6 Ideas for Arranging a Small Garden in Front of The House for Narrow Land

30 December 2023

tanaman kecil depan rumah

Sobat Honda, do you have a small garden in front of your house that looks narrow and want to give it a wider and more attractive touch? Don't worry; there are various ways that Sobat Honda can apply to make the garden look more spacious. The small garden in front of the house is often an area that needs to be appropriately utilized.

However, Sobat Honda can turn it into an enchanting green oasis with a little planning and the right design touches. In this article, we will provide interesting ideas for arranging a small garden in front of the house to make it look wider and more beautiful. Later, Sobat Honda can create a small garden that is both beautiful and functional.

The Idea of Arranging a Small Garden in Front of The House to Make It Look Wider

Sobat Honda, having a small garden in the corner of your house doesn't means that you can’t make it look large and attractive. Now, Honda Power will explain all points about arranging a small garden in front of the house to make it look wider. Check out the full review below:

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1. Create a Hanging Garden

If Sobat Honda has limited space but still wants to have a small garden so that the house looks more lively, there's nothing wrong with taking advantage of the upper area or specific areas that look empty.

Make a hanging garden on one side of the house using hanging baskets or pots mounted on the ceiling or wall. Choose plants with shady leaves but don't take up a lot of space, such as ferns, orchids, or other hanging plants, so the room still looks spacious.

2. Take advantage of Vines

Vines are the perfect choice to give your small garden a touch of green, Sobat Honda. Take advantage of the fence or wall around the garden to plant vines and fill in the blanks on the wall.

Sobat Honda can choose brightly coloured flowers or vines with dense green leaves. Let them spread naturally and give your small garden a natural feel, Sobat Honda. Make good use of limited vertical space.

3. Add Tables and Chairs for Relaxing

Don't think that the small garden Sobat Honda created can only be used to add to the aesthetics of your home; this garden can also be a comfortable place to relax and enjoy the fresh air. Add tables and chairs that are manageable, light, and minimalist so they don't fill up the space.

If your garden is in the terrace area, Sobat Honda can use folding furniture to store it when not in use easily. Apart from adding a sitting area, Sobat Honda will give your small garden a functional dimension and make it look wider.

4. Create a Minimalist Permanent Cement Pot Garden

Creating a garden at home is about something other than big pots or plants in the yard. Sobat Honda can create a small garden with permanent cement pots attached to one side of the house.

In this cement pot, Sobat Honda can fill various plants according to your preferences and add small lights to make it more beautiful. Interestingly, Sobat Honda can also use the edge of the pot as a place to sit casually while chatting with the people that are closethat close to you.

5. Use Natural Stone to Make Footpaths

Natural stone can be a beautiful and natural decorative element for your small garden, Sobat Honda. So, to make your small garden appear wider, take advantage of making paths between plants. Arrange the stones neatly and place them along the path Sobat Honda wants.

6. Don't Place Flowers too Close Together

Sobat Honda, whenhhen planting flowers in your small garden, avoid placing them too close together. Give sufficient distance between one plant to another. This will give the impression of a more open and orderly layout.

In addition, each plant will also have space to grow properly and maintain its beauty. Keeping the plants spaced apart will make your small garden look more spacious and organized, Sobat Honda.

Inspiration for Small Garden Ideas in Front of the House

Not only a way to arrange a small garden in front of the house to make it look wider, there are also various inspirational small garden ideas that Sobat Honda can apply. The following are long points that explain the inspiration for an attractive small front garden idea:

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1. Garden on the Terrace Stairs

Taman di Tangga Teras

The existence of a ladder that connects the terrace with the front yard can also be used as a small garden so that the house looks more attractive. Place plant boxes or pots along the stairs and plant a variety of plants that Sobat Honda likes.

Make sure the plants Sobat Honda chooses are suitable for the light and humidity conditions in the area. As a result, a charming, cool green corner will be created that only takes up a little space.

2. Small Garden with Fish Pond

Taman Kecil dengan Kolam Ikan

Consider creating a small fish pond if Sobat Honda wantswant to add water to your small garden. A fish pond can be the main focus of your small garden and provide a relaxing atmosphere. Choose the pond size according to your space, and add beautiful aquatic plants and ornamental fish, Sobat Honda.

3. Small Garden to Relax

Taman Kecil untuk Bersantai

Sobat Honda, are you looking for a comfortable place to relax in your small garden? Merge the garden concept with a comfortable sitting area. Add a comfortable sun lounger or day bed in the middle of the garden.

Sobat Honda can also add an umbrella or pergola to protect them from direct sunlight. Presenting a relaxing area in a small garden can be an efficient way because not only can it be seen, but the garden will also be a pleasant place to unwind and enjoy relaxing moments.

4. Balinese Garden

Taman ala Bali

Want to create an exotic and tropical atmosphere in your small garden Sobat Honda? Try to apply the concept of a Balinese garden. Use elements such as sculptures, bamboo gazebos or thick tropical plants.

Arrange natural stones or pebbles around the garden to give a natural feel typical of Bali, that way, a small garden will be attractive and present a calm atmosphere.

5. Colorful Flower Garden

Taman dengan Lampu yang Menawan

Want to bring out the beauty of colorfulcolourful flowers in your small garden, Sobat Honda? Make a flower garden with attractive colorcolour combinations. Choose flowers in contrasting or matching colorscolours, such as roses, jasmine, or lotus. Arrange the flowers in regular beds or pots, creating a cheerful and eye-catching little garden.

6. Garden with Charming Lights

Taman dengan Lampu yang Menawan

Sobat Honda can use charming decorative lights to create a beautiful atmosphere in your small garden at night. Place small lights between plants or along paths. Sobat Honda can also use hanging lamps or lanterns to provide beautiful and attractive lighting effects even at night.

The small garden in front of the house is not just an ornament but also a place that brings happiness and peace to the house's residents. Remember that the success of creating an attractive small front garden depends on your courage to be creative and create something unique, Sobat Honda.

In addition, make sure that Sobat Honda always maintains the condition of the garden to look neat and well-maintained. Use the Brushcutter - UMK450T from Honda Power for cutting grass in front of the house, garden area or other areas for perfect results.

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