10 Benefits of Irrigation for Agricultural Land

27 December 2023

Benefits of Irrigation

Irrigation is one of the methods used in agriculture to irrigate plants. This method is considered good and effective, so it is not surprising that irrigation is still being used to this day. Apart from watering, there are other benefits of irrigation that Sobat Honda needs to understand.

In fact, irrigation provides many positive benefits to nature, both directly and indirectly. If Sobat Honda don't understand it well, look at the complete information below!

What is Irrigation?

Irrigation is a system designed in such a way as to meet agricultural needs in terms of irrigation. Irrigation is made to ensure that each plant gets the water it needs so they can grow properly. Irrigation is made to ensure that each plant gets the water it needs so they can grow properly.

basically, the water in the paddy field is often not enough to make the plants grow perfectly. That's why the existence of irrigation is very important in agriculture. A good irrigation system is also a factor that determines the success or failure of a harvest.

This has even been realized by the government with the establishment of an irrigation improvement program for agricultural fields since 2014. The fact is that this is very important considering that Indonesia's economy also originates from agricultural yields.

that's why a good quality water pump is needed to deliver large amounts of water. For a good irrigation system, you need to ensure the quality of the water pump used.

It is better to choose a water pump that is guaranteed and has an SNI standard like a product from Honda Power. Using only the best technology and components, the Honda Power water pump machine is sure to help streamline your irrigation system in your fields.

Benefits of Irrigation for Agricultural

In addition to irrigation for the plants mentioned earlier, irrigation has other benefits that many people don't realize. Because it is very crucial in choosing a water pump so that the required water supply can always be fulfilled properly.

The water pump from Honda Power can be an option because it is SNI standard and has a 1-year warranty. Certainly, it is very safe for use in agricultural activities. If you still don't believe how important a water pump is, please see the following benefits of irrigation watering.

1. Watering the Paddy Field

The irrigation system is very useful for wetting a very wide area of paddy fields. It doesn't matter how wide or long your land is, everything is within reach with a good irrigation system. The wider paddy field you have, the bigger capacity of the water pump needed so that the amount of water can meet the needs of the plants.

2. Facilitate Farmers in Irrigation

Indonesia, which is has 2 seasons rainy and dry, makes farmers must be ready in every situation. When the rainy season arrives, farmers don't have to worry too much about irrigating their fields.

The difficulty is during the long dry season. It is in this situation that the irrigation system of irrigation is needed. Having a water source that flows from a water pump at any time will certainly make it easier for farmers to maintain soil moisture levels.

So, the farmers don't have to worry about collecting water because irrigation is already there as a place to store it

3. Fulfilling Water Needs in Agriculture with Irrigation Water Pumps

soil that looks dry on the surface indicates that there is not much water stored in it. This situation is not good for plants considering that water is one of the “foods” for plants to be able to live and grow.

But that doesn't matter if you have a Honda Power water pump that can always be used in various seasons so that the soil will always have enough water to meet plant needs.

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4. Fertilize the Soil

Irrigation is a place where water is stored for the soil in rice fields, making it a fertile area. Plants can easily grow because water needs are always fulfilled regardless of the current season. In general, wet paddy soil contains a lot of nutrients that are good for plant growth

5. Cleaning Farm Area

With the presence of water flowing from the water pump to the rice fields, substances or waste in the rice fields are pushed out. So all the things that can interfere with plant growth will be pushed out by irrigation water so that the soil remains fertile

6. Improving the Quality of Agricultural Products

Food is one of the main human needs.  Agricultural products are also a pillar of the Indonesian economy because many people still depend on agriculture for their livelihood. 

with a good irrigation system and good quality water pumps in agricultural areas, it will make the harvest successful with good quality to be sold to all over Indonesia, even abroad. When Indonesian agriculture strengthens, the economic and social aspects of the Indonesia will become stable.

7. Water Supply Storage

Water supply must be continuously available. If the plant lacks water, its growth will not be perfect. The quality of the harvest will also decrease resulting in lower selling prices. That is why the irrigation system is useful as a place to store water needed by agricultural activities.

8. Land Protector

The existence of irrigation is also very useful to protect the soil and other plants from frost. This frost is one of the enemies in agriculture because very low temperatures will make the soil and plants dry out so they can't be harvested in the end.

9. Soil Temperature Regulator

The temperature in the soil should not be too high or too low because both can interfere with plant growth. One way to maintain soil temperature is by irrigation with regular irrigation from a water pump

10. Kolmatase

In agriculture, soil is an important medium for plants to grow. However, if the soil surface is not good enough, the plant will die immediately due to not getting the nutrients it needs.

in terms of irrigation this can help improve uneven soil so that it becomes the right soil for plants. This is called kolmatase, the raising of lowlands or swamps by the settling of water from irrigation.

Water which is very important in agricultural activities must always be available so that all the benefits of irrigation that have been mentioned can occur. That's why a good irrigation system is needed as well as a good quality water pump.

Choose a water pump that is powerful enough to pump water from one place to another. Don't be confused about which water pump is really of good quality and complies with SNI standards, it's better for Sobat Honda to buy it at Honda Power.

There are various types of water pumps with different capacities and power. Sobat Honda can choose it based on needs so that the use of the water pump can optimally help with agricultural work. Find the best and most trusted water pump according to your needs only at Honda Power Product!

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