Get to know what an ATS-AMF panel is in Industry

14 November 2023

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Sobat Honda, when we talk about industry and critical electricity supplies, there is one device that cannot be missed, named ATS-AMF panel. Does Sobat Honda know what the ATS-AMF panel is? This component is a vital part in ensuring a stable and continuous electricity supply in various industrial sectors.

Sobat Honda will encounter the ATS-AMF panel when selecting a high-quality generator incorporating advanced technology. Its presence offers significant convenience and enhances safety, ultimately optimizing the use of generators to meet various requirements of Sobat Honda.

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In order to equip Sobat Honda in finding the right generator, the following information regarding ATS-AMF below will be highly beneficial. Make sure that Sobat Honda pays careful attention to it!

What is the ATS-AMF Panel?

The ATS-AMF (Automatic Transfer Switch - Automatic Main Failure) panel is an electrical device that has an important role in the electricity distribution system, especially in industrial and commercial environments. These panels are designed to ensure a stable and continuous electricity supply, even in emergency situations or power outages.

The ATS-AMF panel itself consists of two main components, namely the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) and the Automatic Main Failure (AMF) controller. Below is a detailed explanation.

1. Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

The Automatic Transfer Switch is part of the ATS-AMF panel which is responsible for detecting changes in the electricity supply and taking action according to the situation that occurs. Functions include:

  • Detect power outages.

  • Switching power supply.

  • Monitor the return of the main power supply.

2. Controler Automatic Main Failure (AMF)

Controller AMF refers to the smarter part of the ATS-AMF panel.Controller AMF has several important tasks such as:

  • Monitoring generator.

  • Decision automation.

  • Remote communication and monitoring.

In industries and environments where the availability of electricity supply is of utmost importance, ATS-AMF panels become a critical investment. Its existence ensures that  the operations still operate without stopping, reduces losses due to power outages, and saves the time as well as the costs.

A good ATS-AMF panel is designed to work automatically thereby reducing dependence on human intervention in emergency situations making it a reliable and efficient solution in maintaining the availability of electricity supply.

ATS-AMF Panel Functions

ATS-AMF panels have several important functions in maintaining a reliable and sustainable electricity supply in industry. Let's discuss in depth each of the main functions of the ATS-AMF panel below.

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1. Automation of Power Source Switching

One of the most important functions of the ATS-AMF panel is its ability to automatically divert electricity supply from the main source to a backup source, which in this case is a generator, when a power outage occurs.

In this situation, the panel functions like an intelligent detective that immediately responds to power outage by automatically switching the electrical load. This response is highly critical in the industry because it can reduce production downtime and avert losses resulting from power outages.

2. Generator Monitoring and Control

The ATS-AMF panel not only takes care of switching the electricity supply, but also has AMF (Automatic Main Failure) control which monitors the condition of the generator continuously. When the panel detects an outage and switches supply to the generator, this AMF controller will ensure that the generator operates properly and stably.

Apart from that, when the electrical supply from the primary source returns to normal, the panel will redirect the supply returns to the main source and shut off the generator automatically. Doesn’t its existence help the fuel saving and maintain the generator’s performance more efficiently?

3. Operational Cost Savings

The function of the ATS-AMF panel in automating the switching of electricity supplies can significantly reduce operational costs. Through the ability to switch between power sources automatically, this panel enables the use of the generator only when necessary. Thus, the generator’s fuel consumption is not wasted, which ultimately in turn saves operational expenses.

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4. Avoid The Human Failure

The existence of the ATS-AMF panel helps avoid errors that can be caused by human factors in the process of transferring electricity supplies. These panels are designed to operate automatically, reducing the chance of errors or suspends in taking action during the power outages.

5. Increase the Reliability of Electricity Supply

Through the ability to detect outages and switch supply quickly and automatically, ATS-AMF panels contribute significantly to increasing the reliability of electricity supply. This can reduce the risk of losses due to unexpected power outages and keep industrial operations running smoothly.

Difference between ATS and ATS-AMF Panels

Sobat Honda, apart from the ATS-AMF Panel, there are also other types of ATS Panels which are often used in various contexts. Please pay attention to the following explanation.

1. Automatic  vs Manuals Redirect

One of the main differences between an ATS Panel and ATS-AMF Panel lies in the method of transferring the electrical supply. The ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) panel is solely capable of automatically switching from the primary resource to the backup provenance during the power outage.

Meanwhile, the ATS-AMF panel (Automatic Transfer Switch - Automatic Main Failure) not only has the capability to carry out an automatic transfer but can also discover a failure of the main power source and switch on the generator automatically. This implies that the ATS-AMF panel accommodates greater usefulness if Sobat Honda requires it for addressing emergency situations.

2. Need for Human Intervention

ATS panels require more human control than ATS-AMF panels. In situations with ATS panels, someone must monitor outages and manually decide when to switch the supply to a generator or other backup source.

On the other hand, the ATS-AMF panels eliminate a lot of human intervention because it features an AMF controller that makes decisions and can act automatically when the outage or failure occurs.

3. Reliability

ATS-AMF panels tend to be more reliable in dealing with emergency situations. With its ability to automatically detect and respond to main power source failures, the ATS-AMF panel will ensure faster switching. This is done to reduce the potential for damage or downtime caused by power outages.

4. Complexity

ATS-AMF panels are also usually more complex in design and function compared to ATS panels. The presence of an AMF controller and additional automation capabilities make it a more advanced option to use. Therefore, a deeper understanding is needed to install and operate the ATS-AMF panel.

5. Fees

Due to the consequence of complexity and additional features possessed by the ATS-AMF panel, it is not surprising that the price is sold out at a higher price than the ATS panels. However, this should also be considered in the context of the overall expense, as the ATS-AMF panels could help save the operational expenses in the long term by using more efficient generators.

That is a complete explanation of what an ATS-AMF panel is along with its functions and differences with the ATS panel type. Now Sobat Honda understands better that the ATS-AMF panel is not just an ordinary electrical device, but also the "brain" of the electrical distribution system which ensures smooth operation in emergency situations.

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Its ability to switch power supplies automatically makes it a very smart choice for industrial and commercial use. To support the performance of the ATS-AMF panel, don't forget to look for a quality generator at Honda Power Products.

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