Here's how a Brushcutter Machine works

30 December 2023

brushcutter machine worksA beautiful and neat front yard is incomplete without proper grass maintenance. A brush-cutting machine is one effective way to keep the grass tidy and attractive. However, before using it, it is essential to know how the brushcutter machine works properly and safely. 

How a Brushcutter Machine Works

A push brushcutter machine is used to cut grass, driven by engine power converted into rotational motion and used to cut the grass. There are several ways a push brushcutter machine works, including:

1. Power Source

A push brushcutter machine is generally driven by engine power that is converted into rotational motion. Usually, this machine is powered by gasoline or electricity. For Honda Power Products, the brushcutter machine used is a gasoline-powered engine with a 4-stroke engine type, such as the Honda Power Product Brushcutter - UMR435N and Brushcutter - UMK450T.

2. Cutting System

The cutting system on a push brushcutter machine generally consists of a shaft that is driven by engine power and a cutting blade that is mounted on the shaft. After the engine power is generated, the rotational motion is used to move the cutting blade. The cutting blade rotates at high speed, allowing it to cut grass effectively.

The cutting blade can be made from various materials such as iron or nylon string. Some machines are also equipped with blades and nylon strings that can be easily replaced, allowing them to be used for various grass or plant conditions.

In addition, the cutting blade is also equipped with a speed control system, allowing you to adjust it according to the plant's condition. It will be handy if you want to cut thicker or thinner grass.

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3. Discharge System

The discharge system is done through the muffler exhaust on brushcutter machines created by Honda Power. The muffler exhaust dampens the sound produced by the brushcutter machine's engine and discharges residual combustion gas into the atmosphere.

The muffler exhaust has a cavity that reflects sound and reduces gas flow velocity, resulting in a smoother engine sound. In addition, the muffler exhaust also has a catalytic converter that reduces exhaust gas emissions from the engine, such as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons and converts them into more environmentally friendly gas.

4. Safety System

The safety system on a push brushcutter machine works by limiting access and controlling machine operations. This safety system can be in the form of a button or switch that must be activated before the machine can be used or a key that must be used to start the engine. The system aims to prevent the machine from being damaged due to operational errors or accidents.

One example of a safety system is the critical system that is usually used when starting the machine. This system is designed to prevent the engine from being used by unauthorized people or children who do not understand how the machine works. After the engine is turned on, machine operation can only be carried out after this key system is activated.

A reliable safety system on Honda Power push brushcutter machines can be seen on the UMR435N series, which is equipped with an anti-drop feature. This feature is specifically designed to prevent the engine from shutting off or being damaged due to running out of fuel.

The anti-drop feature on the UMR435N works by detecting the remaining fuel level in the tank. When the fuel level drops to the minimum limit, the anti-drop system automatically shuts down the engine slowly and smoothly. Therefore, the engine will not suddenly shut off or be damaged due to running out of fuel.

Brushcutter Machine Recommendation

One of Honda Power's recommended brushcutter machine is the UMK450T. This machine is designed for cutting large and tough vegetation, such as wild grass, commercial areas, or other types of terrain. The UMK450T has various advantages, including:

  1. Equipped with a 4-stroke GX50T gasoline engine with a cylinder capacity of 47.9 cm3, which has sufficient torque and can work efficiently.

  2. It has a transmission system from the factory that connects the engine to the cutting wheel, making the UMK450T very tough and capable of working well on heavy soil or thick grass.

  3. There is a cutting wheel that can be adjusted in height according to the needs and can be used for various types of grass, from fine to thick grass.

  4. It is equipped with a comfortable and easy-to-use handle and an exhaust system that can be used to collect the grass clippings produced.

  5. It has a security key system that can only be used by authorized personnel, making it safe to use around children or people who do not understand how the brushcutter machine works.

Still not suitable for UMK450T? Don't worry! Honda Power has another recommendation, the UMR435N series. This brushcutter machine has various advantages, including:

  1. It is equipped with a 4-stroke OHV engine that can produce up to 4.5 HP so that it can cut grass quickly and efficiently, even in high or thick grass conditions.

  2. It has fuel safety technology that can save fuel and extend the engine's life.

  3. The UMR435N has an ergonomic and easy-to-use design. So users can operate the machine comfortably and efficiently.

  4. It can be used to cut grass on various types of terrain, both flat and sloping, and can be adjusted with multiple types of cutting blades.

  5. UMR435N meets environmentally friendly exhaust gas emission standards, which means that this machine is safe to use and does not damage the surrounding environment.

  6. Equipped with various safety features, such as anti-drop and clutch breakers, which prevent the machine from suddenly shutting down or being damaged due to running out of fuel.

Overall, the UMK450T Honda Power backpack brushcutter machine is the best choice for cutting large and tough plants. With its sturdy and efficient cutting mechanism and good safety features, this machine is highly suitable for tasks that require maximum performance.

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After learning about how the backpack brushcutter machine works, now you can understand better how to use it correctly and, of course, more safely. The Honda Power backpack brushcutter machine is suitable for cutting large and tough plants, with a powerful drive system, efficient cutting mechanism, and useful discharge system.

If you're interested in trying this machine, don't hesitate to visit Honda Power's official website or your nearest dealer for more information. Start cutting grass on your green land with Honda Power's backpack brushcutter machine for maximum and efficient results. Find the best and most reliable brushcutter machine that suits your needs only at Honda Power Products.

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