10 Ways to Take Care of a Brushcutter

28 December 2023

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A brushcutter is one of the primary tool needed to keep the yard neat and looking perfect. However, it's not just the lawn that needs to be cared for, Sobat Honda also need to know how to care for a brushcutter so that it can lasts and can be used for a long time.

Sobat Honda must know that for taking care of a lawns, it’s insufficient to use ordinary grass cutter, especially if the land or yard is large. Therefore, Sobat Honda need to make sure an equipment such as brashcutter is ready to help maintaining the lawn. Check out complete information on how to care for and tips on choosing a brushcutter in the following article.

10 Ways to Take Care of a Carrying Brushcutter to Last

Proper maintenance is required to ensure this machine continues to function properly and lasts. Here are 10 ways to care for a portable brushcutter so that it lasts and can be used for a long time:

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1. Use spark plugs that comply with the default engine specifications

One important step in caring for a brushcutter is using a spark plug that conforms to the engine's default specifications. The spark plug must be of the type recommended by the engine manufacturer. Using the correct spark plug will help the engine operate properly and minimize damage to the combustion system.

When replacing spark plugs, pay attention to the model number and specifications recommended by the manufacturer. The reason is the wrong spark plug can cause problems in combustion, such as difficulty starting the engine or the engine running unstable.

2. Use a Standard Cutting Knife

Mower blades are an important component in a brushcutter, so it is important to use a standard mower that matches the make and model of Sobat Honda machine. The correct cutting blade ensures clean and efficient cuts and avoids damage to the tool.

Remember to check the condition of the cutting blades regularly. Replace it immediately with a new knife if it is dull, worn, or damaged. Use a knife made of strong and sharp material to cut the grass properly and not put too much pressure on the machine.

3. Change Oil Periodically

Changing the oil regularly is an important step in maintaining a portable brushcutter. Dirty or too old oil can cause excessive friction and overheating of the engine.

Before changing the oil, ensure the engine is turned off, and the temperature is cold enough. Remove the oil cap and drain out the old oil. Fill the machine with new oil according to the needs of the machine. Also, check the oil level regularly and replace it if necessary.

4. Do not mix gasoline and water

One common mistake to avoid is mixing gasoline with water. This mixture can damage the carrying mower and interfere with its performance. Always make sure to use clean gasoline and not mixed with water. Also, store gasoline in a tightly closed and secure container.

When refuelling, make sure the engine is turned off and the temperature is cold enough. Avoid gasoline spills, and be sure to dispose of excess gasoline. Use gasoline with an octane rating as recommended by the engine manufacturer.

5. Diligently Heat the Machine

Before using a carrying mower, it is important to warm up the engine first. Warm up the machine for a few minutes before use. This will help reduce stress on the engine and ensure better operation.

Warming up the engine also helps improve oil circulation and prepares the engine for optimal performance. If the engine is too cold, lawn mowing performance may be compromised, and the engine may be more susceptible to damage.

6. Replace Air Filter Periodically

The air filter on the carrying brushcutter plays an essential role in maintaining the quality of the air entering the engine. A dirty or clogged air filter can cause combustion problems and affect engine performance. Replace the air filter regularly according to the manufacturer's instructions to keep the engine in good working order.

Check the air filter every few months or according to the recommended maintenance schedule. Clean the air filter or replace it if it is too dirty or damaged. Also, make sure to reinstall the air filter properly and tightly so that no dirt particles get into the engine.

7. Be sure to use the machine properly and correctly

Using a brushcutter properly and correctly is very important to maintain the performance and durability of the machine. Read the instructions for use provided by the manufacturer and follow the instructions carefully. Be sure to clean the machine after use and store it properly.

Always check the condition of the machine before use. Check whether all components are properly installed and if nothing is loose. In addition, it is also important to pay attention to the engine temperature during use. If it overheats or shows signs of damage, turn off the machine and check and fix the problem before resuming use.

8. Always Store in a Protected Place

After use, store the mower in a place protected from extreme weather and moisture. Store the machine in a dry and safe shed or garage. This will help prevent damage to the engine and extend its life.

Also, make sure to clean the machine before storing it. Clean the grass or dirt that sticks to the machine and make sure the machine is dry before storing it. Cover the machine with a cover or cloth that can protect it from dust and dirt.

9. Diligently Observe the String Components on the Machine

Carrying lawnmowers are often equipped with string components that function to make mowing easier. Be sure to observe the components of the strings regularly.

Good strings will help the machine function properly and ensure optimal cutting results. Check the condition of the strings before each use, and always make sure there are no kinks or damage. If needed, wind or replace the strings with new ones.

10. Keep Out Of The Reach Of Children

Last but not least, keep the portable brushcutter out of the reach of children. This machine contains sharp parts and can be dangerous if used unattended. So it's important to make sure the machine is stored in a safe place and not accessible to children.

Explain to children the dangers of using this machine and prohibit them from approaching or using the machine without supervision. Always make sure the machine is off and safe before leaving it.

How to Choose a Carrying Brushcutter?

If Sobat Honda are looking for a portable brushcutter that suits your needs, here are a few points to pay attention to:

1. Select the Type That Suits Sobat Honda Needs

Various types of portable lawnmowers are available such as petrol, electric or hand machines. Choose the type that suits your needs and preferences. For example, if it has a large area, a petrol engine may be more suitable because it has good durability and is not limited by cables. Also, consider the noise, gas emissions, and fuel availability factors when choosing the engine type.

2. Pay attention to the width and height of the cut

Each brushcutter has a different width and cutting height range. Pay attention to the area of grass that Sobat Honda will cut and make sure the machine is able to cover that area. If Sobat Honda have grass in a large and dense area, choose a machine with a larger engine capacity to make work easier.

Be sure also to consider the ease of adjusting the reach width and cutting height. The easily adjustable machine will allow Sobat Honda to optimize your lawn according to your needs.

3. Choose the Right Blade

The blades on a carrying brushcutter can vary in shape, size, and material. Choose a blade appropriate for the type of grass in Sobat Honda garden area. For example, thick or coarse grass requires a stronger and sharper blade. Meanwhile, fine grass can be cut with a finer blade.

4. Consider the Fuel Used

Carrying lawnmowers can run on different fuels, such as gasoline or electricity. Consider the practicality and availability of the fuel. A petrol engine may be more suitable if Sobat Honda prefer an engine with longer endurance. Also, make sure to pay attention to the engine's fuel consumption so that it is not wasteful and efficient.

5. Choose a Quality Carrying Brushcutter

Lastly, make sure Sobat Honda choose a quality brushcutter Check trusted brands and read user reviews before making a purchase. A quality machine will last longer and can provide good performance in cutting grass.

So, that's some information about how to care for a brushcutter. As previously mentioned, choosing a high-quality, designed carrying mower with the best components is important. Therefore, Honda Power Product is the most appropriate choice.

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In addition to providing quality products, Honda Power also provides after-sales services handled directly by expert technicians. So there's nothing to doubt; find the best and most trusted brushcutter according to Sobat Honda fneeds only at Honda Power Products.

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