When Is The Right Time To Replace The Outboard Engine Oil?

30 December 2023

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Like any other land vehicle, outboard engines also have oil that needs to be replaced regularly. However, the time for an oil change will vary for each vehicle. If the oil in cars is usually changed at least every six months, then when is the right time to replace the outboard engine oil?

As a boat owner, knowing when the right time is to change the oil is crucial. The act of changing the oil is similar to servicing, which must be done to maintain various components of the outboard engine.

Therefore, pay attention to all the important information about oil changes below. If necessary, prepare notes so you remember to do it.

When Is The Right Time To Replace The Outboard Engine Oil?

Replacing the outboard engine oil is one of the critical maintenance actions to maintain the good condition of the outboard engine. However, many people do not know when the right time to change the outboard engine oil is.

Generally, oil changes should be done every 100 hours or every six months, depending on which one comes first. The oil change time must always be considered because engine performance can only improve if engine oil is replaced regularly.

In addition to this general rule, several factors can affect the frequency of oil changes, such as the following:

1. Outboard Engine Usage

The frequency of oil changes can be influenced by how often the boat is used. The more the boat is used, the faster the oil needs to be changed because the outboard engine uses an hour meter for oil change time.

2. Operational Condition of The Boat

The operational condition of the boat also affects the frequency of oil changes. If the boat is used in heavy and abnormal operating conditions, it can affect the oil's durability.

3. Boat Engine Type

The type of boat engine also affects the frequency of outboard engine oil changes. For example, diesel engines generally require more frequent oil changes than gasoline engines. It is because diesel engines tend to produce more dirt and heat than gasoline engines.

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The Benefits of Replacing Outboard Engine Oil

Replacing outboard engine oil has several important benefits that boat owners should note. Here are the explanations of the benefits of regular oil changes:

1. Maintaining Optimal Outboard Engine Performance

Regular oil changes can improve the performance of outboard engines. The engine oil used in boats tends to change properties over time due to oxidation, contamination, and heating.

If the oil is not changed until its quality is poor, don't be surprised if the performance of the boat engine can also decrease. Bad oil can cause excessive friction on the boat engine and reduce engine efficiency.

However, with regular oil changes, the boat engine will continue to work optimally and the boat's performance will improve.

2. Extending the Life of Outboard Engines

Regular oil changes can also help extend the life of outboard engines. Dirty engine oil can cause the performance of the boat engine to decline, resulting in engine components quickly wearing out and eventually breaking down.

That's why regular oil changes are necessary to prevent engine components from wearing out quickly. When all engine components are in good condition, the lifespan of the outboard engine is longer than usual.

3. Maintaining Outboard Engine Cleanliness

Regular oil changes can also help maintain the cleanliness of outboard engines. Dirty oil can contain particles of dirt and metal that are harmful to outboard engines.

If the oil is not changed regularly, these dirt and metal particles will continue to accumulate on the boat engine. The accumulation of dirt and metal particles can eventually reduce efficiency and accelerate damage to engine components.

Therefore, regular oil changes will help maintain cleanliness and avoid the accumulation of foreign particles that can damage outboard engines.

4. Maintaining Good Oil Circulation

Did you know that dirty or thick engine oil can hinder good oil circulation in outboard engines? The oil can't flow smoothly, causing uneven pressure on the machine and affecting engine performance.

However, with regular oil changes, the engine oil can flow smoothly through the outboard engine circulation system. It will help maintain even pressure and ensure the outboard engine runs smoothly.

5. Avoiding Damage to Outboard Engine Components

Dirty or contaminated engine oil can damage boat engine components such as bearings, pistons, etc. If the oil is not changed regularly, excessive friction will occur between engine components due to the dirty or metal particles mixed in it.

As a result, boat engine components will experience severe damage, and you will have to spend a lot of money to fix them. However, all these bad things will not happen if you pay attention to the engine and regularly change the oil.

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6. Keeping the temperature of the Outboard Engine Stable

The engine oil not only functions as a lubricant to reduce friction between outboard engine components but also plays a role in maintaining the temperature inside. Clean engine oil can help keep the temperature of the outboard engine stable within an optimal range.

Suppose the engine oil is dirty or mixed with dirt. In that case, its ability to maintain the temperature of the outboard engine can decrease. As a result, the temperature of the outboard motor may rise and pose a risk of damage to its components.

However, by regularly changing the oil, the temperature of the outboard engine can be maintained, and the risk of engine damage can be minimized.

7. Reducing Exhaust Gas Emissions

Believe it or not, regularly changing engine oil has a significant impact on reducing the amount of exhaust gas emissions produced by the outboard engine. Dirty or old engine oil can make the fuel combustion process less optimal.

This, in turn, will produce more hazardous exhaust gas emissions for the environment. Therefore, you must ensure that the combustion process occurs optimally by constantly replacing the oil when the time comes.

This is beneficial to the environment and can help meet emission regulations and standards set by authorities.

To maintain its performance, changing the outboard engine oil is one of the actions that cannot be forgotten. However, outboard engine maintenance does not stop there. You still need to pay attention to how to use it correctly.

If all the obligations as a boat owner have been fulfilled, the outboard engine will always be maintained in optimal condition. Honda Power Product itself has high-quality outboard engines that can help optimize the performance of your boat.

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