What is Integrated Agriculture System?

21 November 2023

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Have you heard of integrated agriculture? Agriculture is a source of life for many people around the world. The plants and animals produced in agriculture provide food and raw materials for daily needs. 

However, traditional agricultural methods still widely used today often face problems such as low productivity, high production costs, and many more. Therefore, Honda Power will share information about integrated agriculture to solve these various problems. Read on for a complete review in the following article.

What is Integrated Agriculture?

Integrated agriculture is a cultivation system of plants and animals that integrates various agricultural production elements in one management unit. In this system, farmers pay attention to the availability of natural resources, environmentally friendly cultivation concepts, and efficient production management to produce high-quality products.

Integrated agriculture also considers economic, social, and environmental aspects. Therefore, this system not only covers the production stage but also involves aspects of product marketing and distribution. Farmers pay attention to marketing by understanding market needs and innovating products to suit market trends and demands.

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In the integrated agriculture system, farmers can make good use of natural resources such as water, land, and organic fertilizers. Farmers also use modern technology and environmentally friendly farming practices to increase production and minimize negative environmental impacts. Some stages of this integrated agricultural system include:

  1. The first step is to understand market needs and trends to determine what products consumers will accept.

  2. The next step is properly managing resources such as land, water, and fertilizers to ensure optimal productivity.

  3. Farmers must apply environmentally friendly and efficient technology to increase production and product quality.

  4. Integration with economic and environmental aspects is essential to ensure that integrated agriculture is sustainable and does not damage the environment.

  5. Continuously monitor and evaluate to ensure the integrated agricultural system runs well and meets production and economic goals.

  6. Collaboration with other farmers and the government can help increase productivity and strengthen the integrated agricultural system as a whole.

The Objectives of Integrated Agriculture System

The integrated agriculture system has clear and integrated objectives to ensure optimal production. Here are some of the objectives of the integrated agriculture system that you need to know:

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1. Improving Agricultural Production Efficiency

The primary objective of the integrated farming system is to improve agricultural production efficiency by integrating various aspects of agricultural production. This integration helps farmers overcome production problems that often occur separately, such as limited resources and technology, high production costs, and environmental damage.

2. Improving Agricultural Product Quality

The integrated farming system also aims to improve the quality of agricultural products. This system pays attention to the quality of raw materials and production processes, such as using organic fertilizers and environmentally friendly production technologies to produce high-quality agricultural products.

3. Optimizing Resource Use

The integrated farming system aims to optimize resource use. This system considers environmental and economic aspects by integrating environmentally friendly production technologies and maximizing the use of natural resources such as water and land.

4.Meeting Market Needs and Improving Farmer Welfare

The ultimate goal of the integrated agriculture system is to meet market needs and improve farmer welfare. This system pays attention to market trends and focuses production on market needs so that all of the results can be sold. This then helps farmers increase their income and improve their quality of life.

Integrated Agriculture Example

An example of integrated agriculture is organic vegetable cultivation. In this system, farmers use environmentally friendly organic soil and fertilizers to produce high-quality vegetables that can be safely consumed. Farmers also consider marketing aspects by understanding market needs and producing vegetables that align with market trends.

Another example of integrated agriculture is combining different sectors, such as crop cultivation, livestock, fisheries, and forestry, into a unified and complementary system. In integrated agriculture, crops and livestock are raised together on the same land. 

For example, rice and cattle cultivation in the same agricultural land. Cattle manure is used as a natural fertilizer for rice plants, while cattle feed on grass around the agricultural land.

Based on the information above, do you now have a better understanding of integrated agriculture? Overall, the above examples of integrated agriculture demonstrate that this system combines various aspects of agricultural production to produce high-quality agricultural products and meet society's needs for agricultural products.

By considering the above aspects and ensuring that the integrated agriculture system meets the goals of production, economics, and the environment, farmers can ensure that their farming runs well and produces high-quality products in line with market demand.

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