4 Differences between Gasoline and Diesel Generators, which is Better?

30 December 2023

Perbedaan Genset Bensin dan Solar

Recently, most people needs generators with medium capacity to meet the demand for electricity supply while a blackout time. practically, generators have several types such as gasoline and diesel generators. Do you known the difference between gasoline and diesel generators, Sobat Honda?

Commonly, Both of them are generator that was used as a backup resource for residential and large industries. In this article, you will know the differences between gasoline and diesel generators so, you can more understand them and decided to use appropriately. Check out the full review below.

What are the Differences between Gasoline and Diesel Generators?

Selecting a generator for your needs is not an easy. There are many propositions should be considered so you can pick the right one and the generator can be used appropriately. Therefore, it is important to understand the difference between the two types of generators, especially those that run on gasoline and diesel. The following is clear explanation of the differences between the two:

1. Fuel Consumption

The first difference between gasoline and diesel generators is fuel type. Generators equipped with 4 stroke engines is using gasoline and generators equipped with diesel engines uses diesel fuel. In terms of fuel consumption, gasoline generators are much more environmentally friendly since they do not cause too much smoke from combustion.

2. Safety

If safety is indicated by the emission gas produced, then gasoline generators are much safer. Even though they both produce smoke during the combustion process, gasoline generators produce less smoke and its more safety while, diesel generators can produce black smoke and potentially contain hazardous substances.

3. Performance

In terms of performance, gasoline generators have greater horse power performance compared to diesel generators. because gasoline generators have a 4 stroke engine type that has more power. Frequently, The use of gasoline-fueled generators is for buildings that require high electricity consumption.

4. Noise

In terms of the Noise Output, gasoline generators are more silent than diesel generators. As you know, Sobat Honda, diesel engines basically produce noisy and quite annoying sounds. Therefore, in terms of convenience, gasoline generators are the best choice.

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Comparison of Inverter and Open Type Generators

Perhaps, Sobat Honda don't know yet what the difference between an inverter and open type generator. To be clearly understand about inverter and open type generators, see the full review of the differences between the two below:

1. Generator Inverter

Simply, inverter generators are the latest generator technology that can produce quality electricity and less noise. This generator is a type of generator that is divided based on the output voltage regulator.  practically, inverter generators have a device for controlling power output named an inverter.

The inverter function to stabilize the output volts so that the electricity output becomes more stable. Inverter generators are the right choice when purposed as a backup electricity, especially residential homes. This is because this generator produces a smooth and unobtrusive sound.

Knowing the advantages, it can be said that inverter generators are much more comfortable than conventional generators.

2. Generator Open Type

An open type generator is a generator that is not equipped with a silencer. Since there is no silencer, the noise produced by an open type generator tends to be loud and a little loud. Therefore, you need to place an open type generator in a soundproof room.

Looking at the noise output, open type is certainly not suitable when used as a backup of electrical energy in small buildings. Because sobat Honda need to provide an empty room and make it soundproof to reduce the noise.

However, if you need generators in large buildings such as malls, hotels, and so on, the open type will be suitable because it is easier to maintain with an open type engine.

Inverter Genset Recommendations from Honda

Honda offers an ideal inverter generators for home, recreation and electronic device needs with the EU22i model. The EU22i Inverter has a small size with a length of 509 mm, a width of 290 mm and a height of 425 mm making it practical and easy to carry and store.

The type of engine equipped uses air conditioning, 4 stroke, OHV and single cylinder. Through a fuel capacity of 3.6 liters, the EU22i generator has a maximum power of 2,200 watts and can be operated continuously in 3.2 to 8.1 hours.

Through the information above, do you understand the difference between gasoline and diesel generators? Basically, gasoline and diesel are good fuel choices for generators and have their respective advantages. Sobat Honda can use of generators according to their needs and abilities.

Knowing the differences between gasoline and diesel generators as well as the comparison of inverter generators with the open type above can help you consider the right choice. If you are determined to buy a certain type of generator, just visit Honda Power Products.

certainly, In order to comply backup electric power, Sobat Honda needs an advanced technology like Honda. Moreover, Honda provides many option with definite specifications in every models following your needs. What are you waiting for? Find the best and most trusted generator according to your needs only at Honda Power Products.

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