5 Causes of Vibrating Thrust Lawnmowers and How to Overcome Them

28 December 2023

the cause of the thrust mower vibrates

Do you already know what causes a push-pull lawn mower? Problems with a push lawn mower will make your you panic the first time it occurs. But there is no need to worry because purchasing a quality push mower usually provides a manual to help when something happens.

Honda Power is one of the trademarks that always provides a manual so that users can understand how to use the machine and be able to fix minor problems. The problem is these books are often lost somewhere because they are considered useless.

Detailed information is available regarding the causes of vibration thrust mowers. If you have lost the manual and have a similar problem, then the information in this article is the right one to read. Immediately see in full below.

Causes of Abnormal Vibrating Thrust Mowers

Vibration in a lawn mower is very natural. The vibration indicates that the machine is working properly without any problems. But you have to be able to tell which vibrations are normal and which are abnormal.

When you understand the difference, then no big problem can occur. You can immediately turn off the machine and take it to an official service place for repair. The following describes the various causes of abnormal vibration of a thrust mower.

1. Residual Clogging Grass

Most commonly used push mowers must have a lot of leftover mowers, whether it's dirt like soil or the remains of plants that are cut off.

When you don't clean up all the dirt right away, the performance of the push mower can decrease. All the soil in the blade or even gets into the machine parts can immediately clog and make the machine vibrate abnormally.

When this happens, you can clean up all the dirt so that nothing foreign gets in the way of the push mower.

2. Problem Blade

The blades that are included in the push mower must always be maintained so that they are in good condition when you want to use them. When the blade becomes loose or even bent, it can cause the machine to vibrate violently.

Other foreign objects, such as stones, may also enter the lawn mower and eventually destroy the cutting blades. That's why you are always advised to check the push mower's components periodically to be in good condition.

When you find a loose bolt, tighten it immediately so the blade can function perfectly. If the blade looks rusty or damaged, you need to replace it with a new one.

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3. Mechanical Damage

Violent vibration may also occur due to mechanical damage to the thrust mower. The intended mechanical damage is a bent or broken crankshaft, so the engine is unstable and vibrates unnaturally.

When this happens, you need to repair the crankshaft and other worn components around it. You can immediately take it to an official service place to be repaired so that the machine can function perfectly.

4. Unaligned Wheels

The maximum working wheel of the thrust mower will not vibrate abnormally. It is also easy to use, making the plants cut properly without significant disturbance.

However, this will only happen if the wheels are one side high, parallel. Your push mower will likely find it difficult to maneuver properly.

The cutting process also takes longer than usual. When the wheels are not normal, take the machine to a service center for repair.

5. Problematic Transmission

Push lawnmowers have a helpful transmission component for adjusting the speed when mowing the grass. When the transmission has a problem, you obviously won't be able to set the cutoff speed like you normally would.

The cause of the problematic transmission is not just one. The bearings or gears can wear out and result in a very loud transmission. Then a problematic transmission can also create great vibrations you have never experienced before.

Then the air temperature in the engine that becomes humid can cause rust on various components of the push mower. It's possible if you forget to add oil, so, that engine performance decreases and causes the transmission not to work.

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All the possibilities can happen when the push mower is not serviced regularly. Therefore you need to ensure the time is right and set a regular schedule for servicing the push mower.

All of the information on the reasons for the vibrating thrust mower explained above can occur at any time when you does not provide maintenance. You don't need to worry about problems with the blades to the transmission as long as regular service is carried out.

While some problems can be corrected independently, such as ensuring the wheels and tires are balanced, other problems will likely require professional help. It is recommended that you always follow the care and maintenance instructions for a push mower to maintain its performance and prevent problems from occurring.

Apart from taking it to a service place, you can avoid various problems by choosing a quality push mower. Choose a guaranteed machine with guaranteed component quality that you can trust, for example, the Honda Power push mower.

There are various choices of push lawnmowers that can be adjusted to your needs and usage. Immediately find the best and most trusted pushing lawn mower according to your needs only at Honda Power Products!

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