8 Causes of Unstable Genset and How to Overcome Them

30 December 2023

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Using a genset in high mobility certainly facilitates Sobat Honda activities. Especially since the presence of a genset allows its users to meet their needs when the main power source cannot be used. However, it becomes a new problem if your genset is unstable. Do you know what causes a genset to be unstable?

Knowing the various causes quickly will help you overcome an unstable genset. That means you can also complete various tasks more quickly. So without further ado, let's find out the causes of an unstable genset and how to overcome them below. Hopefully, the following information will reassure you when this problem occurs.

What Causes an Unstable Genset?

There are various reasons why the genset you have becomes unstable. This problem may arise due to poor-quality components or maintenance errors. Another reason is the purchase of a low-quality genset. But let's not make too many assumptions; it's better to pay attention to the following causes.

1. Unstable Electrical Supply

One of the causes of an unstable genset is an unstable electrical supply. This can be caused by problems with the voltage regulator or AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) that is not functioning properly. This condition can make the output voltage of your genset unstable and ultimately affect the overall engine performance.

2. Dirty Carburetor

A dirty or clogged carburetor can also cause the genset to be unstable or suddenly shut down. It is known that the presence of dirt and dust in the carburetor system can cause performance problems in the engine.

The dirt and dust can obstruct the fuel flow to the engine, causing the engine to run poorly. Therefore, it is crucial to clean the carburetor regularly to maintain the stability of the genset's performance.

3. Incompatible Fuel

Although not the main component of the genset, the presence of fuel is crucial for it to work properly. However, you cannot use just any fuel. You must follow specific specifications to maximize and stabilize the genset's performance. On the other hand, using the wrong fuel type will cause the genset to be unstable.

You must match the fuel type with the injection system inside the genset. So make sure you read the genset's user manual to know what fuel should be used.

4. Malfunctioning Cooling System

All the systems installed in the genset have their respective roles that are crucial for it to work properly. However, if one system has a problem, the other parts will not work well either. 

Similar to a malfunctioning cooling system that can cause the temperature inside the genset to rise too high. However, a genset should not have a very high temperature as it will result in unstable performance and sudden engine shutdown. So if you start to notice signs of instability in the genset, it is likely that the cooling system is experiencing problems.

5. Damaged or Dirty Spark Plug

A damaged or dirty spark plug can cause the genset engine to be unstable or even suddenly shut down. A dirty or damaged spark plug can affect engine performance and cause the engine to run poorly. Therefore, make sure to check, clean, and replace the spark plug regularly.

6. Use of Genset in Inappropriate Environments

Using a genset in an unsuitable environment, such as a dirty environment, dusty environment, or high humidity, can cause the genset engine to become unstable. The problem is that dirt and dust entering the genset engine system can damage vital components. Therefore, ensure you are aware of using the genset only in the appropriate environment to maximize its use.

7. Prolonged Use of Genset without Rest

If you use the genset for too long without resting, the engine can become unstable and suddenly shut down. This is caused by overheating due to excessive engine operation over a long period of time.

As the owner, you should understand the recommended usage duration provided by the manufacturer for the genset. Usually, all information related to genset usage is clearly stated in the user manual. So, take the time to read the genset's user manual carefully to avoid dangerous issues.

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8. Lack of Regular Maintenance and Care

The lack of regular maintenance and care for the genset can also cause it to become unstable. Components that are not cleaned or replaced periodically can eventually affect engine performance and make it unstable or permanently damaged.

Therefore, make sure you perform the necessary maintenance and care after each use to ensure the genset's engine can be used for a long time.

How to Overcome an Unstable Genset

How to Overcome an Unstable Genset

Learning about the various causes of an unstable genset is done. Now, you need to know how to overcome it correctly. The following methods are easy to implement, so prepare your notes and let's start discussing them!

1. Clean the Carburetor

As mentioned earlier, a dirty or clogged carburetor can cause the genset to be unstable. So the first thing to do is to inspect the carburetor and clean it if necessary.

However, do not clean the carburetor while the engine is still running. Please turn it off and disconnect the carburetor from the genset. Then clean the carburetor using a special cleaning solution and a soft brush. Clean every part of the carburetor thoroughly and let it dry before reattaching it to the genset.

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2. Replace the Spark Plug if Needed

Not only the carburetor, a damaged or dirty spark plug can also affect engine performance and cause the genset to become unstable. Check the spark plug and see if it needs to be replaced.

To replace it, make sure to turn off the engine and let it cool down. Then remove the old spark plug and replace it with a new one. If the genset starts up perfectly, the spark plug replacement has been done correctly.

3. Clean the Air Filter

Make sure to regularly check the air filter after each use. The air filter is responsible for filtering the air and preventing dirt from entering the engine. Over time, the air filter can become dirty, so you need to clean it periodically. Clean it with soapy water and let it dry before reinstalling it into the genset.

4. Use the Correct Fuel

Avoid using the wrong type of fuel. If you want stable genset performance, check the provided user manual. Find the appropriate type of fuel for your genset and make sure there is enough fuel when you want to use it.

5. Use the Genset in Suitable Environments

Just like other electronic devices, the genset should be placed in a dry environment free from water and dirt. Whether during usage or storage, you must ensure that the genset is placed in a safe location. 

The presence of dirt or water can decrease the genset engine's performance and cause damage. Pay attention to the warning signs as well to prevent any issues for yourself and those around you.

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Through the explanation of the causes of an unstable genset, you are reminded to take good care of this equipment. You need to maintain it, clean it, and learn how to use it properly. All of these actions are important to ensure the genset engine's performance remains normal and provides the benefits you need.

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