Honda Boat Race Competition 2023, Keep Commitment to Community Development

Honda Boat Race Competition 2023, Keep Commitment to Community Development

30 November 2023 | by : HPPI

KUTAI KARTANEGARA- The Boat Racing Competition 2023 on the Mahakam River, East Kalimantan Province was visited by many visitor.

All the series of schedules from 27 – 29 October 2023 will Perform all Honda Engine Classes, both Standard and Racing.

"Alhamdulillah, Honda always takes part as the Main Sponsor in the development of the Ketingting Racing Community. "We hope for next year this boat racing competition will be even better, next year it will be held again also," said one of the racing participants.

The Boat Racing Competition this time was able to attract hundreds of viewer for watching. Visitor were seen spilling out along side of the Mahakam River, some were even willing to get sunburn in order to see the favour racer in action.

The classes competing this year consist of:

1. GP200 engine (6.5 PK) Standard

2. GX200 engine (6.5 PK) Standard and Racing

3. GX390 engine (13 PK) Standard and Racing

And here are the winners for each class:

1. Team Berkat Hikmah MM, 1st Place in Standard GP200

2. Team Muara Wis 1st Place in Standard GX200

3. Team Beras 441 1st place in Racing GX200

4. Team Beras 441 1st Place in Standard GX390

5. Team KYT Walet Berseri 1st Place in Racing GX390

Hopefully that the presence of Honda as the main sponsor in the Boat Racing Event this time will be able to increase public trust in Honda engines, which have long been known as Good Durability, Fuel Efficient and Powerful Engines.