Honda’s Power Products Business in Indonesia Celebrates 300,000 Units Production Milestones

Honda’s Power Products Business in Indonesia Celebrates 300,000 Units Production Milestones

12 May 2023 | by : HPPI

HPPP serves the Indonesian market by providing customers with high-quality power products through its commitment to “Helping People Get Things Done” to boost productivities.

Jakarta, May 5th, 2023 – PT Honda Power Products Production (HPPP), a manufacturer and a subsidiary of Honda’s Power Products in Indonesia, announced that it had achieved 300,000 units of its cumulative production milestone in Indonesia. During this memorable journey, Honda has been faithful to its commitment of “Helping People Get Things Done” by providing customers with high-quality products in agriculture and fishery sectors, whether in professional and recreational capacities.

HPPP was established in 2015 to produce agriculture machinery tools with local parts assembled namely the water pumps (WB and WL series), and brush cutter UMR435N, which then became a sign of Honda who began localizing power products for Indonesian customers.

With the strong support of all customers, HPPP reached a solid production milestone of 300,000 units in Indonesia. Currently, Honda has become a reliable power products brand and a household name in the fishery, agriculture, professional sectors, also central and local Government as well as state-owned companies in 33 provinces in Indonesia.


At the ceremony held at Assembling Factory PT Honda Power Products Production in East Jakarta, Pulogadung Industrial Estate of Jakarta, Indonesia on 4 April 2023, The President Director of PT Honda Power Products Indonesia (HPPI) and PT Honda Power Products Production (HPPP), Mr. Nobuyasu Omori, mentioned that “The trust bestowed upon us by our valued customers inspires us to continuously innovate and provide products of highest quality. It has been an incredible journey and we will continue to offer the latest technology that delivers unmatched value to our customers”. He also thanked to HPPP’s associates for their contribution and strenuous effort to overcome all challenges and achieve this milestone with zero accidents since the production started nine years ago.

As a conscious corporate, Honda has proactively been involved in continuous innovation and providing high-quality products to protect the consumers. Certain Honda power products also have been equipped with national product standardization (SNI or Indonesian National Standard) certification to ensure safety and good quality product. Furthermore, we also pay attention and take an active part regarding local content / TKDN (Percentage Level on Local Component) fulfilment to our products as regulated by Indonesia's prevailing law.