Types of Soccer Field Grass and How to Maintain Them

28 December 2023

 soccer field grass

Soccer fields require grass that is strong against weather and easy to maintain. Several commonly used types of soccer field grass, such as Bermuda grass, Manila grass, and Elephant grass. 

These three types of grass are known to have a strong resistance, significantly when stepped on with soccer shoes. The grass must be maintained periodically so that it can grow well. One way is by trimming the grass at least once a month.

The trimming can finish using a Honda lawnmower with a reliable 4-stroke mini engine. Its features also make it easier for you to trim the grass more efficiently, saving time and energy. 

Honda offers two types of lawnmowers, a push lawnmower, and a ride-on lawnmower. You can use the push lawnmower equipped with a bag to make the job easier. So, the trimmed grass can go directly into the bag. How efficient!

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Soccer fields also tend to have a flat ground surface, so using Honda push lawnmowers is recommended. However, that is also possible if you prefer to use a ride-on lawn mower. All common grass types used in soccer fields can be trimmed using any lawnmower.

A detailed explanation of the types of soccer field grass will be discussed in the following section, so you can choose the best lawnmower for maintaining it.

Types of Soccer Field Grass

Soccer fields tend to use fine and strong grass against stamping. The best grass can minimize the risk of injury to players. The following are the types of soccer field grass.

1. Manila Grass or Zoysia Matrella (ZM) 

This grass is the most commonly used in soccer fields, as it is the best type of grass to plant. Manila grass has a dense green color, and its elasticity is also perfect so that the ball can roll steadily. 

The strength of Manila grass is excellent, and it does not readily tear when players run on the field. However, Manila grass requires intensive maintenance. Therefore, it would help if you trimmed it regularly.

Use the Honda LAWNMOWER - HRJ196 push lawnmower, which is very easy to operate. It is also equipped with an engine stop system for the operator's safety. In addition, the double blade applied to this lawnmower can produce smaller and neater trimming results. As a result, players can be more comfortable with the trimmed grass.

2. Bermuda Grass or Cynodon Dactylon (CD) 

The main difference between Bermuda grass and Manila grass is its color. Bermuda grass is lighter in color compared to Manila grass. Bermuda grass is also known for its ability to increase and is resistant to drought. It is also a type of grass that can be trimmed very easily.

Use the Honda LAWNMOWER - HRJ216TDA ride-on lawnmower to maintain Bermuda grass. This ride-on lawn mower is equipped with a high-powered engine and a large fuel tank, making it easier for you to complete the maintenance work. In addition, the trimmed Bermuda grass will look tidy.

In conclusion, you need to choose the type of soccer field grass that suits your needs and choose the right lawnmower for maintenance. Regular maintenance using a Honda lawnmower will ensure that the soccer field is always in top condition.

3. Elephant Grass or Axonopus compressus (AC) 

Aside from soccer fields, elephant grass can plant in city squares. Elephant grass has less elasticity than the other two soccer field grass types. 

But, you don't have to worry because regular maintenance like watering and trimming makes this grass provide maximum comfort when used for playing soccer. As a result, the ball rolling on the field becomes more optimal. 

This routine trimming process can finish using the Brushcutter-UMR435N grass-cutting machine with a full 360-degree incline and two cutter blades. This grass-cutting machine offers high durability and maximum torque power. It also comes with a nut cover that can provide good cutting results according to your wishes. 

Also, a gear assy feature provides safety from blade release when you use it. The pipe assy feature on this grass-cutting machine is also designed according to Indonesian people's needs and comfort level. 

How to Maintenance of Soccer Field Grass 

You must maintain the type of soccer field grass you have planted to grow well. The way to keep it starts with watering and fertilization, then you need to do regular trimming at least once a month. 

You can adjust the intensity of watering soccer field grass according to the weather conditions. For example, watering may be done more often during the dry season, which causes the soil to dry out and not feel frizzy. As for fertilization, it is finished after planting grass seedlings. After that, repeat fertilization every 3 to 4 months to maximize its growth again. 

Next, you need to maintain the grass by trimming it. The trimming process can be done according to the growth pattern of the grass. For example, if it has grown to its maximum of 3-4 cm, you need to trim it immediately. Typically, the trimming of soccer field grass is finished once a month. However, you can adjust it to your needs. 

You can rely on Honda's grass-cutting machine for a more efficient, time-saving, and energy-saving grass-trimming process. Find the best and most reliable grass-cutting machine according to your needs only at Honda Power Products. Check the specifications and price now!

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