Get To Know The Differences Between DC and AC Generators

29 December 2023

generator dc dan ac

The generator machine or what is often called a dynamo is an electrical component who has a job is to convert the motion energy into the electrical energy. The generator machines themselves can also be divided into two different types, amongst others are DC and AC generators.

This second generator machine itself actually has the same function, namely to produce the electrical energy from the electromagnetic wave process. Even though the two generators machines have the same function, in fact the two types of generators also have their own differences.

In this discussion, we will help Sobat Honda find out the differences between DC and AC generators and the working principles of these two types of generators. Just read the explanation below to find out!

Recognizing Generators

Before knowing the differences between DC and AC generator machines and how the two generators work, Sobat Honda needs to get acquainted first with generator engines in general.

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As mentioned in the explanation above, the generator machine or dynamo is a machine that can create electrical energy through mechanical energy. In the generator machine engine itself there are gonna be two important components, the two important components are the rotor and stator. 

The rotor is the part of the generator whose job is to rotate, while the stator has the task of being stationary. When the rotor is rotated, it will produce a circular movement which can convert motion energy into electrical energy.

One example of the most common generator machine is a hydroelectric power plant. Where the work of this hydroelectric power plant will use a turbine to drive the generator machine rotor. When water flows through the turbine, then a rotational movement occurs, the generator will produce electricity.

Not only are they used in hydroelectric power plants, now generator machines are also widely used in various fields, for example in the industry and construction. The Generator machine will provide electrical resources for various machines and equipment, so that it can make it feasible for individuals to effortlessly and effectively complete their everyday duties with the electrical power that is already available.

5 Differences Between Generator DC and AC

After becoming acquainted with the meaning of generators and how generators work in general, the next thing that Sobat Honda needs to know is about the differences between the two types of generators, namely DC and AC generators.

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The rotor and stator are the two basic parts of both AC and DC generators. However, there are a number of design and orientation discrepancies between these two generators.

The following explanation is provided to assist Sobat Honda in learning more about the distinctions between AC and DC generators.

1. Flow Direction

One significant difference between DC and AC generators lies in the direction of the electric current they have. DC generators have the role of converting mechanical energy or mechanical energy into electrical energy by producing direct current.

The most common example of a DC generator machine is a battery which is usually used by people. When a battery is used, a chemical reaction will occur in it which produces electrons that move in the same direction, creating an electric current. This also makes it possible for people to charge cell phones, laptops and other electronic devices easily and portable.

Not only that, DC generators are also often found in electric vehicles, where the electric motor gets its energy from a DC battery that is charged repeatedly.

Next is the AC generator which has an important role in complex electrical power systems. The AC generator will produce alternating current direction, where the current produced by the AC generator will change direction regularly.

One of the most common examples of AC generators is the generator used in hydroelectric power plants. Where, when water flows through a turbine, the turbine will drive a generator and convert the kinetic energy of the water into electrical energy.

The main advantage of AC generators is that their current can be transmitted over long distances with relatively low power losses. So AC generator machines are more often the main choice in electric power systems that supply electrical energy to homes, businesses and industry.

2. The Use of Slip Ring 

The next difference between DC and AC generators lies in the use of slip rings. Where the use of slip rings on AC generators has the function of distributing induced current to the circuit. Meanwhile, the use of slip rings on DC generators functions to distribute the induced current to the circuit as well as to convert it to DC pulse form.

The use of slip rings on the two generators machines will affect the power they produce. Where, in the AC generator machine there will be a low power loss in the AC generator machine slip ring. Meanwhile, a DC generator machine will lose more power in the slip ring because of the spark in the DC generator machine. 

3. Resulting Output Voltage

In addition, the output voltage that AC and DC generators machines produce differs from one to another. The output voltage of an AC generator machine will be rather high than the other. A DC generator machine will generate an output voltage that is considerably lower than the AC generator. 

Apart from that, the voltage contained in the AC generator machine has no limits on the voltage produced by the AC generator machine. Meanwhile, in DC generators there will be a voltage limit because as the voltage increases, sparks will appear on the commutator and this can damage parts in the generator machine. 

4. Utility

One other significant difference between the DC and AC generators also lies in their design. AC generators have a simple design and DC generators have a more complex design.

The use of AC and DC generator machines can be seen through the designs of both. Where AC generators are usually used for electrical purposes in homes, offices, and so on. Meanwhile, DC generators are usually used in DC motor devices such as subway systems and battery backup systems.

One of the recommendations for the best generator that Sobat Honda can use for home and office electricity is the Generator - EZ6500CXS from Honda Power Products. This generator machine is specially made so that it can be used for a long period of time even in tough working conditions.

Not only that, this generator machine is also easy to start, it has low vibration, and is easy to handle, so this generator machine is very suitable for use at home or even in the office industry.

5. Efficiency

If we talk about efficiency values, AC generators have better efficiency values ​​when compared to DC generators. This is because the AC generator has a smoother slip ring working process. Meanwhile, DC generators have less efficiency because the slip ring working process cannot work efficiently.

AC generators are also considered to have a longer generator machine brush life when compared to DC generators machine due to the presence of sparks. Apart from that, AC generators do not require routine maintenance, so they are very suitable for use in the office and residential industries.

Principles of Operation for DC and AC Generators

Sobat Honda also needs to understand how the two generators operate, so here is an explanation, in addition to the differences between DC and AC generators.

1. AC Generator Operating Mechanism

The working principle of an AC generator machine is to convert mechanical or motion energy into electrical energy through an AC signal with a frequency of 50 or 60 Hz. Later, the induced current contained in the coil component (armature) will be transmitted to the circuit using 2 slip rings in the form of separate rings which will be placed at the end of the generator machine shaft.

Furthermore, the two rings located at the end of the generator machine shaft will not touch each other, but each ring will be connected to the coil on the armature. When the generator machine rotates, then rotates the armature, it will produce electromagnetic induction and produce an electric current in the ring.

Due to the cyclical rise and fall in movement of each coil, the two rings' generated electric current can later function as a negative pole and a positive pole. Alternating electric current will be generated by this method.

2. DC Generator Operating Mechanism

The working principle of a DC generator machine is actually not much different from the working principle of an AC generator machine, only that at the end of the shaft the DC generator machine does not use a slip ring, but instead uses a brush to transmit the electric current produced by electromagnetic induction.

The DC generator's machine internal brushes are built like a split ring with brushes on the left and right. In order to the fact that each right and left brush serves as a negative and a positive brush, respectively, a DC generator machine current will be generated when the coil or armature rotates.

One thing that is quite significant between the working principles of DC and AC generators machine is that in a DC generators machine there will be a commutator which is the most important part of a DC generator machine. This part will convert alternating current into direct current.

That is information regarding the differences between DC generator machine and AC generator machine and the working principles of both generators that Sobat Honda need to know. Through the explanation above, Sobat Honda can see that generators have a very important role in providing the electricity supply needed by humans in living their daily lives..

The existence of a generator machine itself is actually very close to everyday human life, when we turn on the lights, turn on the Television, or even use other electronic devices, there will definitely be a generator machine that works in order to provide electrical energy to the users.

This is what makes the actual existence of the generator machine an important factor in life. Therefore, it is really important for Sobat Honda to have a good quality generator.

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