Knowing the Parts of a Lawn Mower Machine

30 December 2023

lawn mower machine parts

For Honda users who frequently use lawnmowers to tidy up grass in their home yard, soccer field, and golf course, it is also essential to know the parts of a lawn mower machine to use it correctly. For those of you who do not know the components of a lawn mower machine, you can read the explanation below. 

Parts of a Lawn Mower Machine 

A lawn mower machine consists of interconnected components when it turns on. These parts of the lawn mower machine have different functions, but they are related to each other, including the features of the push lawn mower machine. Let's take a look below to learn more about the parts of a push lawn mower machine.

1. Fuel Tank 

The fuel tank component functions as fuel storage that locates underneath.

2. Carburetor 

This component is responsible for supplying air and fuel to the combustion chamber.

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3. Air Filter 

As the name suggests, this component filters out dirty air entering the combustion chamber. This air filter is located at the front and attaches to the carburetor. This air filter usually produces a sponge that is easy to clean.

4. Recoil Starter 

The recoil starter is in the form of a rope that can pull to start the engine. This component plays an essential role in creating the grass cutter machine.

5. Clutch 

The clutch functions to disengage and engage the engine rotation to the application shaft.

6. Ignition System (Ignition Coil and Spark Plug) 

The ignition coil functions to produce high-voltage electricity, which is then sent to the spark plug to create a spark of flame.

7. Flywheel 

The flywheel works as a balancer for the engine and a place for the magnet to attach. In addition, the flywheel has a fan that functions as an engine cooler. Therefore, the flywheel plays a significant role when the grass cutter machine turns on.

8. Crankcase Engine 

Combustion usually occurs on the crankcase component. This component contains spark plug holes, valves, rocker arms, lifter arms, and camshafts.

9. Piston and Piston Ring 

This component serves as a compression generator in the engine. It locates inside the crankcase. The working system moves up and down, driven by other elements, namely the engine crankshaft.

10. Crankshaft and Connecting Rod 

The crankshaft is the main shaft. This component transfers the rotation caused by the up-and-down force of the piston and passes it on to the flywheel.

11. Oil Seal 

In a 4-stroke grass cutter machine, this oil seal is a barrier to prevent oil from leaking out of the engine compartment.

12. Clutch Housing 

The clutch housing component functions as a cover and connector between the engine and the application shaft of the grass cutter machine.

13. Flexible Shaft 

The function of the flexible shaft is to connect the engine rotation with the grass-cutting blade. This component makes it easy to move in any direction as needed.

14. Blade Housing 

The blade housing functions as a base for the blade to rotate. It locates at the end of the shaft.

15. Grass-cutting Blade 

The blade functions to cut the grass. There are two types of blades, namely steel plate and nylon thread. Both types of knives are equally good when used. However, the nylon thread type is usually used for cutting soft grass.

For Honda users who want to use a backpack grass cutter machine, Honda Power Products provides a backpack grass cutter machine that is proven to have a very smooth sound when operating. Its vibration is also low, and its noise level is medium. 

There are two types of Honda Power backpack grass cutter machines that you can adjust to your needs. Starting from the Brushcutter - UMR435N grass cutter machine, which can operate at a 360-degree angle, to the Brushcutter - UMK450T grass cutter machine, equipped with a high-efficiency Honda engine.

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Parts of the Push Lawn Mower Machine 

In addition to the backpack grass cutter machine, Honda Power Products also has a push lawn mower machine that offers exceptional and reliable performance. Its double-blade feature provides the best cutting results. The parts of the push lawn mower machine are explained below.

1. Fuel Valve 

This component opens and closes the fuel flow from the fuel tank to the carburetor. The fuel valve must be in the ON position when you are using the lawn mower machine. Conversely, the fuel valve must be in the OFF position when you are not using it.

2  Brake Lever 

This brake lever connects to the engine flywheel and functions as a safety device for operation. The lawn mower machine will only start if this lever is positioned forward. So, ensure to place this lever ahead when you are going to use the push lawn mower machine.

3. Cutting Height Adjustment Lever 

This lever adjusts the cutting blade's height according to the user's preference. The actual grass-cutting size will vary depending on the condition of the grass and soil.

4. Air Cleaner (Air Filter) 

The air cleaner filters dirty air to prevent it from obstructing the airflow to the carburetor, just as the components of the backpack grass cutter machine do. However, the air filter can reduce the machine's performance if it is dirty.

5. Grass Bag 

The grass bag functions as a container for the grass cuttings. Honda users must empty the grass bag before it reaches its capacity limit. The performance of the grass bag could be better when it fills up to 90%. 

These parts of the push lawn mower and backpack grass cutter machines must be well maintained to always work optimally. The Honda Power LAWNMOWER - HRJ196 backpack grass cutter machine supported by the Honda GXV160 engine and has a mechanical brake system for operator safety. 

Have you found the best type of grass cutter machine that you will use? Then, find the best and most reliable grass cutter machine according to your needs only at Honda Power Products!

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