What are Traditional Fishermen Used to Catch Fish?

21 November 2023

what are traditional fishermen used to catch fishHow do traditional fishermen catch fish? Also, what do traditional fishermen use to catch fish more quickly and efficiently? The equipment used is certainly very limited when compared to modern fishermen. Traditional fishermen tend to use small boats with outboard engines and fishing nets.

The important thing that fishermen must pay attention to is moving from one place to another in order to get more fish. To move, the boat used requires a high-power outboard engine. You can use a Honda outboard engine with an engine capacity of 2.3 - 250 hp, and it is equipped with advanced technology and exclusive features.

Traditional fishermen's techniques and equipment are very interesting and worth knowing about. So, in this article, Honda Power will discuss what traditional fishermen use to catch fish more fully. Come on, see the information below.

Getting to Know Traditional Fishermen

Before discussing what traditional fishermen use, you should first know a little about conventional fishermen. Traditional fishermen still use traditional fishing equipment and techniques inherited from their ancestors.

Fishermen usually take advantage of the natural resources available around their homes and make them a source of livelihood. The difference with modern fishermen lies in the technology and equipment used.

Modern fishermen use more sophisticated technology and equipment to catch fish, such as fishing wheels. Meanwhile, traditional fishermen use simple but effective equipment and techniques to catch fish, such as spears or traps.

What are Traditional Fishermen Used to Catch Fish?

There are several tools traditional fishermen use to catch fish, one of which you will often find is nets or nets. To get a more significant number of fish effectively, here are some other tools that are also important for you to pay attention to.

1. Small Boat

Small boats are one of the essential equipment for traditional fishermen. Small boats are usually made of wood or bamboo and are propelled by oars. However, you can use a Honda outboard engine to move the boat faster. Small boats allow traditional fishermen to reach places that are difficult to reach easily in catching fish.

2. Bubu

What do traditional fishermen use to catch fish? There are traps and fishing gear made of woven bamboo or rattan for other equipment. Bubu is usually placed in shallow water, such as a river or lake. The trap works by luring the fish into it and getting trapped. Bubu is very effective for catching fish such as mujair, tilapia, and catfish.

3. Net or Mesh

Almost the same as bubu, it's just that nets or nets are made of twine or woven wire. Typically, nets or nets are used in the sea and propelled by boats using outboard engines. Traditional fishermen use nets or nets to catch fish swimming near the water's surface. The fish that fishermen take are usually in large numbers, thanks to the help of these nets or nets.

4. Fishing Equipment

Fishing gear is one of the most common fishing tools traditional fishermen use. Fishing equipment consists of a rod, reel, string, and bait. Traditional fishermen will use bait in the form of insects, worms, or fish pieces to attract fish. The fishing techniques used by conventional fishermen usually use their bare hands without the aid of a fish detector such as a fish finder or sonar.

5. Spear

Do you know the shape of the spear as a tool for catching fish? In general, spears are used to catch fish in shallow waters such as rivers or lakes. Spears are made of wood or bamboo with sharp ends. Traditional fishermen use spears by stabbing fish swimming near the water's surface. However, the spear is less used today due to the availability of more effective equipment.

6. Longline

Nets or nets that are placed at a certain depth and tied with weights when looking for fish are called longlines. Traditional fishermen use longlines to catch fish swimming at depths difficult to reach by other fishing gear. Usually, this tool is used in seas and rivers with many catches.

7. Outboard Engine

You can use an outboard engine to move a small boat from one place to another. Honda also provides the outboard engine with very sophisticated flagship features. You only need to fill the outboard engine with gasoline or diesel fuel, and your boat will move more efficiently. As a result, traditional fishermen will find it easier to catch fish in the vast ocean.

Even though the techniques and equipment used by traditional fishermen look simple, the techniques and experience in catching fish have been tested and proven to be effective. Moving from one place to another will be easier if you want to use an outboard engine when catching fish.

Honda has several types of outboard engines that you can choose according to the needs and size of the boat. One that is equipped with advanced technology and produces maximum power, namely the BF50 Outboard Engine.

The Honda BF50 combines the legendary Honda 4-stroke outboard engine with Honda's latest innovations. This outboard engine is the lightest engine owned by Honda and is equipped with various mainstay features such as BLAST, programmed fuel injection electronics, responsive throttle, and efficient fuel consumption.

Come on, find the best and trusted outboard engine according to your needs only at Honda Power Products now! The process of catching fish becomes easier and more efficient with Honda.

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