How Does an Agricultural Water Pump Work?

29 December 2023

how the water pump works

Water pumps are one of the tools that belong as a friends to farmers. Water pumps help farmers transfer water more easily and quickly. Its presence also helps lighten the daily workload for the process of watering the entire plant. The question is, do you already know how the water pump works?

Don’t get wrong, knowing how a water pump works is important so that you can operate it more effectively. Then let's see the complete information about the water pump below!

How Does a Water Pump Work?

before water pump technology was invented, farmers had to go up and down to fetch water from very far away. So its current existence is useful for transferring water from one place to another place more easily.

Usually the water will be transferred through the suction hose to the exhaust hose through the performance of the impeller and case volute components. Then air will be filled with water, causing fluid pressure to pull the water towards the destination.

The engine will generate the impeller and try to push the water so that it can go out into the distance interval to meet agricultural needs.

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Water Pump Recommendations for Agriculture

The use of advanced technology in agricultural activities is crucial because it can increase efficiency in time, labour cost and yield. If you are looking for a quality water pump, Honda Power has a series of product recommendations that are proven to be efficient and safe. Here are 5 water pump products from Honda Power.

1. Water Pump-WB20XN NF

The WB20XN NF water pump is a type of centrifugal pump that can convert mechanical energy into hydraulic. All the components and engines used in this water pump are definitely sophisticated to help your work become more efficient.

WB20XN NF uses a 4 stroke GX160 engine which makes it easy to start, use, saves fuel consumption, and can last for a long time.

This 2 inch water pump can also be used for other general purposes so that your work can be done quickly. The WB20XN NF has also passed the SNI test and is equipped with an official warranty for 1 year so you don't need to doubt about the quality of the engine.

2. Water Pump-WB30XN NF

Still using the 4 stroke GX160 engine, the WB30XN NF water pump is one of the top products released by Honda Power. This 3 inch water pump is also arranged with other high-tech engine to ensure normal performance and even much better than other on the market.

The WB30XN NF has a maximum pumping capacity of up to 1,100 liters/min. to facilitate agricultural activities. Turning it on and using it is also not difficult, you only need to read the manual that is provided every time you make a purchase.

A 1 year warranty also applies to the WB30XN NF water pump to ensure the quality of the engine remains excellent.

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3. Water Pump-WL20XN NF

The WL20XN NF water pump has a pumping capacity of 670 liters/min. which is suitable for agricultural land that is not too large. The engine components installed will help you transfer water quickly.

There is no question about efficiency anymore because the WL20XN NF is definitely fuel efficient. This water pump has also been proven safe and has received standards certification from SNI so that its can use in daily activities without worry.

The engine is a 4 stroke GP160H and an overhead value single cylinder so that its use is very optimal. How about the price? For this type of water pump the WL20XN NF has a more affordable price compared to the WB series. But there is no need to worry because the quality is still good according to Honda standards.

4. Water Pump-WL30XN NF

Furthermore, there is the WL30XN NF water pump which is suitable for all light activities including irrigation in agriculture. You can use it daily to transfer large amounts of water quickly without a obstacle.

Even though the maximum pumping capacity of this water pump reaches 1,100 liters/min, its fuel consumption is still efficient. WL30XN NF is a quality water pump that also has SNI certification.

The price which is more affordable than the WB series does not make the quality decrease, instead you have got the best engine standards from Honda.

Now, you understand better how the water pump works, right? The existence of a water pump in assisting daily work such as farming or other agricultural activities is to be admired. If you don't have one yet and are planning to buy a Honda Power water pump product, this could be the right choice.

Honda Power, which has been established since 1950, only produces the best products to make your work easier. All the engine used are the best result of years of research and technology so that you can use them easily.

Through a high commitment to satisfying consumers from all segment, Honda Power guarantees quality that adds value to human life. Immediately find the best and most trusted water pump according to your needs only at Honda Power Product!

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