Dealer Technician Training Activity

Dealer Technician Training Activity

17 October 2023

After sales service activities are very important in order to maintain customer satisfaction belong with their trusted products already used. This activity purpose is to ensuring that the product remains in well condition and well maintained so that it can increase lifetime of the product itself.

PT. Honda Power Products Indonesia as the principal Honda marine in Indonesia wants to ensure that aftersales activities for Marine products distributed to customers can be maintained in accordance with Honda's quality standards and operational procedures.

One of PT HPPI's activities to strengthen its aftersales program is by providing trained and reliable dealer technicians. Therefore, this August PT HPPI provided training to dealer technicians to create experienced technicians in accordance with Honda's quality standards. This training program consists of 2 methods, namely theory and practice.

Some of the training objectives for dealer technicians include:

1.Technical Skills Enhancement: Training helps dealer technicians develop their practical skills for repair, and maintain products or attachment sold by the dealer. Including identifying problems, analyzing damage, and repairs.

2.Deep  Understanding Product: Dealership technicians need to have a deep understanding of the products. Training helps them understand product features, technical specifications, and correct operational methods. With good understanding, technicians can provide accurate information to customers and assist them in product use.

3.More Efficient Problem Solving: Training teaches dealer technicians how to approach technical issues with a systematic approach. This helps them identify the cause of the problem quickly and fix it efficiently, reducing downtime that customers may experience.

4.Builds Customer Loyalty: Customers tend to feel more comfortable and trusting dealers who have well-trained technicians. This can build long-term relationships and increase customer loyalty.

Through this program, it is hoped that all Honda Marine consumers in Indonesia can get the best after sales service.