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28 December 2023


Gardening tools

As a gardener, it's essential to have various gardening tools to take care of your garden, from weeds to pests that disturb your plants. With so many gardening tools available, knowing their names and functions sometimes takes work. Each type of gardening equipment has different parts and can make your job easier. So, what are the must-have gardening tools? Let's find out below.

Must-Have Gardening Tools

There are various types of gardening tools that you should have at least—starting from gardening gloves, shovels, lawnmowers, and others. Of course, you can customize your gardening tools based on your needs. However, this are the tools that you should have.

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1. Gardening Gloves

The first tool you must use when gardening is gloves that protect your hands. You can choose gardening gloves made of elastic nylon, leather, or bamboo fiber to keep your hands dry and clean while taking care of the plants.

Gardening gloves can protect you from thorns, dirt that enters your nails, and bacteria on the plants. Therefore, gloves are an essential gardening tool you should have.

2. Shovels

The primary function of a shovel is to dig the soil and move plants into pots or other gardening areas. You can also use this gardening tool to move fertilizer and seeds. In addition, the sharp end of the shovel helps loosen soil and cut roots.

Shovels are available in various sizes that can be customized to your needs. In addition, the material of the shovels varies, from iron, steel, and plastic. You can choose a steel or stainless steel shovel, as it is more robust and easier to use.

3. Hoses

The plants in your garden need to be watered to grow well. You can use a hose to reach all the plants in your garden. Use a long hose to water all the plants evenly. To make watering plants easier, complete the hose with a nozzle or spray control that can produce rain-like water and reach further into your garden.

4. Garden Forks

This gardening tool can be considered versatile and multifunctional. For example, you can use a garden fork to make holes for seeds, mix and stir, remove stones and weeds, and perforate soil. Besides making it easier to dig the soil, garden forks can also improve soil aeration and help water reach plant roots more effectively.

5. Pruning Shears

Pruning shears are essential for maintaining the growth of your plants. You can use pruning shears to cut branches, stems, and leaves that are too long or have grown in the wrong direction. Make sure to choose pruning shears with a comfortable grip and sharp blades, so you can easily make precise cuts.

6. Rakes

Rakes are used to clearing fallen leaves, twigs, and debris from your garden. You can also use rakes to level the soil or spread mulch. There are various types of rakes, such as leaf rakes, garden rakes, and others. Choose the type of rake that suits your needs and the size of your garden.

7. Lawnmowers

Lawnmowers are essential tools for maintaining a neat lawn. The lawnmowers can make it easier for you to cut grass evenly without having to use a lot of physical effort. There are various lawnmowers, such as electric lawnmowers, gas lawnmowers, and others. Choose the type of lawnmower that suits your needs and the size of your garden.

8. Wheelbarrows

Wheelbarrows help transport heavy loads of material from one place to another. They consist of a metal or plastic container and a handle attached to a pair of wheels. This design allows a person to push or pull the load efficiently, making it a convenient tool for gardeners, construction workers, and landscapers. 

Wheelbarrows transport soil, sand, gravel, mulch, building materials, and other heavy items. Some wheelbarrows even come equipped with unique features such as a removable tray, pneumatic tires, or a dumping mechanism to make moving materials easier.

9. Anti-Pest Spraying Tool

For extra plant maintenance, you need a useful anti-pest spraying tool to spray pest control. So keep your plants from suffering damage and resulting in a failed harvest. Remember, plants also need protection like pest control to keep them healthy and free from harm.

However, using chemicals like this needs to be well-controlled, as soil that contains too many chemicals may not absorb water properly. As a result, your plants may become dehydrated.

10. Polybag

Polybag is a black plastic bag with small holes at the bottom that serve as air circulation. Many people now use polybags for planting because they are practical and affordable.

Besides being practical, plants stored in polybags are easy to move. However, using polybags for gardening is limited. You can only use this tool when the number of plants you plant is manageable.

11. Plant Watering Tool

You may need a plant watering tool as a water hose substitute. You can use this tool when the garden you have is more miniature. This tool is quite simple. All you need to do is fill it with water and walk around the park to water the plants.

The shape of this plant watering tool resembles a teapot and comes in various types and sizes. Of course, you can adjust it to your needs.

12. Grass Cutting Machine

To clean the garden of wild grass or weeds, you need a grass-cutting machine to make the process faster. Honda provides a push lawnmower with outstanding performance and reliable features.

It is also equipped with an exclusive double blade that offers the best cutting results. The dual blade can cut the grass into smaller pieces. As a result, cleaning the garden can be done quickly.

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In addition, to push lawnmowers, Honda also provides a handheld lawnmower. The vibration generated by this machine is low, and its noise level is moderate. So, you can quickly, easily, and calmly cut wild grass in the garden.

The gardening tools outlined above are at least something you need to have can optimize that garden maintenance. The essential gardening tool you need is a grass-cutting machine. Since wild grass can interfere with plants' growth space, its growth is also speedy. 

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