Parts of Hand Tractors You Need to Know

25 October 2023

Parts of hand tractor A hand tractor is essential for more effective and efficient soil cultivation if you own agricultural land. However, to operate this tool efficiently, you need to know the parts of a hand tractor. 

You can also use a hand tractor to weed vegetable fields and sugar plantations and maintain flowers. Honda provides two types of hand tractors that you can choose according to your needs.

Firstly, the Tiller-F300 hand tractor is suitable for plantation land. This hand tractor is equipped with a 4-stroke engine and runs on gasoline. It is also lightweight, weighing only 38 kg, making it easy to carry on mountainous plantation land. 

Secondly, you can use the Cultivator-FJ500 hand tractor for commercial purposes and farming. A 5.5 HP 4-stroke Honda engine powers this hand tractor. Its unique handlebar allows you to adjust several grip positions and clutch operations simultaneously.

Both hand tractors are equipped with the latest Honda technology, providing optimal results. However, before learning about the parts of Honda hand tractors below, let's first understand their advantages over four-wheel tractors.

Advantages of Hand Tractors Over Four-Wheel Tractors

Hand tractors and four-wheel tractors have their benefits. For example, they are easy to use and more efficient. That's why many farmers prefer hand tractors to four-wheel tractors. Here are some of their advantages:

1. Smaller and Lighter in Size

The smaller size of hand tractors makes them easier to operate than four-wheel tractors. As a result, you can use hand tractors more efficiently in limited and narrow areas. So, you can increase the productivity of farmers.

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2. Fuel Efficiency

Hand tractors have lower fuel consumption and maintenance costs. Moreover, hand tractors from Honda are equipped with high-tech engines, saving farmers operational costs in the long run.

3. Multifunctionality

You can use hand tractors for various farming activities, such as weeding, hoeing, and pulling other agricultural equipment. Hand tractors are also suitable for crops such as rice, corn, beans, and others. In addition, using hand tractors can make your work more accessible if you have different crops on your land.

4. Can be Used in Difficult-to-Reach Areas

Hand tractors can use to reach difficult-to-access areas such as forests, mountains, or dry land due to their smaller and lighter size. Therefore, it makes working on your agricultural land easier, even in hard-to-reach areas.

Parts of Hand Tractors

bagian traktor tangan

After knowing the advantages of a hand tractor compared to a four-wheel tractor, it is essential to know the parts of a hand tractor. Why is this important? Because it will make it easier for you to operate and maintain it. Here are the features of a hand tractor that you need to know:

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1. Fuel Valve 

The fuel valve opens and closes the connection between the fuel in the tank and the carburetor. The fuel valve must always be ON for the engine to keep running. After using the hand tractor, turn the fuel valve to the OFF position.

2. Choke Lever 

The choke lever is responsible for opening and closing the choke valve on the carburetor. When the choke lever is completed, you can start the engine when it is cold. Conversely, when the choke lever is open, you can start the engine again when it is already warm. 

When you begin the hand tractor for the first time, the choke lever must be in the closed position. Meanwhile, if the engine is already warm, it can move the choke lever to the open position.

3. Engine Switch 

The engine switch component is responsible for controlling the ignition system. If the switch is in the OFF position, the engine is stopped. Conversely, when the engine switch is in the ON position, the machine is in the operating place.

4. Starter Handle 

The starter handle functions to operate the recoil starter to crank the engine. Ensure this component is always in optimal condition, especially when using the hand tractor. If the starter handle has problems, the engine will be difficult to start.

5. Throttle Lever 

The engine speed will control using the throttle lever. Each throttle lever movement will make the engine speed faster or slower. The rate itself is managed by adjusting the throttle. The tiller component will rotate at the highest speed at the full throttle position. The engine speed will decrease when you move the throttle lever to the idle place.

6. Main Clutch Lever 

The clutch lever component is responsible for pressing and releasing the tiller's transmission. Therefore, the performance of the clutch lever will affect the throttle lever. If the clutch is inoperable, it cannot control the engine speed according to the needs.

7. Transmission Lever 

The transmission lever works to adjust the speed and torque of the hand tractor engine. Its primary function is to convert the engine rotation into the wheel rotation needed to perform agricultural work. This transmission lever has several positions: neutral, forward, reverse, and speed controller. 

When operating the hand tractor, you must adjust the transmission lever according to your needs. For example, when planting, the transmission lever must be in the neutral position, while when pulling agricultural equipment, the transmission lever must be in the forward position.

8. Hitch Bar/Resistance Bar 

This hitch bar component works to control the depth when tilling the soil. This component can make it easier for you to overcome challenging soil conditions. The height of the hitch bar depends on the type of soil till. Generally, the hitch bar must be adjusted to the tiller and slightly tilted towards the back.

9. Hitch Box 

The hitch box on the hand tractor functions as a place to connect the agricultural equipment. This component is part of the tractor system that pulls agricultural equipment such as plows, cultivators, or trailers. 

You can also use the hitch box component to change the direction of the tractor's movement so that it can perform various agricultural tasks. Proper use of the hitch box can make the tractor more efficient, especially in completing agricultural work and increasing farmers' productivity.

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Do you understand the function of the hand tractor parts, Honda friends? First, ensure all components are always in good condition, especially after use. Also, perform regular maintenance on your hand tractor by visiting the nearest Honda dealer. 

If you are looking for a hand tractor with the best quality and optimal results, you can use a hand tractor from Honda. Find the best and most reliable hand tractor according to your needs only at Honda Power Products!

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