10 Tips to Become a Successful Farmer You Must Know

26 December 2023

 successful farmer

Becoming a successful farmer is the highest dream among farmers. No matter young or old, everyone wants to be a successful farmer and make it overseas. But it is clear that the journey is more challenging than you can imagine.

There are twists and turns in life that need to be passed. Not to mention if there is a natural disaster or other bad incidents that stop your journey. Even though it's difficult, it doesn't mean that you can't reach it. In the following, you will be invited to see some tips for becoming a successful farmer today.

10 Tips to Become a Successful Farmer

It cannot be denied that working as a farmer is not easy. Many obstacles often make people give up, especially those who are still young. If you are one of them, follow some tips below and start to rise to reach your dream as a successful farmer!

1. Choosing the Right Plants

Choose plants that suit the climate and soil conditions in your area. In addition, also consider the market needs of these plants so you can estimate the right selling price.

2. Maintaining Soil Quality

Soil is an essential factor for plant growth. Make sure the soil you use is of the best quality by adding fertilizer and rotating crops.

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3. Carry Out Pest and Disease Control

Pests and diseases can cause great harm to crops. Make sure to always carry out pest and disease control regularly so that the plants can thrive.

4. Using the Right Agricultural Technology

Appropriate agricultural technology can help increase agricultural productivity and efficiency. Examples include using a water pump to help with irrigation, a hand tractor to remove weeds, or a lawn mower to ensure weeds don't interfere with the growth of agricultural produce.

Using all these advanced technologies will lighten your heavy burden and become an investment for decades to come.

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5. Understanding the Market and Marketing Products Well

Understand market needs for the agricultural products you produce and find the best way to market them. For example, you can sell products directly to consumers through traditional markets or e-commerce.

6. Developing Business Capabilities

Studying business never stops like history. As long as there are living things in this world, business learning will continue to be up to date. That's why you need to constantly equip yourself with the theory and ability to make agricultural products widely known throughout Indonesia and the world.

7. Expanding the Market Network

Expanding the market network can be done by determining customer goals that match your agricultural products. Then reach all of those target customers. Make them regular customers by following up and improving the best service to guarantee their satisfaction.

It doesn't stop here and continues beyond there. You can also work with various farmers to increase sales and marketing. You can help each other reach the top so that goals can be achieved.

You can also make a contract with various local restaurants so that you have a steady income and all agricultural products can be sold optimally.

8. Want to try to take risks

There are often multiple opportunities or opportunities that come with risk. This is what makes farmers retreat for fear of failure or big losses. However, it cannot be denied that opportunities that come with risks can be a way to expand market reach.

Not a few eventually become successful farmers because they want to take that risk. Of course, taking opportunities must be balanced with careful planning to turn these risks into big profits.

So carefully calculate every opportunity and make the right strategy to make it a stepping stone to a higher place.

9. Always Follow Market Developments

There are various ways you can do to follow market developments, such as:

  • Read agricultural news in online media or newspapers to keep up with the latest developments in the farming industry. This will help you to know the current trends in agriculture.

  • Follow online agricultural forums such as Twitter, which discuss agriculture to understand the latest market developments.

  • Participate in agricultural events such as exhibitions or seminars to get the latest market trends.

  • Discuss the agricultural products you produce with potential buyers and ask them what they are looking for in the market. Later you can find out what is currently popular and how to meet buyers' needs.

  • Always pay attention to the market price for the agricultural products you produce. It will help you determine whether the product prices offered are still competitive or need to be changed according to market developments.

10. Willing to Learn and Innovate

Having the willingness to learn and continue to innovate is one of the best attitudes to becoming a successful farmer. That means you are not easily satisfied with what is now and always try to provide innovations for customer satisfaction.

Whether it's improving the quality of products, services, or other benefits that customers can enjoy. Remember that customer satisfaction is the 'fuel' to keep your business running and multiplying.

Hopefully some of the tips above can help make your Honda friend's dream of becoming a successful farmer come true. Don't forget to practice the information you have learned while using quality agricultural technology from Honda Power.

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