5 Parts of the Honda Water Pump and Their Functions

27 December 2023

Getting to know the parts of the water pump and its functions is an important thing for you to know, in order that you can understand how it works. The water pump machine functions as a suction device and pushes water from the source.

The way it works is centered on the rotating impeller component. The impeller will suck in water at a certain depth and push it out to be forwarded to the water faucet. The process of forming the water pumping cycle is produced from the parts of the water pumping machine. Then, what are the components of the water pump engine? Come on, let’s check them out below.

Water Pump Parts and Their Functions

In general, the water pump component consists of a propulsion engine and a pump tube component. Both components have parts that have their respective functions. The following are the parts of the water pump.

1. Water Pump House

The water pump house is where the water pumping cycle occurs. This component is in the form of a narrow chamber which is equipped with a suction line and a water outlet. So, the water that will come out through the hose will pass through the water pump house first.

2. Impellers

The impeller is a water pump component in the form of a round disc with fan blades. This component then produces suction and thrust for the water pump. The water pumping cycle will occur when this component is working properly.

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3. Mechanical Seals

This component has a spring and is responsible for applying pressure. In water pump machines, this mechanical seal functions as a cover for the impeller shaft line with the water pump housing. So, when the impeller shaft rotates, water cannot flow out.

4. Check Valve In

Check valve in is part of the water pump which functions to close the suction channel. Water will not come out with this check valve in component, especially when the water pump engine is not running.

The check valve in position is in the compression chamber and the end of the pipe. The purpose of the valve in component is placed in that area so that the water pump room is always filled with water and to prevent air from entering the room.

In addition, this component will control the pressure of the water pump to avoid the risk of damage to the engine.

5. Inlets and Outlets

There is also a water pump section in the pump housing component called the inlet and outlet. The inlet component is the part where water enters the pump house. While the outlet functions to remove water that has been sucked by the impeller to the water reservoir.

Honda Water Pump Recommendations

After knowing the various components and parts of the Honda water pump, now you can determine which Honda water pump you want to use. There are various types of Honda water pumps that you can use. Here are some recommendations. 

1. WB20XN NF Water Pump

Water Pump WB20XN NF and WB30XN NF

To get a water pump with a better design and high performance, you can use the WB20XN NF Water Pump. You can use this water pump for a variety of applications, such as drainage for various construction sites and irrigation of rice fields.

2. WL20XN NF Water Pump

WL20XN NF Water Pump

The 4-stroke GP160 engine applied The WL20XN series water pump is an engine for light load applications and easy to start. In addition, this water pump is also easy to use, fuel efficient, and low emissions. If you buy it at Honda, you will get a 1-year warranty and it is SNI certified.

3. Trash Pump WT20XK4

Trash Pump Honda Power Products

The Honda Trash Pump WT20XK4 is ideal for special jobs and high-volume applications for sandy or dirty water capacities. Powered by a commercial class Honda GX series engine, this trash pump type water pump is easy to use and has reliable power for the toughest conditions.

The out-port section is also easy to clean, making it more effective and efficient in use. The duration of continuous use of this water pump is 2.5 hours. Ideal for one-time use under the toughest conditions.

Get a trash pump from Honda with a 1-year warranty. If you experience problems when used, you can take it to the nearest Honda dealer for inspection and repair.

The water pump parts described above are their components and functions in general. Even so, you can already get an idea of ​​how the water pump works by knowing its various components.

Now, it's time for you to look for recommendations for water pumps that suit your needs, especially for irrigation in rice fields or plantations. Some recommendations for water pumps from Honda have also been described above along with their specifications and advantages.

Honda provides a wide range of water pumps with exclusive technology and sturdy impeller components made of steel. Also equipped with a 4-stroke engine, so that the water pumping process can occur optimally.

Get a water pump from Honda right now only at Honda Power Products. You can also contact us to get further information regarding the specifications of the water pump along with the price.

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