Get to know how propellers work and their various types.

30 December 2023

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In its sturdy anchorage, the ships cut the waves gracefully, conquering the vast ocean. However, Sobat Honda, have you ever been curious about how a ship propeller works? One of the crucial components that makes a ship able to sail with speed and stability is the ship's propeller.

Sobat Honda will discover more about ship propellers in this page, including their varieties and mechanisms. So, if you require it, Sobat Honda may choose the appropriate kind according on your requirements. Details are provided below.

A Marine Propeller: What Is It?

A ship's propeller is an important component in a ship's propulsion system which functions in order to produce the thrust or propulsion force that needed so that the ship can definitely move through the water.

This propeller is shaped like a fan or an airplane propeller, which is installed at the bottom of the ship or at the back of the ship. However, this still depends on the design and type or a kind of the ship.

The ship propellers have a very vital role in a ship movement. In general, the ship propellers presence allows the ship to move forward or backward, turn and regulate speed more efficiently. Apart from that, this component can also overcome water resistance generated by the ship's hull and provide the thrust that needed so that the ship can pass through the water quickly and effectively.

Sobat Honda needs to know that the presence of a propeller can also affect the performance of the ship in terms of speed, turning ability, fuel efficiency and ship stability. Therefore, the design and selection of marine ship propellers must be done carefully to ensure the ship can operate optimally and safely in the waters.

Types of Marine Ship Propellers

The ship propellers can also be categorized into a number of different varieties based on how they are built and how they operate. Several popular types of marine propellers include the following:

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1. Fixed Pitch Propeller

A type or kind of the ship propeller known as a fixed pitch propeller has a fixed and unalterable propeller blade angle. These kind of a propellers typically havea thicker blades and are composed of a metal.

The blade angle cannot be changed while the ship is in motion and stays in place. The type or kind of propeller with a fixed pitch is typically employed on tiny ships or ships traveling at low speeds.

2. Controllable Pitch Propeller

In contrast to the previous type, controllable pitch propeller or (CPP) has the ability to change the angle of the propeller blades according to the appropriate needs. However, both are made from the same material, which is namely CPP type metal which has a complex mechanism of system.

The ship that can more easily control propulsion and the speed if the blade angle can be adjusted. This subsequently enables the shipin order to operate in a variety of water and a speed situations.

3. Integrated Propeller and Rudder

The integrated propeller and rudder (IPR) is a type of ship propeller that has a rudder or steering wheel integrated directly into the propeller. This design allows the propeller to produce more efficient thrust and also provides better control over the direction of the ship. Rudders that are connected directly to the propeller help the ship in order to maneuver more accurately and responsively.

4. Adjustable Bolted Propeller

The adjustable bolted propeller is a type or a kind of a ship propeller that has propeller blades that can be adjusted by opening or closing the bolts that connect the blades. These Kind of propellers are usually made of a metal and have a mechanism that allows the blade angle to be adjusted.

Through the process of adjusting the blades, the ship can change thrust and speed more easily. This arrangement allows the vessel to adapt to various water conditions or operational situations.

5. Azimuth Thrusters

Azimuth thrusters are a type of ship propeller that has the ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees horizontally and generally consists of blades that can rotate around a vertical axis. The main advantage of this type is the ability to move the ship forward, backward and maneuver very flexibly.

The azimuth thrusters are used on ships with high propulsion such as passenger ships, rescue ships, or tugboats. So, the use of this kind or type of the propeller bring through the  ships in order to maneuver or when performing anchoring operations thanks to the usage of this propeller.

6. Electrical Pods

Electrical pods are a type of ship propeller that uses an electric motor as a power source to drive the propeller. This propeller is usually installed on the bottom of the ship and can rotate 360 ​​degrees horizontally.

This type's of excellent efficiency, a low noise, and an accurate control are its key benefits. In other words, this kind of propeller is both ecologically friendly and has a good performance. On contemporary ships, where the efficiency is a top priority, the electrical pods are extensively employed.

7. Waterjet

A waterjet is a type of ship propeller that uses high water pressure in order to produce thrust. This propeller does not use blades like the previous types, but instead uses a nozzle that directs the water flow backwards.

The working principle is that by changing the direction of water flow, the ship can generate thrust. Waterjets are generally used on small ships, patrol boats, or fast boats. The advantage of this type of propeller is the ability to operate in shallow water and avoid damage to submerged objects.

8. Contra Rotating

The contra rotating is a type of ship propeller that consists of two propellers that can also rotate in opposite directions. In this kind or type of design, one of the propellers is installed in front of the other and works by utilizing the other opposite of the direction and of the rotation, so that the ship can also produce the greater thrust with high efficiency. As the result, using this kind or type of propeller enables ships to  travel at great speeds while performing at their best. 

How Propellers in Marine Ships Operate

The operation of a ship's propeller is quite complicated and involves numerous variables that affect the thrust and speed of the ship. Here are some crucial details about how ship propellers operate:

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1. Flow Formation of Water

Ship propellers work by accelerating and directing the flow of water backwards. When the propeller rotates, the blades cut through the water and create different pressures on the front and back sides of the blades. The higher pressure on the front side of the blade will push the water backwards and create a concentrated flow of water.

2. Action-Reaction Principle

The action-reaction concept governs how a ship's propeller operates, and it states that as the propeller pushes the water flow backwards, the ship will experience a proportional and opposite pushing force. The ship will move forward through the water thanks to this thrust force.

3. Propeller Efficiency

The design, blade angle, quantity, and rotation speed of a ship's propeller all have a significant impact on its effectiveness. An effective propeller will generate maximum thrust and have a good fuel efficiency. Propeller performance will also be influenced by the proper blade angle and number of blades.

4. Effect of Water Barriers

In practice, ship propellers must also overcome the water resistance generated by the ship's hull. This resistance includes friction between the water and the ship's body, turbulence around the propeller, and wave resistance. A good propeller design will reduce water resistance and increase ship efficiency.

5. Setting Ship Speed ​​and Direction

The marine propellers allow the speed and the direction of the ship to be controlled by changing the rotation of the propeller or the angle of the blades. On certain types of propellers, such as controllable pitch propellers or azimuth thrusters, this setting can also be done flexibly and precisely.

Overall, the ship's propeller is such a crucial component in a ship's propulsion system that the ship can move through the water efficiently. In carrying out its duties as the main propulsion of ships,the  propellers play an important role in moving ships across the vast of the oceans.

Through the various types or a kind of the previously explained and described, the marine ship propellers can also be adapted to the needs and the characteristics of the ship. Basically, the use of the right type or kind of propeller will definitely affect how a ship's propeller works. 

Additionally, the role of ship propellers is very vital in ship movement. In addition to allowing the ship to move forward or backward, propellers also allow the ship to turn and regulate speed more efficiently.

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