6 Modern Agricultural Tools and Their Functions

18 December 2023

modern agricultural tools and their functions

Even though it takes a long time to follow developments like other countries, Indonesia is currently starting to implement a more advanced agricultural system. This is evidenced by various modern agricultural tools and their different functions for each stage, from planting to post-harvest.

Modern agriculture is a system that maximizes the use of technological advances in every agricultural process. This will speed up the work and is considered more effective in controlling pests and diseases in plants. Because of that, Honda Power will share information about modern agriculture with you through the following article.

What Is Modern Agriculture

As previously mentioned, modern agriculture is the use of technology or innovation in a more advanced agricultural sector to speed up work and all agricultural activities and effectively control all plant problems.

Modern agriculture also allows you to have a post-harvest processing process faster than when done manually. Today's modern agriculture continues to be encouraged by the government to advance the country's agricultural system and catch up with other countries.

This is because Indonesia has great potential to supply a variety of vegetables, fruit and other food staples. It's just that the agricultural system that still needs to be organized and traditional makes the process longer.

In the success of the program to advance the agricultural sector, the government provides various programs such as assistance to regional farmers in the form of modern agricultural equipment such as tractors, water pumps, rice harvesting machines and so on.

You may ask why the government has been intensively promoting modern agriculture recently. The answer is because the government plans to make Indonesia a world food barn in the next few years.

Starting from changing the farming system, it is hoped that farmers will be able to produce more various harvest materials. For farmers, this is also a source of profit because increasing production equals increasing income.

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5 Modern Agricultural Tools and Their Functions

Before starting to implement modern agriculture, it would be better to know modern agricultural tools and their functions first. Modern agricultural equipment itself is divided into 6 types. Here is the full review:

1. Cultivator

The first modern agricultural tool is the cultivator. This cultivator machine functions as a tool that cultivates agricultural land and pushes and pulls tillage tools. Cultivator is available with various capacity options and rubber tire wheel shapes.

Equipped with various rotor blades as needed, such as:

  • Rotors Standard

The Rotor Standard was the first tillage knife used. Cutting, chopping, and turning the soil is the first stage in the farming process. While tidying up the land, removing weeds, and improving the water system is the second stage.

  • Star Rotors

The next tillage knife is the Star Rotor which works to assist in the process of removing weeds which are done by stirring and destroying lumps of soil. In this tool, some teeth will slightly sink into the ground and then move with the help of the Cultivator.

  • Single Plow

Need a unique tool for plowing or turning the land? The short plow is the answer. In farming, plowing has an important role, especially in seedbed preparation.

  • Garu Comb

Comb harrows are usually used after the soil has been prepared with a short plow. This comb is needed because, generally, the soil conditions in paddy fields are wet or in the form of lumps that are lumpy due to wetness. Using comb harrows will help restore the soil to a loose condition, making it easier to plant.

  • Plate Garage

A plate rake is an agricultural tool that can be said to be sophisticated because, in addition to processing the soil to make it ready for planting, the plate rake can also function as a tool for clearing weeds in the rice fields and covering the seeds so that they can be planted ideally.

2. Planting Equipment

In the agricultural sector, planting is the primary process that places seeds or plants seeds onto the surface of the soil so they can grow and develop properly. So that the process can be faster, sophisticated equipment is needed to spread the seeds in a large area of rice fields. Therefore, several modern agricultural tools below were created:

  • Rice Planting Machine

If manual rice planting usually takes a full day for all the seeds to be planted perfectly, now you can speed up planting with a machine. A rice transplanter or rice planting machine is a tool capable of planting rice seeds with the same amount, depth, distance and conditions.

  • Other Seed Planting Machines

Not only rice planting machines, lately, there have been many other types of seed planting machines which will make it even easier for you. Some machines commonly used in modern farming systems include potatoes, corn, and many more.

3. Fertilizer and Pest Control Tools

To ensure that the plants can grow and develop properly, you must also ensure that the fertilizer is applied to each plant in the same amount. Not to forget, pest control, the biggest enemy of plants, also needs to be considered.

Because of that, you need sophisticated fertilizing and pest control tools in the form of fertilizer spreaders, sprayers and sprinklers, and plastic mulch layers.

4. Irrigation or Irrigation

Water is an equally important component of the agricultural system. Honda's friend needs it to irrigate the fields so the plants can live and grow. Lack of water supply to plants will result in crop failure because production does not run optimally.

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In ensuring that the rice fields receive good irrigation, the tools needed are sprinklers, drip irrigation, and quality irrigation water pumps from Honda Power.

5. Harvesting and Post-harvest Machines

The last stage of the farming process is harvesting and post-harvest activities. The existence of current technological advances allows the presence of various products that facilitate and speed up the work of harvesting farmers. Some of the tools available include:

  • Carrot harvester machine
  • Coffee peeler
  • Sugarcane harvesting machine
  • Potato harvesting machine
  • Paddy harvesting machine
  • and so forth.

Advantages of Using Modern Agricultural Equipment from Honda

To get a good quality harvest, of course, you also need modern farming tools made from quality materials. This means that the most appropriate step to ensure the quality of these crops is to use products from Honda Power.

There are several advantages that you can get if they choose modern agricultural tools from Honda Power. First, you can increase work capacity so that the intensity of planting and the area of paddy fields can be greater. Second, the quality of agriculture increases because the accuracy and process and quality of agricultural products are guaranteed.

Third, you will be more productive because your farming work is done quickly, safely and comfortably. Finally, participating in the use of modern agricultural tools means that you are playing a role in the growth of the agricultural sector from an industrial and technological standpoint.

Complementing Honda's Buddy farming system with these sophisticated products can be a profitable investment. Therefore, getting to know modern agricultural tools and their functions first is fine. If you have yet to try it, it's still possible to immediately take advantage of the various modern agricultural tools above.

Don't forget to always choose products that are guaranteed quality and are made with quality components, such as Honda Power. Not only water pumps and cultivators, Honda Power also provides quality lawn mowers that you can rely on for removing weeds or simply tidying up the grass.

What are you waiting for? Find the best and trusted modern agricultural tools only at Honda Power Products according to your needs.

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