Ways to Save Electricity at Home

29 December 2023

How to Save Electricity at Home

The call to save electricity is always carried out by the government. This call was made not without reason or just for fun, because saving electricity can have a positive impact on various aspects of life. You must already know how to save electricity at home.

From as simple as turning off the lights to unplugging electronic devices that are not in use. But there are many more simple things, which you don't realize can have a big impact when you do them. Let's look at ways to save electricity below!

How to Save Electricity at Home?

Saving electricity is not only done to reduce monthly expenses; although it is true that the main goal that often drives electricity savings is cost. But you've also helped protect the environment.

The less electricity is used, the less global warming is produced. That means you take care of the plants as well as the earth that is home to all living things.

So how do you save electricity that can be done at home?

1. Disconnect Power When Not In Use

The sun is one of a source of light that you can use. When the light continues to shine the earth then this is the right time to turn off all the lights in the house.

That's why it is important to have big windows so that sunlight can get in and shine the whole house. You can also turn off all electronic devices that are no longer in use. 

Apart from lights, you can unplug smartphone chargers, rice cookers, ovens, and other tools that require electricity but are no longer needed temporarily. Do not leave it plugged in for a long time because the electricity will continue flows.

Apart from saving reasons, unplugging electronic devices is useful to prevent you from short circuits that can occur at any time.

2. Clean Electronic Devices Regularly

Electronic devices that are cleaned regularly will ensure that electricity usage remains normal as it should be, because dirty devices will make the system inside work harder so that electricity consumption is also greater.

So don't be surprised if one day you see an increase in the cost of your electricity bill, even though the electricity usage remains the same. Therefore, clean the electronic devices that you use regularly. For example, do an air conditioner service every few months to make sure the dirt and dust that sticks to it is clean.

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3. Use Energy Saving Electronic Devices

It cannot be denied that there are several electronic devices require large amounts of electrical power. The use of these electronic devices can increase your monthly electricity costs.

You can replace it with an electric device that already has an energy-saving system called an inverter. Electronic devices with inverter technology are proven to use less electricity, so you can save even more.

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4. Using Air Conditioner Wisely

Indonesia's hot weather makes people use air conditioners all day long. Things like this make electricity use is very big and could increase global temperatures very quickly. 

Doesn't mean that you shouldn't turn on the air conditioner at all since this is a personal policy. But you could be wiser in turning on the air conditioner. You could try using the air conditioner only at night when you take a rest.

In the morning until evening you can use the natural wind from outside that enters the house through the window.

5. Adjust Refrigerator Temperature As Needed

Apart from the air conditioner, you also need to adjust the refrigerator temperature as needed. When there is not too much food stored, you can set the temperature to the lowest so that no electricity is wasted. Then you can turn off the refrigerator when traveling out of town for a long time.

6. Utilize Windows for Better Air Circulation

Windows installed in homes are often not used optimally for air circulation needs, even though you can use them to let air in and provide the freshness you need throughout the day.

Letting air into the house will reduce hot temperatures and also make indoor air circulation better for health. So start using your windows to the fullest, to save energy so you don't turn on the air conditioner or lights.

7. Use Prepaid Electricity System

If using a postpaid electricity system; paid at the end of the month makes you wasteful, you can try a prepaid system. Prepaid electricity system refers to payment according to the amount you specify.

Using prepaid like this will make you more efficient when using electricity. So you can maintain and manage the consumption with discipline since it is limited to a certain amount.

8. Utilize Generator

Using a generator can also help you save electricity. Generators that use gasoline fuel use less electricity than usual, especially when holding an event.

You can use a generator to turn on some important electronic devices so that electricity consumption can be kept as low as possible. Don't forget to choose a good quality generator that is safe and can conduct electricity properly.

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So, how to save electricity at home, which has just been described, isn't hard to do, is it? Saving electricity has also been proven to be effective in having a positive impact on yourself and others, including the earth as a whole. 

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Its use certainly helps you save electricity and also safe when it is turned on. The electricity made from Honda generator is also very good; even equivalent to the electricity supplied by the state. Find the best and most reliable generator according to your needs only at Honda Power Products!

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