Honda Power Oil, recommended Honda engine oil

Honda Power Oil, recommended Honda engine oil

31 March 2023 | by : HPPI

One of the basic functions of engine oil is to protect the frictional internal components of the engine from napless. Engine oil that is used continuously without periodic replacement can cause decrease quality that will reduce its ability to lubricate the components in the engine that are rubbing together. If this happens it will cause engine components such as pistons, piston rings, piston handlebars & engine block walls to wear out quickly or  even damage

For this reason, check the condition of the engine oil regularly according to standard Maintenance The following are tips for choosing engine oil along with information on schedule for inspection, replacement & standard volume size

  1. Choose a special engine oil for gasoline engines with the level of viscosity recommended by the manufacturer
  2. Change the engine oil regularly based on the hour or month of use whichever reaches first
  3. Apart from changing engine oil regularly, make sure the engine oil volume is in accordance with the standard size

To provide convenience for Honda customers finding quality engine oil at affordable prices, Honda presents "Honda Power Oil" engine oil with SAE 10W30 API Service SL specifications.

Honda Power Oil with SAE 10W30 with SNI Certification comes in 3 size variants (110ml, 600ml and 1 Liter) to make it easier to use. "Honda Power Oil" is made from high quality basic oils with a perfect mixture of additives to provide maximum protection for all types of Honda engines. With SAE 10W30 specifications, Honda Power Oil has a level of viscosity suitable for climatic conditions & use in Indonesia so that it can meet customer needs for quality oil for powerful engines, responsive traction & efficient fuel consumption

Honda Power Oil is the right solution for those who need premium engine oil at an affordable price and longer durability