12 Types of Sea Transportation in Indonesia, What Are They?

29 November 2023

alat transportasi laut

Sea transportation is an essential part of Indonesian society, as Indonesia is surrounded by islands stretching from Sabang to Merauke. Knowing the various types of sea transportation in Indonesia is vital so that you do not make any miscalculations when using them. 

Sea transportation is important not only for the public but also for the government. Regardless of size, all are important for social, national, and state life in Indonesia. At the end of the information, you can also find ways to improve the performance of their ships to facilitate daily activities. So, let's start the discussion now!

What is Sea Transportation?

Jenis-Jenis Alat Transportasi Laut

Sea transportation is a vehicle designed to move people or goods from one place to another through the sea. Types of sea transportation include ships, boats, speedboats, submarines, and cruise ships.

Sea transportation has various types because their purposes vary, such as commercial transportation, tourism, research, and military purposes. Sea transportation has its advantages over other types of transportation in transporting goods and passengers.

Sea transportation is also believed to be more efficient and environmentally friendly than land or air transportation. Speaking of costs, sea transportation is relatively cheaper than air transportation. The cargo capacity that can be carried is also much larger.

However, this does not mean that sea transportation has no drawbacks. The most visible weaknesses are slow transportation speed and dependence on weather and sea conditions. These factors can cause delays and discomfort for passengers or owners of goods.

Therefore, choosing suitable sea transportation is essential to ensure all plans run smoothly. Ensure you have calculated all costs and time spent to do it so that expectations for sea transportation are manageable.

Types of Sea Transportation

In Indonesia, many types of sea transportation are used for various purposes. Let's take a look at what is usually used in Indonesian society and government life.

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1. Cargo Ship

kapal niaga

A cargo ship is a vessel used to transport large quantities of goods over long distances. It is usually used to transport goods between islands or between countries. A cargo ship can be divided into several types: cargo vessels, barges, and container ships.

2. Tanker Ship

kapal tankerA tanker ship is designed to transport large quantities of liquid materials, such as oil, gas, and other chemicals. This ship has special tanks designed to hold the liquid being transported. Such vessels usually have strict security systems to prevent accidents or leaks.

3. Passenger Ship

kapal penumpangPassenger ships are usually used to transport passengers from one place to another. They can be divided into several types: ferries, cruise ships, and sailing ships. They are called passenger ships because they have all the facilities the people on board need, such as bedrooms, restaurants, and recreational areas. 

However, not all ships have sleeping areas or family recreation areas. If the passenger ship is large and intended for tourism, it will have all the necessary facilities. Conversely, if the ship is small, it usually only has seating and toilets.

4. Fishing Boat

kapal ikan

A fishing boat is a vessel used to catch fish and other seafood. Fishing boats are equipped with equipment such as nets, fishing lines, and other catching tools to help catch fish for survival. Fishing boats can be large vessels used for commercial fishing or small boats used by fishermen to catch fish for personal consumption.

5. Warship

kapal perang

A warship refers to a vessel used by the military for various purposes, such as maritime patrol, assault missions, and rescue operations. Warships are usually equipped with cannons, torpedoes, and missiles. All of these weapons are needed to prepare for the worst-case scenarios that may arise.

6. Submarine

kapal selamQuite different from other ships operated on the water's surface, submarines are specially designed to work underwater. Subs are usually used for military and research purposes. However, many people can use them for tourism purposes, either for domestic or foreign tourists.

7. Boat

perahuA boat is a type of sea transportation smaller than a ship. Boats are typically used for fishing, exploring the coastline, or for local transport in coastal areas. Boats are usually operated with oars or an outboard motor.

8. Speedboat

speedboatA speedboat is a type of boat designed for high-speed travel. Speedboats are usually used for short inter-island trips. They are equipped with a powerful engine and can move quickly over the water's surface. 

The machine used in a speedboat is commonly called an outboard motor. Its speed depends on the quality and capacity of the outboard motor used. For example, some Honda Power Product outboard engines can achieve very high speeds.

9. Sailing Ship

kapal penyeberanganA sailing ship is a type of ship used to connect nearby islands. These ships are commonly used for passenger and cargo transportation, such as transporting agricultural or fishery products from island to island. In Indonesia, sailing ships are commonly used to connect islands in the Riau Islands or Sulawesi regions.

10. Ferryboat

kapal ferryA ferryboat is a type of passenger ship used to transport people and vehicles across bodies of water. Generally, ferries are equipped with facilities such as passenger seats, bathrooms, cafeterias, and others.

11. Cruise Ship

kapal persiarA cruise ship is a type of passenger ship designed specifically for recreation and tourism purposes. These ships are equipped with luxurious facilities such as restaurants, swimming pools, cinemas, casinos, and others.

12. Research Ship

kapal penelitianA research ship is a type of sea transportation used for conducting various research in the open sea. These ships are equipped with special equipment such as sonar, sensors, and other research equipment. 

There are special rooms in these ships to accommodate researchers and their equipment. Research ships are crucial in gathering data and information about the sea and its inhabitants, thus advancing scientific knowledge.

Now you know what sea transportation tools are available in Indonesia. In the future, you can use the right type of ship for your purpose and needs. When it comes to sea transportation, ships are undoubtedly one of the most important tools. 

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