Honda continues to increase Product Value and Services

Honda continues to increase Product Value and Services

17 October 2023 | by : HPPI

Honda Power Products Indonesia is currently continuing to expand their market throughout Indonesia in order to encourage product sales growth for agricultural machinery, boat engines and industrial machinery.

In order to support the productivity of the Indonesian society, HPPI is now continuing to expand its 3S (Sales, Service & Spare Parts) authorized dealer network throughout Indonesia. A commitment that has been maintained to date by providing the best value and service for Indonesian consumers.

Value The best products and services we have provided are in line with Honda's philosophy, "The Three Joys", which focuses on customer service. The following are the points from Honda's “The Three Joys”:

1. The Joy of Buying

Happiness (joy) buying is achieved by providing products and services that exceed the needs and expectations of each customer. Soichiro Honda, as the founder of Honda, once said that there is happiness after you buy something, and you feel happy that you bought it. This feeling will appear in direct proportion to the value of the product. Soichiro Honda believes that Honda products will always be able to give happiness to every buyer.

2. The Joy of Selling

The joy of selling occurs when a relationship based on trust is created between the people involved in selling and servicing Honda products and the customer. This relationship will create feelings of pride and happiness for being able to satisfy customers and represent Honda to customers.

3. The Joy of Creating

The final joy is the joy of creating. This is when Honda's partners and suppliers who are involved in the design, development, engineering, and manufacture of products created by Honda are able to feel joy in Honda's customers and dealers. Happiness in creating will emerge when the quality of the products created exceeds expectations and we are able to feel proud of excellent results.

Through the above philosophy, Honda always tries their best to be able to provide maximum satisfaction to their customers through the products that Honda has created. Therefore, Honda never stops developing existing products that customers can continue to enjoy.

our hope is that Honda Power Products Indonesia's products can be used by various groups of people, such as farmers, fishermen, Micro Industry, BUMN, local governments, private workers and others to facilitate their daily activities.