Recommendation of The Best Silent Generator for Residential

30 December 2023

Generator is one of premier tools should be owned for house, especially as a backup power when a blackout from the provider was coming. Event though it’s being important, the engine’s noise can be very annoying when started. But don't worry if you have a desire to buy a Honda Generator, because now Honda have the best silent generators for Residential.

You can say goodbye to an annoying noise that bother your activities. Silent generators are here as the latest technology to make daily activities at home run smoothly without a hitch.

But before you get a silent generator, pay attention the important information below. Also find various silent generator recommendations from Honda Power while you read the article to the end!

The Advantages of Silent Generators

A silent generator is a type of generator that has silencers to reduce a noise when the engine is started. That's why this generator is called the silent type, aka less noise.

The featured of silencers on this generator is definitely a differentiate advantage from the open type. But the advantage is more than you mind, you can find various other advantages below.

1. Less Environmental Damage

Mostly, High level noise from generator could disturbs people around. It's not only you as the owner who feels disturbed instead neighbors near your house. But it will not happen if you use a silent generator which is less noise output.

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2. All Weather Resistant

Silent generator built is known to be more durable for all weather. Even in extreme weather, the built material won't defective.

However, that doesn't mean the generator can be used under the rain because when it fall in to the generator can cause serious hazard. Don't even try to do it because when generator is exposed to water a short circuit and fire are very likely to occur.

3. Easy Operation

Silent generators are generally equipped with the latest technology which will make it easier for owners when they want to turn on or turn off the engine. For example, several Honda Power products are equipped with an engine starter so it’s would not bother you while you start it.

4. Easy Maintenance

Generator maintenance is not difficult as long as you do it regularly. Always remember to read the owner's manual/user manual whenever you go with your generator. It is important to remember that maintenance should only be performed when the engine is cold.

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The Best Silent Generator Recommendations for households

Honda Power has the best line up of silent generator that is suitable to your needs. Pay attention to power of output rate AC, and several other specifications below.

1. Generator EU10i

the EU10i must be the first choice for people who need portability and low wattage needs. It can generate AC output voltage reaches 220V with a maximum power of 1 kVa or equivalent of 800 watts.

With continuous operating for 7 hours to support small shop business activities. Equipped with 4 strokes engine which is more efficient on fuel consumption and environment friendly.

2. Generator EU22i

Having a Small generator with easy portability is definitely an advantage. You can take the EU22i generator anywhere because of its relatively compact small, with a length of 509 mm, a width of 290 mm and a height of 425 mm. The longest usage can reach 8.1 hours with power of output rate AC of 1.8 kVa.

This generator is perfect for outdoor activities that require a power source, such as; camping with family in the wide nature and so on.

3. Generator EU30is

If you have a mobile business that requires source electricity, then you must try the EU30is Generator. EU30is have Continuous Operating that can reach 18.2 hours with a maximum AC power voltage of 3 kVa and 12V-12A DC power.

Generally, The features pinned in the EU30is and EU22i generators are the same. There is eco-throttle, AC and DC cut-out, engine oil alert, large air filter to connection cables for parallel operation. But there is difference unique about this generator, there are wheels at the bottom to make it easier while moving.

So you can carry out EU30is more easily without out a lot of energy to lift or move it.

4. Generator EU70is

Equipped with a 4 stroke, OHV and single cylinder engine, the EU70is Generator is the best quality you can get. Max. Output power generated is quite large, 7 kVa or the equivalent of 5,600 watts.

There is Advanced Technology Feature, Fi ( Fuel Injection) Feature which will make consumption much more efficient. The Power Output will be more stable and higher.

Now, you know Silent Generator with less noise is available right? Hopefully, the information about silent generators explained above can add your insights and find the most suitable generator.

4 Recommendation of The Best Silent Generator for Residential above, which one best fits your needs, Sobat Honda? All types of generators are built with latest technology and best materials for guaranteed stability use.

You also won't be disturbed by loud  noise output because the average decibel is at 50. find the best and most trusted generator NOW based on your needs only at Honda Power Products!

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