuel, such as diesel oil, to keep this exclusive feature performing at its best. In addition, your activities at sea, such as fishing, will be easier and more efficient, given the optimal power generated by the outboard motor.

So, let us find the best and most reliable outboard motor that suits your needs only at Honda Power Products. Your activities at sea, such as fishing, will be easier and more efficient with Honda's outboard motor!

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