7 Ways to Choose the Best Generator

30 December 2023

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Generators that sell in the market have different power supply and usage time. The systems and engines used in those generators also must be inspected for its durability. That's why you must know how to choose a good and right generator according to the usage needs.

Apart from choosing based on needs, you must know which engine are used. In general, there are generators with 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines. When look on to usage, 2 stroke generator is less efficient.

The fuel is also more consumptive for daily use, not like the 4 stroke engine which is more advance in maximize the supply of electric voltage.

Furthermore, there are more aspects you need to pay attention when choosing a generator. Let's find out below how to choose the best generator!

How to Choose the Best Generator?

You will not be able to choose the best generator if you only follow what people or advertisements say. Each seller specifically uses unique and new words so that many people are interested in buying it.

Therefore you need to find out the overall information in advance to find the most suitable generator. Let's look at some ways to choose it below.

1. Know the types of generators.

Currently, generators come in 2 different types; open and silent. An open generator does not have a cover so the sound that is issued sounds a little noisy. On the other hand, a silent generator has a cover that can minimize sound so that noise can be kept as low as possible.

At this point you can decide whether there is problem with the noise or not. If the purpose of buying a generator is for personal use at home, then a silent generator can be the right one.

Public places such as hospitals, restaurants, banks, shops, and offices also prefer silent generators in order to make visitors feel comfortable. However, if it is used for a production plant that has a high noise level, then an open generator is the right choice. 

2. Choosing the Type of Machine

The engines used in generators are also divided into two types; 2 stroke and 4 stroke. It was mentioned earlier that 4 stroke engine is much more advance than 2 stroke engine. This 4-stroke engine can improve the performance and make the electricity supply more stable.

If you need a high voltage, then look for a generator with 4 stroke engine, because a generator with 4 stroke engine can produce more than 5,000 watts or even 10,000 watts. Usually generator with 2-stroke engine is only able to provide a supply voltage of up to 1000 watts.

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3. Find Out the Power Required

To find out the power supply needed, you could calculate the total watts (power count) or volts of the various main electrical devices that must stay on. For example air conditioners, TVs, refrigerators, microwaves, production machines, and so on. Then sum up all the electricity needs and look for a generator that can meet the amount.

4. Have Official Warranty

Make sure the generator you buy has an official guarantee from a trusted place. Don't just look at the good color like a new one, even though the generator is an old products; it's just been repainted so it looks like brand new.

The warranty also shows the quality of the generator. A brand that has been in the generator market for a long time must have a guarantee that customers can use when there is a problem.

This also proves of brand’s seriousness in products they made. They definitely use only the best materials and technology in order not to lower their credibility. So make sure to check again the guarantee of the generator you choose.

5. Easy to Get-Spare Parts

It should have easily accessible spare parts. The point is not only being sold in many places but having places that can be visited when there is problem, such as service point from the brand where you bought the generator. 

6. Choosing the Right Fuel

It is true that generators are driven by fuel, but there are not just 1 types. You need to find out what kind of fuel the generator require, is it gasoline, diesel or propane.

It is important to understand that it is better to choose a generator with fuel that is easily accessible, can get anywhere, and has an affordable price. So you don't get confused when fuel starts to run low because there are many places that sell it.

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7. Buy it in Trusted Place

Last but not least, You should buy it in a trusted and safe place. Don't be fooled by uncredible sellers who don't have legality and guarantees, because they may cost more than the original place.

You need to find out more about business licenses, credibility, shipping and payment processes, and how to claim a guarantee. Make sure you understand everything well and look objectively so you don't get fooled easily.

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