How to Overcome a Flooded Generator Carburetor

30 December 2023

how to deal with a flooded generator carburetor

A flooded Generator carburetor could be caused by a component part of the carburetor being damaged. Mostly it happens because the owner of the generator performs servicing rarely, which makes the engine of Generator difficult to start. Then, how do you deal with a flooded generator carburetor?

The function of the carburetor itself is to supply fuel to the compression chamber. The fuel has been mixed with air which will be received by the spark plug components, so that the combustion process occurs.

In order combustion process to occur optimally, you must maintain the carburetor by carrying out regular servicing so that problems do not occur. If a carburetor component get a problem, a flooded genset carburetor can occur.

As a result of a flooded carburetor, fuel will be wasted and the engine is difficult to start. Therefore, if there is a problem with the generator carburetor which is always dripping, it must be repaired immediately so that the generator engine can run optimally.

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To repair or service the generator carburetor, you can take it to the nearest Honda dealer from home. However, if you are in an emergency, a flooded generator carburetor can be fixed independently by following the steps described below.

How to Overcome a Flooded Generator Carburetor

To deal with a flooded genset carburetor, you need to know the cause first, so that repairs can be done properly. Below we will discuss some of the causes of a flood carburetor, along with how to overcome it.

1. Clean the Carburetor

One of the causes why generator carburetor get a flooded is that there are constraints on some of the generator's components. Cleaning the carburetor can be an effective way you can do it. The carburetor components that you need to clean include the main jet, main nozzle, float needle, and pilot jet.

You also need to check the packing and bowl or carburetor chamber. Make sure all the components in the carburetor are in optimal condition, so you can reuse the generator as it should. Your generator will also be protected from flood conditions.

2. Calibrate the Surface of the Carburetor Needle

The carburetor needle is a valve that can opens and closes automatically. This needle function is to regulate the inlet of gasoline into the carburetor. If the carburetor chamber is filled with gasoline to the maximum limit, then the needle will immediately close the flow of gasoline.

However, if the carburetor needle is napless, the valve will not close completely. The result is gasoline will flow continuously, even though the capacity in the carburetor has reached a limit. As a result, gasoline will overflow in the carburetor chamber and flow out.

To solve this problem, you need to calibrate the surface of the napless carburetor needle using fine sandpaper. The way is by moving the sandpaper in a circle following the shape of the carburetor needle.

However, if after that it still floods, it means you need to visit a Honda dealer for further repairs. It could be that the carburetor needle is needed to replace with a new one. You can consult an experienced technician at a Honda dealer for this case.

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3. Service & Maintenance Regularly

You need to service your generator regularly So that your generator does not run to flooding that caused as described above. Generator servicing can be done at the nearest Honda dealer. Also you can consult problems that occur with reliable and experienced technicians from Honda.

You can arrange schedule by weekly or monthly servicing, depending on the usage of the generator itself. if it is used frequently for any purpose, maintenance also needs to be scheduled more frequently. When you want to do service and maintenance, you can also refer to the accumulated usage time displayed on the control panel.

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