4 Ways to Fix a Powerless Water Pump

27 December 2023

Ways to Fix a Powerless Water PumpHas your water pump suddenly run low? If so, then you need to know how to fix a powerless water pump as the first step to handling it.

A water pump is a tool that can pump water and is widely used by people for various purposes, especially for farmers who need large amounts of water to irrigate their fields.

Even in some rural areas, water pumps are still a tool for providing water supply that is used daily. This is due to the use of wells, rivers and springs which are still the main source of water, so water pump is needed to flow it more smoothly to the reservoir.

However, sometimes water pump users experience problems that impede the flow of water. Because of that, it's important for Sobat Honda to know how to fix a powerless water pump independently so that the water can still flow. No need to be confused, here Honda Power Products share complete information.

How to Fix a powerless Water Pump

Problems with water pumps are generally caused by components which is worn out, the engine is not powerful, the suction power is not suitable and many more. This happens because of the wrong way of use and other factors.

Therefore, it is necessary to do several ways so that the problem can be solved, and the water flow can return to normal. The ways to fix a powerless water pump that you can apply include:

1. Check the thrust and length of the irrigation hose

Not only suction power, thrust also needs to be considered because it is one of the factors why your water pump is weak. This is because the distance between the irrigation hose and the water pump that is too far will affect its thrust.

So, if this problem occurs with your water pump, immediately call a technician or repairman to help adjust the distance between the water source and the pump. Water pump products generally include the specifications for the suction power and thrust of the engines presented. This information can be the basis for Sobat Honda before buying a water pump.

2. Replace Impeller Cover

Inside the water pump machine, there is an impeller which is a pump fan made of iron that works to transfer energy by accelerating the release of water.

Because its function is quite important and does a lot of work when the engine is running, the impeller cap wears out more easily. If this happens, immediately replace the impeller cover with a thick one so that the water can flow properly through the water pump machine.

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3. Cleaning the Watering Hose

In some conditions, a powerless water pump occurs due to the large amount of dirt that sticks to the irrigation hose. As is well known, irrigation water is usually taken from rivers and it is possible that mud, grass or other impurities are sucked in during pumping.

Therefore, the way to overcome this problem is to clean or wash on the sidelines of the irrigation hoses using clean water. Sobat Honda should do the cleaning on the hose regularly to avoid the condition of the weak water pump from happening again.

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4. Replacing the Hose

If necessary, check all parts of the hose and make sure there are no leaks. The condition of a leaking water hose will certainly affect the speed and volume of water flowing from the water source to the rice fields or construction areas. This is because the hole will allow water to drain out of the hose through the hole before it reaches the other end of the hose.

In order for your irrigation water pump to work optimally again, you should immediately replace the irrigation hose with a new one or if possible, you can take it to a qualified technician for repair. After being replaced or repaired, make sure you check the water pressure going into the hose.

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Use a Quality Honda Water Pump

The proverb said that prevention is better than cure seems to be applied to all matters, including in matters of choosing home components. When you choose a water pump carelessly without paying attention to the quality and materials as well as the arrangement of the components used, it's no wonder that your water pump will break more quickly.

If that's the case, Sobat Honda needs a bigger budget to overcome the problems that occur with the water pump. Therefore, from the start, choose a Honda Power Product water pump which has high quality and uses superior building materials, both in terms of the engine and the material it is made of.

One of Honda Power's superior water pump products is the WB20XN NF Water Pump. which is designed to meet customer water needs wherever they are used. The engine used is a 4 stroke Honda GX160 so that it can be ensured that the water pump is easy to turn on and fuel efficient.

So, those are several ways to fix a powerless water pump. In the event of damage, it is highly recommended to just bring your water pump product to a qualified technician to carry out inspection and maintenance according to the water pump problem.

If you want to find more Honda Power water pump products, please visit Honda Power Product. Start changing your water pump now with Honda with a higher quality one so that the water flow is smoother and more abundant.

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