8 Ways to Fix Difficult Starting for Brushcutter Machine

25 October 2023

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Having a brushcutter machine to control weeds is highly effective. Sobat Honda doesn't have to exert much effort pulling out weeds one by one. The process is faster using a brushcutter machine compared to manual methods. But Sobat Honda might wonder how to repair a hard-to-start brushcutter machine.

Usually, when faced with this situation, many people try to fix it themselves. If it doesn't work, they might give up and discard it without further effort. However, there are likely many methods that haven't been attempted yet to repair it.

Sobat Honda must choose a high-quality brushcutter machine from the beginning to avoid this problem. Avoid purchasing one solely based on its low price compared to others. Sobat Honda must prioritize quality and then consider your budget.

If Sobat Honda is looking for a brushcutter machine with the best engine specifications and technology, Honda Power Products is the right place. Honda Power Products only uses the best engines to ensure the efficient completion of tasks.

Visit Honda Power Products to find a good quality brushcutter machine. While searching for the best brushcutter machine, learn the correct methods to repair a brushcutter machine below.

Causes of Difficult Starting for Brushcutter Machine

Before learning how to fix it, Sobat Honda need to know the possible causes of difficult starting for the brushcutter machine. In reality, the issue of difficulty in starting the machine can be caused by various factors, ranging from serious technical problems to simple unintentional errors. Some of the mentioned causes are as follows:

  • The fuel valve is still in the OFF position.

  • The throttle lever is in the wrong place.

  • The quality of the fuel used is not suitable for the machine's requirements.

  • Issues with the spark plug, such as dirt, exposure to water, or improper installation.

  • The fuel filter is clogged due to lack of regular cleaning.

  • The carburetor is problematic due to fuel tank leaks.

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How to Fix Difficult Starting for Brushcutter Machine

If the problem with your brushcutter machine matches the explanations above, there are still solutions Sobat Honda can try. Also, check the following components to ensure the machine can be used normally.

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1. Check the Fuel 

One common cause of difficulty in starting a brushcutter machine is fuel-related issues. As a first step, Sobat Honda need to check if the engine has sufficient fuel.

Make sure the fuel tank is not empty so that the machine can start again. If the machine has not been used for a long time but there is remaining fuel, it is recommended to replace it with fresh fuel, Sobat Honda.

Leaving fuel deposited in the machine for too long can cause a decrease in its quality. Therefore, it's unsurprising if Sobat Honda machine fails to start due to the decreased quality of the fuel in the tank.

In such cases, Sobat Honda can simply replace the fuel with a new one and tightly close the fuel tank. Then, try starting the machine again to see if the problem was with the previously used fuel. 

2. Check the Ignition System 

A malfunctioning ignition system can also cause difficulty starting for the brushcutter machine. Therefore, inspect the spark plug for any build-up of deposits or dirt that may hinder the flow of electricity.

Sobat Honda can clean the spark plug with a fine wire brush or replace it if it is too worn out. Additionally, check the ignition cables and ensure they are properly connected.

If there are any damaged or severed cables, Sobat Honda should replace it immediately. Neglecting to replace damaged cables can cause problems in other components, eventually leading to the permanent inability to start the brushcutter machine. 

3. Check the Air Filter 

A dirty or clogged air filter can restrict the airflow needed by the brushcutter machine. First, examine the condition of the filter to see if there is any accumulated dirt.

If the filter appears dirty, clean it or replace it with a new one. When reinstalling, make sure the air filter is in the correct position so that the brushcutter machine can function properly again. 

4. Check the Ignition System 

Next, check the spark plug cables and ensure they are not loose or damaged. Also, check if the magneto or CDI is functioning properly. If Sobat Honda suspects any issues with the ignition system, it is advisable to take the brushcutter machine to an experienced technician for professional repair.

5. Regular Maintenance 

Sobat Honda decision to purchase a brushcutter machine comes with the obligation to maintain it. If the brushcutter machine is rarely maintained, it is no wonder that Sobat Honda will encounter difficulties when trying to start it.

That's why regular maintenance such as regularly changing the engine oil, cleaning the machine from dirt, and checking the condition of the cutting blades are necessary. If needed, Sobat Honda can refer to the maintenance schedule recommended by the machine manufacturer. Sobat Honda will definitely notice improved performance after performing regular maintenance. 

6. Check the Exhaust System 

It's not just the filter or spark plug; a clogged exhaust system can also affect the performance of the brushcutter machine. Check the exhaust pipe to see if there is any accumulation of grass or dirt obstructing the airflow.

Clean the exhaust pipe if it is significantly dirty to ensure unobstructed airflow. After cleaning everything, Sobat Honda can start the machine and use it to cut the wild grass. 

7. Check the Cooling System 

An overheating brushcutter machine can also have problems when starting. In such cases, Sobat Honda can thoroughly inspect the cooling system to ensure there are no leaks in the pipes or radiator.

Also, check if the coolant level is sufficient. If it is low, Sobat Honda can add the appropriate coolant. However, if the problem persists, Sobat Honda is advisable to contact an experienced technician to inspect and repair the cooling system. 

8. Seek Professional Assistance 

If Sobat Honda has tried all the above steps, but your brushcutter machine still has difficulty starting. In that case, it is worth seeking assistance from a professional technician. They have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and repair more complex issues.

Feel free to contact a reliable brushcutter machine repair service so that the machine can be revived and used for work.

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Generally, all the problems Sobat Honda encounter with a brushcutter machine have solutions. As explained above, Sobat Honda can try the suggested methods to fix the difficulties in starting the brushcutter machine. Hopefully, all this information will help Sobat Honda repair the machine in an emergency situation.

Instead of getting stuck with this problem, Sobat Honda can invest in a reliable and high-quality brushcutter machine. For example, the Honda Power Products Brushcutter - UMR435N and Brushcutter - UMK450T, that equipped with advanced technology.

Don't be fooled by affordable machines; start investing Sobat Honda money in the best machines from Honda Power Products. Order the brushcutter machine that Sobat Honda need only from Honda Power Products now!

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