Understand the Damage That Often Occurs in Generators

30 December 2023

Kerusakan yang Sering Terjadi pada Genset

Recently, many people have started to equip their home appliances with generators as a provider of backup electrical energy. For Sobat Honda, who don't know it yet, a generator is a tool that generates electrical energy through a source of mechanical energy. Even though they can be relied upon in the event of an electricity black out, there are several problems that often occur in generators.

Like a machine in general, generators can also be damaged, especially if they have been used for a long time. This can be influenced by how to maintain the generator engine during use. So that you don't get it wrong, it's best for Sobat Honda to get to know the various damages that often occur to generators through this article.

Common Damage to Generators and Their Solutions

The condition of the generator that is not good and problems arise when it is needed will certainly disrupt the activities of Honda Friends. There may be thoughts of changing to another generator product because the engine is no longer working optimally.

However, buying a new generator is also not cheap. Therefore, identify the types of damage that often occur in generators so you can determine the right solution. Here's the full review:

1. The Machine Does Not Start

The first damage that often occurs in the generator is the engine doesn't start. This can be caused by several causes and have their respective solutions as below:

  • Fuel Check

Genset can function normally if the fuel can flow perfectly. However, if the fuel runs out or instead uses fuel that is not of good quality, the engine will not start.

Do refuel first if there is no fuel left in it. Or empty the tank of low-quality fuel and the carburetor, then fill it with new, high-quality gasoline.

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  • Check Oil Level

Furthermore, the problem that makes the engine not start is the oil volume that does not fill up enough and made oil warning appears, therefore the engine will immediately off. So, make sure that Sobat Honda checks the oil volume regularly and fill in the oil. If it is fulfilled, turn the switch to the off position and try turning on the generator.

  • Removing and Checking Spark Plugs

Spark Plug conditions that are dirty, damaged, gaps that do not fit, and wet due to fuel can make the engine refuse to start. The solution is clean the spark plug, fix the gap, and dry it if it's wet. If necessary, you can replace the spark plug with a new one.

  • Other Machine Problems

Other causes that trigger the engine not starting are clogged fuel filters, malfunctioning carburetors, malfunctioning contacts, and many more. The solution is, immediately take the generator to the nearest authorized maintenance dealer for checking, maintenance or component replacement if necessary, including checking the valve/valve gap.

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2. Less Powerful Engine

The second problem that is often occur in your generators is an engine that is less powerful. No need to be panic, immediately check the causes and how to overcome them in this explanation:

  • Check Spark Plug & Valve Clearance or Valve Gap

If you feel that the generator engine has less power and cannot function optimally, immediately check the spark plug and valve clearance or valve clearance. The condition of the two parts that are dirty, damaged, wet with fuel, and the position of the gaps that are not correct can affect the generator's performance.

If indeed there is a problem with the spark plug and the valve gap in the form of damage or an inappropriate position, then you can immediately repair the gap or replace the spark plug with a new one. However, if the problem is in the form of wet spark plugs due to fuel, you just need to remove the spark plug and dry it, after that it can be reinstalled.

3. There is no power at the AC current socket

Some generator owners often complain that the generator does not get power from the AC outlet. This can be caused by 2 things with different solutions for each:

  • Check Circuit Breaker

When the generator problem occurs, immediately check the breaker control on the machine. Usually, the power at the socket cannot flow because the circuit breaker is still in the off position. To fix this, it's easy, you can turn the circuit breaker lever to the on position.

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Through the information on damage that often occurs to generators and the solutions above, can you solve your generator engine problem now? The thing that needs to be considered so that the generator is not easily damaged is regular maintenance and servicing.

Inside the generator there are many components that are sensitive to damage and problems. Therefore, engine maintenance is important, and generators must also be used properly. As an example, warming up the generator regularly both when it will be used or not. At least, Sobat Honda needs to warm up the generator once a week.

If you have carried out various solutions but problems and damage still arise with your Honda generator, the most appropriate solution is to visit an authorized Honda Power Product dealer directly by bringing the generator at once.

Honda Power Products provides maintenance and spare parts services with expert and experienced technicians who are ready to help deal with any damage that occurs to the generator. What are you waiting for? Find the best and most trusted generator according to your needs only at Honda Power Products.

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