Here's How to Primming Water Pumps Easily

27 December 2023

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It's not impossible that Sobat Honda have trouble while pumping water at certain times. It caused by many factor. That's why Sobat Honda must know how to primming water pump correctly so it will save the parts from damage or worn out quickly.

Actually, its easy how to primming a water pump. After Sobat Honda know how to do the right way, the problem of water suction will soon be resolved. If so, just look at the steps below!

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Here's How to Primming Water Pumps Easily

Cara Memancing Pompa Air

For all of Sobat Honda who are hearing the word "primming water pump " at the first time, definitely you will be confused about it means. primming water pump should not be understand literally because the intention is to fix water pump operate again as before.

The quality of Sobat Honda water pump determines the suction power of the pump. On the other hand, even if your water pump is good quality, if regular maintenance is not carried out, it will affect the suction power of the water pump as well.

If Sobat Honda have a water pump but are unable to maintenance regularly due to limited time, you can try the following ways:

  1. Prepare all the equipment needed such as:
    • Water pump
    • Spiral hose
    • Black rubber
    • Some plastic (any plastic).
    • Tarpaulin hose
  2. Make sure the water pump tank contains a sufficient amount of fuel.
  3. Fill in the water in the irrigation pump line.
  4. Tie the spiral hose on the hose with plastic as a leak-proof protector. Then tie it again with black rubber so that no water leak out.
  5. Tie the spiral hose at the engine inlet with black plastic and rubber.
  6. Run the engine at medium speed.
  7. Attach the tarpaulin hose to the outlet hose using black rubber.
  8. Put water in the tarpaulin hose as a lure by lifting the tarpaulin hose so that water fill in the inlet hose.
  9. Wait about 5-10 minutes for the water to come out.
  10. When the water has come out, adjust the size of the volume of water that comes out of the drilled well again.

Why Should the Water Pump Be Primed?

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The primming for water pump is needed so that the water from the well could be sucked up by the engine and finally transferred to other places. The primming pump is quite reasonable so that the engine can work optimally.

As soon as the water from the well starts to be drawn out, Sobat Honda can immediately adjust the volume of out put water not too low or too swift. If its Sobat Honda first experience, it's a good idea to follow each of the steps above so that the engine can start when needed.

Even though it's normal, usually primming pump needs to be done once when Sobat Honda just installed or turned on the water pump. If the water pump keeps to be primed, it can be concluded that there is a problem occurring in the engine parts. Therefore you must pick a quality water pump.

worthed it if Sobat Honda have to spend more for getting it. Think it as an investment in the future so you don't have to buy a water pump every year.

The water pump from Honda Power can be a wise choice. Honda Power only uses quality engine according to SNI standards for helping agricultural activities. Sobat Honda can try the WL20XN NF atau WL30XN NF water pump for a larger capacity.

What Causes the Water Pump to Be Primed Constantly?

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at least, there are two reasons why Sobat Honda water pump must be primed constantly, a leak in the suction hose connection and damage of foot valve or check valve. The following is an explanation of each.

1. Suction Hose Leakage

Leaks in installation of hoses which works is suction water from deep wells or transfer to other places can cause low volume of water in the hoses, even empty. Of course, a water leak will prevent the water pump from sucking it out. 

It could be leaks not only in one part but also in other parts so that the volume of water decreases. Leaks occurs due to misconnecting hose.

No wonder, leak occurs if hose installation process is not done properly. Sobat Honda must take care while join the hose. Also pay attention to other parts of pump while distributing water for irrigation so that problem doesn’t occurs.

2. Damaged Foot Valve or Check Valve

All tools could be used for a long time if Sobat Honda store it properly and carry out periodic maintenance. But if not then the result is a various damaged engine parts. In a water pump, each parts also needs to be cleaned, maintained, and stored properly.

If so, the parts will be damaged, such as in the foot valve or check valve. these two parts is very likely to worn out if Sobat Honda don't clean them properly.

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Dirt or blockage objects will reduce the performance of the water pump. If Sobat Honda don't aware in a short time, the foot valve or check valve will be permanently damaged until it needs to be replaced with a new one.

If Sobat Honda water pump is not releasing water as it should, try to immediately check the suction hose installation and other parts to make sure there isn't a single blockage.

But don't try to service alone if Sobat Honda not sure. Just take it to an official service store so that repairs can be done properly without damaging other parts.

Buy a Quality Water Pumps at Honda Power

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Hopefully the water pump primming ways above will work properly. After that, Sobat Honda can re-check to determine whether each part of the pump is still good or not.

If water pump doesn't work properly, it's time to carry out on official service store. Using it too often without carrying out maintenance can also make the water pump problematic so that it must be serviced.

However, if water pump is out and no longer able to suck up water, this is the right time to buy a new one. Water pumps from Honda Power can be the right choice because the quality is guaranteed and has certification from SNI.

All the engines equipped  is from the best technology so don't worry about durability and performance.

Honda Power provides water pumps of various types and different capacities as Sobat Honda needs. Now, find the best and most trusted water pump according to your needs only at Honda Power Product!

Do Sobat Honda thing all information above important? Sobat Honda can find more useful and practical information for Sobat Honda daily life by visiting Honda Power. Visit our website right now!

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