These are the fishermen's equipment that must be available before looking for fish

30 December 2023

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Does Sobat Honda want to catch fish in the sea? Before starting a trip to find fish, fishermen must ensure that the equipment is sufficient to ensure safety and success in catching fish. Ensure the fishing equipment you bring is complete so that catching fish becomes easier, more effective and more efficient.

For example, if you are fishing using a net with a boat that has to move, the boat must be equipped with an outboard engine. This method is very efficient in catching fish in large quantities.

Honda provides various outboard engines that you can choose according to your needs. All types of Honda outboard engines are equipped with advanced technology and reliable features to make the boat's movement more optimal.

What other fishing equipment must be available besides boats, nets and outboard engines before looking for fish? Below is a list of fishing equipment you must bring into the sea.

What is the Fisherman's Equipment?

Before looking for fish, fishermen must have complete equipment to make the process easier and more efficient. Then, what is the fishing equipment? Let's see the full explanation below.

1. Nets

Nets are the most common fishing gear used by fishermen. The net is made of threads that are woven in such a way as to form small holes that will make it easier for fish to enter. Fishermen can cast nets in rivers, lakes or seas to catch fish en masse. Nets can also be used to catch certain fish that are difficult to catch by other means.

2. Fishing rod

Fishing rods are a fishing tool that is quite popular among fishermen. Fishing rods consist of components such as rods, hooks and bait used to attract fish. Fishermen can cast a fishing rod on the beach or a boat. Fishing rods are usually used to catch smaller fish such as anchovies, layur fish, or groupers. You can use insects or food to attract fish.

3. Boat

The boat is the primary vehicle used by fishermen to catch fish. Boats are used to enter deeper waters or far from the shore. The boat also serves to transport the catch of fishermen. Fishermen, such as wooden, fibre, and rubber boats, commonly use several types of boats. You can adjust it according to your needs.

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4. Outboard Engine

Of course, if there is a boat, there is an outboard engine. Fishing boats are always synonymous with outboard engines because they are one of the most efficient tools in moving boats from one place to another. You can use a Honda outboard engine which is equipped with a machine with advanced technology and reliable features. You can visit the Honda Power Products website right now to check the full specifications!

5. Anchor

The anchor is an important tool for stopping the boat in the middle of the sea or deep waters. The anchor is very important to keep the boat in a stable position when fishermen are fishing. Anchors are generally made of iron and have different shapes depending on the type of boat and size.

6. Buoy

When fishing in the sea, a life jacket is a safety device that fishermen must bring. A buoy is a tool used to maintain a boat's stability in the middle of the sea or deep waters.

Buoys can help prevent boats from capsizing or sinking during big waves or storms. Buoys can also indicate the boat's position to other boats or fishermen in the same waters.

Various Fishermen's Tools for Catching Fish

In addition to the equipment that fishermen must have, various fishing equipment can be used to catch fish more easily, effectively and efficiently. Here are some types of tools for catching fish that are commonly used.

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1. Trammel Net

A Trammel net is a fishing gear consisting of two layers of nets connected by a middle net, for this middle net serves as a filter net that can hold large fish. Trammel nets are usually used to catch fish near the bottom of the waters, such as snapper or carp.

2. Longlines

To catch fish using a long line that is attached to the surface of the sea, you can use a long line. This tool can be installed many times and is made of iron. Longline works to catch fish that live at certain depths, such as tuna or marlin. Longlines are usually installed in areas of the sea far from the coast.

3. Gill Net

Gill nets are usually used to catch small fish such as anchovies or layur fish. This tool is made of threads woven in such a way as to form a net that resembles a box. Gill nets are installed vertically in the waters and function to catch fish swimming around them.

4. Fishing Traps

This tool works by trapping fish that enter the trap and cannot get out again. Fishing traps are generally used to catch fish that live around coral reefs, such as mackerel or grouper.

Fishing traps are made of different basic materials depending on the type of fish being caught. Fishing traps are usually installed in waters close to the coast or calm waters.

5. Spearfishing

Spearfishing is the method of catching fish using a spear or anchor equipped with arrowheads. This method is generally done by diving into the waters and chasing fish at a certain depth. Spearfishing is used to catch large fish such as tuna or marlin.

In catching fish, fishermen must consider factors such as the type of fish to be caught, the fishing location, and the type of waters to be headed. When using the right equipment and having adequate skills, fishers can increase their chances of catching large fish.

When looking for fish in the sea, you have to move far from the beach so that the fish you are after can be caught more easily. Moreover, you use nets to catch fish that appear on the water's surface. In this case, Friend Honda needs an outboard engine to move.

Honda provides various types of outboard engines with different torque and speeds. For example, the BF20 outboard engine is equipped with maximum power and is the lightest engine in its class.

The cylinder capacity of the engine is the largest of the outboard engines available at Honda, so it's no wonder that this engine is capable of producing a lot of power too. Suitable for fishermen to find fish in the sea.

If so, let's find the best and trusted outboard engine according to your needs only at Honda Power Products right now!

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