3 Causes Low Water pressure on Water Pump and Their Solutions

27 December 2023

causes of Low Water pressure on Water Pump

The water pump is an essential tools of agriculture and plantations. It's very important for you to know the cause of low water pressure on Water Pump. You also need to fix it immediately by carry out it to the nearest Honda dealer.

Substantially, because of that all agricultural or plantation operation is hampered and takes longer to complete than usual. For this reason, it is important for you to know the reasons why the water pump have a Low Water pressure.

The function of the water pump itself is to suck up water from the well or transfer water from irrigation. Thanks to this one, you don't have to bother drawing or fetching water from a long distance well. All you have to do is turn on the pump, then the water will flow quickly.

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considering its function is very important, problems with the water pump must be overcome immediately. In order for the repair process to be carried out in the right way, you need to know the various causes of Low Water pressure on Water Pump which will be described below.

The Cause of Low Water pressure on Water Pump

Before trying to fix it, you need to know what are the things that cause a Low Water pressure on Water Pump. There are at least 4 causes that make the water pump out put not optimal. The following is an explanation of each.

1. Impeller or Case Volute Worn Out

The water pump has an important part like an impeller or it is called a case volute. This part is built like a round disc that has fan blades whose function is for sucking a water. The Blade Rotation will determine how strong the engine will suck the water and flow it into the fields or gardens.

If the Water pressure is Low, probably that the impeller or case volute has a problem. Usually this part will wear out, so it needs to be replaced immediately. A worn out impeller will make the pump's suction head low.

2. Errors Installation or Hose Leaks

Another reason why water pump has low pressure is an error while install a suction hose. It could also be due to a leak or improper hose connection. Usually this will cause the water to flow, even though the water pump is running.

Also It could be a clogged hose. Usually The blockage Is from cloth or paper that is carried away when draining water. Accumulated sludge can also be another cause of it.

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3. Clogged Wellbore

clogged wellbore may occur due to natural factors, such as landslides. This usually occurs in flooding area. The most appropriate solution to overcome this problem is to drill into the wellbore so that the soil covering wellbore can be lifted.

Solution for Low Pressure Water Pump

If you have already understands the cause of low pressure of water pump, then you can find a solution to fix it. Basically, improvements can be made according to problem.

If the problem is caused by a worn out impeller or volute case, the solution is to replace the part with a new one. Take your water pump to the nearest Honda dealer to process the replacement of the impeller part.

For solutions to installation errors on the suction hose, you need to re-check the connection between the hoses so that they are installed correctly. If the problem is caused by a leak in the hose, you should replace the hose so that the water can flow quickly.

Also clean the hose from blockages that block the flow of water. It's even better if you clean all the hoses to prevent this from happening again later . Always try to keep your hose clean. Clean the hose regularly, especially after used for the irrigation process of the fields.

Continuous use of the water pump will also cause the various parts of the water pump be come worn out. For this reason, it is also important to check the water pump parts regularly, especially after operation.

Moreover, the cause of low water of water pump is also caused by parts in the water pump that are starting to wear out. This is normal, so you need to check the parts regularly. Even better if you do regular servicing to maintain optimal water pump performance.

In addition to knowing the various causes of problems with the water pump parts it is also important to use the water pump as needed. Honda has various types of water pumps equipped with new technology pump house that capable of producing the maximum required water discharge.

One type of Honda water pump that you can use is the WB20XN NF. This water pump is one of the most impressive pumps among other Honda water pumps, because the volume of water produced has also been adjusted to customer needs.

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Equipped with a 4-stroke Honda GX160 engine, it ensures that this water pump is easy to use, fuel efficient with low emissions, and lasts longer. The rice field irrigation process is made easier by using a water pump from Honda.

Get a Honda water pump now only at Honda Power Products. Feel the experience of using a water pump that is easy to use and the irrigation process becomes even faster.

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