Understanding Inverter Generators, Their Advantages, and Differences from Conventional Generators

08 June 2023

inverter generator

Inverter generators have become increasingly popular for meeting the demand of stable and high-quality power supply in various locations. Compared to conventional generators, inverter generators have several advantages that make them a more efficient and environmentally friendly solution.

In this article, Honda Power will further discuss inverter generators, their advantages, and various inverter generator recommendations from Honda Power that can be a choice for those in need of stable and high-quality power supply solutions. So make sure to read the information until the end.

What is an Inverter Generator?

An inverter generator is a device used to generate electricity using an internal combustion engine. Inverter generators utilize inverter technology to produce stable and high-quality electricity. The inverter technology used in inverter generators can convert AC electrical current into DC and then convert it back into AC. This inverter process allows inverter generators to generate electricity that is more stable and free from fluctuations.

Inverter generators have several important components, such as an internal combustion engine, a generator, and an inverter. The internal combustion engine in inverter generators usually runs on fuel such as gasoline or diesel to produce the power needed to drive the generator. The generator in the inverter generator converts the power from the internal combustion engine into electrical energy. Meanwhile, the inverter in the inverter generator converts the electrical energy generated by the generator into stable and high-quality electricity.

Due to their practical design, inverter generators are usually used in locations without electricity supply or in locations that require stable and high-quality power supply. Some examples of the use of inverter generators are in outdoor events such as camping or music festivals, in construction sites, or in rural areas with unstable power supply.

Advantages of Inverter Generators

There are many advantages that inverter generators have over conventional generators. That is why these generators are also a popular choice for meeting power supply needs at home, even during power outages. Here are some advantages of inverter generators:

1. More Efficient Fuel Consumption

One of the main advantages of inverter generators is their more efficient fuel consumption. This is because inverter generators already use an eco-throttle system, which allows them to save fuel consumption compared to other generator types. In addition, inverter generators can reduce exhaust emissions, making them more environmentally friendly.

2. Simple and Compact Design

Inverter generators generally have a compact size but are still powerful. The simple design factor makes inverter generators widely used as home generators, for business needs, and other activities.

3. Easy to Move

Due to their simple and compact design, inverter generators are portable and easy to move without requiring much effort. This makes inverter generators suitable for outdoor use and reliable as a backup power source during main power outages.

4. Quiet Operation

Inverter generators use inverter technology that can regulate the engine speed, resulting in lower noise levels. This quiet operation makes inverter generators suitable for areas that require silence or in noise-sensitive environments, such as hospitals or residential areas.

5. Lightweight

In addition to their simple design, the lighter weight of inverter generators compared to other generator models also makes them easy to move and transport to hard-to-reach locations.

6. Better Power Quality

In fact, the electricity generated by inverter generators has better quality due to the technology used. These generators can produce more stable and high-quality electrical flow. This good power quality makes inverter generators suitable for equipment that is sensitive to electrical fluctuations, such as computers or medical equipment.

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Main Differences Between Inverter Generators and Conventional Generators

It can already be seen through the advantages mentioned above that inverter generators have many differences compared to conventional types. However, to make it easier for you to understand, here are the main differences between inverter generators and conventional generators:


Inverter Generators

Conventional Generators

More fuel-efficient consumption

Require more fuel consumption

Use both fuel and batteries to operate

Only use fuel

Produce more stable electricity

Tend to produce less stable electricity

Have lower exhaust emissions

Produce more exhaust emissions

Have a higher price

Have a more affordable price

Provide power according to demand (eco-throttle system)

Provide uncertain and undetermined power output

Operate quietly

Operate with more noise

Honda's Inverter Generator Recommendations

If you are looking for an inverter generator to meet your power supply needs, it is best to choose the best one with quality components, such as Honda Power Products. There are at least two types of generators that you can consider. Here is a more detailed review:

1. EU10i Generator

The EU10i generator is a 1kVa inverter generator suitable for various power supply needs. This generator has a compact design with a handle on top, making it easier to carry anywhere. The weight of this generator is only about 13 kg, with dimensions of approximately 415 mm in length, 242 mm in width, and 379 mm in height. This means you can easily store and transport it.

The EU10i generator also operates quietly and has efficient fuel consumption. With a fuel tank capacity of around 2.1 liters, the EU10i generator can operate for 3.2 hours at full load and up to 7 hours at a quarter load.

2. EU22i Generator

The EU22i generator is a 2.2kVa inverter generator suitable for household or small business needs. This generator weighs around 21 kg, making it easier for you to move and store it. It uses an AC, 4-stroke, OHV, single-cylinder engine type, with a maximum power output of 2.2 kW at 4,500 rpm. It has compact dimensions, measuring approximately 509 mm in length, 290 mm in width, and 425 mm in height.

Both Honda inverter generators mentioned above have several advantages that make them suitable for different purposes. The EU10i generator is suitable for outdoor use such as camping or outdoor events, while the EU22i generator is suitable for household or small business needs.

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So, before choosing an inverter generator, it is advisable to understand the function of the generator to avoid making the wrong choice and to optimize its use. If you are interested in purchasing one of the Honda Power products mentioned, find the best and reliable generator according to your needs directly from Honda Power Product.

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