Types of Wild Grass and Their Benefits

29 December 2023

types of wild grass

Various types of wild grass are often considered weeds as they interfere with the growth of plants. This is due to their fast growth rate. However, some types of wild grass provide benefits, such as traditional medicine for various illnesses and nutritious food for humans and livestock. 

But if this wild grass becomes uncontrolled and hinders the growth of plants, Sobat Honda can trim it using Honda's lawnmower. Honda offers two types of lawnmowers, push mowers and walk-behind mowers. Sobat Honda can choose one according to Sobat Honda needs. 

Therefore, it is essential for Sobat Honda to know the different types of wild grass that grow, both in Sobat Honda home yard and in agricultural lands, so that Sobat Honda can choose the right lawn mower. So let's get to know these wild grasses below. 

Types of Wild Grass with Various Benefits

Wild grass can also be called plants that grow in parks, gardens, or around unwanted areas of Sobat Honda home. Therefore, wild grass is often thrown away and trimmed because it can harm other plants and interfere with the beauty of parks and home areas.

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However, wild grass has various benefits. But if it grows uncontrollably, it is best to trim it using Honda's lawnmower. We will discuss the benefits of different types of wild grass further here. 

1. Putri Malu

One type of wild grass with the Latin name Mimosa pudica has various benefits for human health. The putri malu is believed to be beneficial for treating coughs, colds, and insomnia. Sobat Honda can boil it and drink the decoction. 

The putri malu has thorns on its stems, so removing or trimming it using a lawnmower is best if it grows uncontrollably in Sobat Honda park, garden, or home. If Sobat Honda clean it only by hand, Sobat Honda risk getting pricked by the thorns.

Instead, it is best to use Honda's lawn mower, which offers impressive performance with its exclusive double-blade feature. The double blades provide the best cutting results, and the putri malu that grows can become more minor cuts and won't interfere with the growth of other plants.

2. Anting-anting

This type of wild grass is often found in moist areas and can grow in Sobat Honda home yard. Sobat Honda can use anting-anting as a traditional medicine to stop bleeding from wounds, treat itching, and even cure headaches. 

If anting-anting grows uncontrollably in Sobat Honda home yard, use Honda's lawnmower to trim it. The robust performance and exclusive double-blade feature of Honda's lawnmower will ensure that the anting-anting is trimmed neatly and won't interfere with the growth of other plants.

3 . Bayam Duri 

The wild grass species bayam duri typically grows in fields and can disrupt crop growing space if left unchecked. However, bayam duri has some health benefits, such as treating boils, hemorrhoids, eczema, burns, and even increasing milk production. 

When cutting bayam duri, use a lawnmower to avoid the sharp spines of the wild grass. Sobat Honda can use the Honda portable lawnmower with two sharp cutter blades for maximum cutting results.

4. Ilalang 

Ilalang, also known as alang-alang, is often considered a weed, especially in agricultural fields. Despite this, ilalang offers some health benefits and properties. 

The part of the plant used as medicine is the white, pithy root. It is typically used to treat heatstroke, mouth sores, and fevers. If ilalang grows uncontrolled in agricultural fields, it should be trimmed. Honda's portable lawnmower can handle the job, as ilalang grows quite tall and agricultural fields tend to be uneven. 

Sobat Honda can use the Honda Brushcutter -UMR435N is equipped with 360-degree full-operation capability, two cutter blades, and a frame pipe that makes the lawnmower more flexible, reducing vibrations and offering high durability and maximum torque to trimming the ilalang. 

5. Rumput Mutiara 

Wild grass species, such as rumput mutiara, often grow in concrete cracks or cement layers. This grass may be growing in Sobat Honda front yard. Rumput mutiara has many health benefits, especially in treating internal illnesses, such as stopping cancer cell division. It can also treat external diseases, such as infected wounds. 

However, if left unchecked, it can ruin the beauty of Sobat Honda front yard. Rumput mutiara creeps and grows relatively short, so Sobat Honda need a push lawnmower to clean it up. Use Honda's push lawnmower with a storage bag to collect the cut grass. This way, Sobat Honda will save time and effort by not having to gather the cut rumput mutiara.

6. Rumput Teki 

Rumput teki is a difficult-to-control weed that often grows on cultivated land. However, Sobat Honda can use it to treat skin problems, heal skin diseases, treat kidney stones, and reduce fever. 

Weeds can interfere with the growth of crops, so it is best to get rid of them. Use the Honda Brushcutter - UMK450T, equipped with Honda's high-efficiency technology, a 4-stroke mini engine, and low vibrations for a perfect result.

7. Sawi Langit 

The wild grass species sawi langit has various names, such as buyung-buyung, leuleuncaan, sampu angin, ruku-ruku gajah, and nyawon. The benefits of sawi langit include treating respiratory problems, increasing milk production, and reducing fever. 

It is commonly found in rice fields and around the house. However, if left unchecked, sawi langit can quickly take over an area. Use Honda's portable lawnmower to control its growth and tidy Sobat Honda surroundings.

Like other types of wild grass, sawi langit can interfere with the growth of other plants. Therefore, if it grows on farmland, it is advisable to prune it using a hand-held lawn ower with a 360-degree incline and two cutter blades. 

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Meanwhile, if it grows in Sobat Honda backyard, Sobat Honda can use a hand-held lawn mower to clean it up. Why? Because the surface of the ground in Sobat Honda backyard is generally flat. Cutting wild grass by using a lawnmower from Honda Power achieves maximum results. Find the best and most reliable lawnmowers to meet Sobat Honda needs only at Honda Power Product.

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