Understand the Function of the Water Pump to Avoid Common Problems

27 December 2023

water pump function

The function of the water pump for supporting various activities, especially agriculture, cannot be underestimated. Its presence as the latest technology really lightens the burden of daily work.

Not to mention if the agricultural fields have a considerable distance from the house. You definitely have to draw water back and forth so that the plants can grow as they should. If your still doesn't have a water pump for reasons you don't need it, then think again carefully.

It's possible that you don't recognize this one tool well. This is because there are many functions and advantages that you can experience when using a water pump. Pay attention to the information below to find out the truth that you have never known.

Various Water Pump Functions

Water pumps can not only be used for household or agricultural needs. Seeing the many types of water pumps available on the market proves that there are many uses that can be felt. You can see some of its functions as follows.

1. Pumping Water from the Draw Well

People who live in urban areas are definitely not bothered by the accessibility of clean water sources. However, this is not the case for people who live in rural areas because access to getting clean water is still very limited.

Not infrequently, clean water only can be get by digging wells at a sufficiently deep distance. On these circumstances that a water pump is needed for pumping very deep well water out.

Without having to expend a lot of energy to draw water over and over again, the community can get clean water for various household needs.

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2. Moving or Transferring Water

The existence of a water pump also its functions to move and transfer water from one place to another. For example in agricultural and other agricultural activities that require a large amount of water.

Of course you will be exhausted if you draw and carry water from your house to your fields over long distances. Not to mention the roads in the countryside are bumpy. Even if you get used to do it, you will still be exhausted at the end of the day.

The existence of a water pump makes the process of moving or transferring water easier, faster, lighter, and more efficient. All you have to do is adjust the irrigation hose and turn it on, then the plant irrigation activities will be completed soon.

3. Irrigation in Various Parks in Urban Areas

Certainly, you never know that water pumps are also useful for irrigation in various urban areas. The water that you can enjoy in the garden such as in the sink or to irrigate plants is the result of irrigation from a quality water pump.

4. Booster Flood

The water pump also functions to drain flood water from inside the house to the outside or from the basement. Water pumps make the water recede faster so that people can return to their normal activities.

5. Filling and Draining Fishponds

Water pumps can also be used to fill and drain fishponds. Of course, the fishpond needs to be rewatering or drained at harvest time. You can just drain and fill it independently but it will take a long time.

Mostly, one day will not be enough to clean the fishpond. That's why a water pump can help speed up your work in draining and filling the pool.

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Problems that Often Occur in Water Pumps

Every tool used for agricultural needs will have problems if you don't take good care of it. Not infrequently also problems occur due to storage errors.

Not because of the poor quality of the engine but the owner's negligence in using the water pump. Try to avoid the following water pump problems.

1. Engine Not Starting

The engine may not start for many reasons such as dirty spark plugs, run out of fuel or dirty carburetor. Therefore you need to carry out periodic checks of all components of the water pump. Be sure to carry out periodic maintenance.

Do not refuel when the engine is running, but make sure the engine is not running. Also, check the oil whether it is still good or not. It's a good idea to do regular oil changes as recommended so that the water pump can continue to be used for a long period of time.

If everything you do doesn't work, just take the water pump to an authorized Honda dealer for checking and repair.

2. The Pump Can't Perform

The next problem that often occurs is that water does not flow from the pump. If this happens you should immediately inspect the pump housing, filter, and hose for leaks.

It is very possible that there is a leak that you are not notice but reduces the suction power of the water pump. If this happens, you have to fix which part is problematic and if that doesn't work, you can immediately take the water pump to an authorized Honda dealer.

This is information about the function of the water pump and the problems that often occur when using it. Hopefully, the explanation above helps you understand how to use the water pump when preparing for operation to avoid problems that can occur.

So that there are no serious problems when using a water pump, you need to choose the best product. Ensure that the driving machine is of the same quality as Honda Power products, which already use 4-stroke GX or GP Series engines with the development of pump housings and the latest technology from Honda R&D Japan.

You can find the best quality water pumps at Honda Power, which has been in the engine industry for decades. Find the best and most trusted water pump according to your needs only at Honda Power Product!

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