6 Ways to Find Out the Source of an Electric Short Circuit

29 December 2023

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Occurrences of electrical short circuits in homes, factories and buildings are no longer new. You must have heard the story very often through media reports.

At least every year there must be news of a short circuit which results in various detrimental impacts on the community. So that this doesn't happen, you have to understand how to find out the source of an electric short circuit.

Short circuit events that can scorch anything are often not realized by the public. Most of them also do not have complete insight about short circuits that can occur at any time if they are not aware.

That's why on this occasion you will be invited to thoroughly understand how to find out the source of a short circuit that often occurs. After reading the information below, it is hoped that you will be better prepared to face various possibilities that may occur in the future. Ready? Let's start the discussion!

How to Find Out the Source of an Electric Short Circuit

Short circuits that can occur at any time need to be watched carefully. But of course it's not easy to "sniff" which parts have leaks, damage, or looseness.

Even now, short circuit detection devices have not been sold freely on the market, so people are still having trouble finding the source. But you can stay alert and do the following methods.

1. Watching for Appearance Signs

The easiest way to find the source of an electric short circuit is to look at the signs that it is happening. Some examples of signs are:

  • Electric wires melted;
  • Electronic devices do not function perfectly;
  • The electricity in the house turns on and off continuously;
  • The hot temperature that you feel when you connect several electronic devices at the same time;
  • Often the power goes down at home due to short circuits detected by the MCB;
  • Seen the sparks that are constantly happening;

2. Duration of Use is Very Long

If there are no signs of a short circuit as mentioned above, you can find out from the duration of use. Electrical equipment has an lifetime limit that must be known.

The longer it is used, the function to distribute electricity can also decrease. For that you have to be alert to see which electrical components have been used for a very long time but have not been replaced.

It is very possible that these components have shorted several times but have never been detected directly.

Even if the electrical components that have been used for a long time are not damaged, you can still replace them just in case. At least you've done your best to prevent short circuits from happening.

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3. Electrical Area Close to Water and Fire Sources

Furthermore, you can also detect a short circuit from an electrical device that is near a water or fire source. Exposure to hot temperatures that affect electrical components for a long time can cause short circuits and sparks.

Likewise with a damp environment or even splashed with water. Situations like this can certainly have big potential to be short circuit. So when you start to feel that something is abnormal in the flow of electric current at home, try to find electrical components that are near the two sources.

You can immediately avoid sources of water and fire when you find an exposed electrical device. Create shields or keep them away from electrical components for your safety.

4. There Is a Build Up of Power Plugs

The buildup of electrical plugs is one of the reasons why short circuit cases can easily occur. The few sockets available at home are also the main reason for using electrical terminals.

Besides that, the need for plugs for various electronic devices that cannot be reached by sockets also motivates people to use several electrical terminals at once. Actions like this are sure to meet your daily needs but also put your safety at risk.

Stacked electrical plugs can increase the temperature to be higher and cause the electric current to be trapped. In the end it was clear that a short circuit was imminent.

If it is very severe, then it is possible that sparks will appear and burn the items around it. Therefore you can immediately unplug all electrical terminals to stop the source of the short circuit that occurs.

5. Explosion Sound

Short circuits or short circuits that occur at home can also be detected by sound. Sparks that occur will usually create a small explosion sound.

When you are not using any electronic devices but hear small explosions that keep happening, this can be a sign of a short circuit. Follow the source of the sound to find out which part is the problem.

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6. Use a Multimeter

Finally, you can use a multimeter as a voltage meter. The electric current that flows into the house should have a stable and even voltage. Nothing is too small or too big where it belongs.

It is clear, however, that the human ear and eye cannot penetrate wires to tell whether all the voltages are even or not. That's why a multimeter can be used to find out which parts have abnormal voltages. How to use it you can follow the following:

  • Prepare the digital multimeter that you have then turn the locked position to the "~V" section.
  • Plug the black (negative) measuring lead into “COM” and the red (positive) lead into “VΩ”.
  • Bring the end of the measuring cable to the 2 holes of the wall socket. Black wire to the left and red wire to the right. Then it will appear how much voltage is flowing on the multimeter screen.

You can try to measure the voltage of each socket in the house to find which one is not normal. A very different amount of mains voltage will indicate that the outlet has a problem or a short.

Practicing how to find out the source of the electric short circuit above will keep you from big problems. It's not easy to find the source of a short circuit that occurs when the physical signs are not visible.

However, it would be better if you directly contact the relevant party or official agency to do a check like this. Experts will certainly be able to help you find a more appropriate solution.

you can also minimize this by looking for a generator for electricity backup. A generator that is independent ensures a stable supply of electricity to minimize the potential for short circuits.

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