AVR Function on Genset

30 December 2023

Fungsi AVR pada Genset

As a one of electric source, Generator must supply electric power in a good and stable condition.

That's why there is a technology called AVR that regulates the voltage on a generator. This time, you can learn about the components and functions of the AVR on generators. It is hoped that the explanation in this article will help you when choosing the best generator for your household or business needs.

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AVR Function on Genset

You need to know what AVR is. Why this technology (AVR) is very important and must be installed in a generator. AVR itself is an acronym for Automatic Voltage Regulator.

Every output (voltage) that is released (Supplied) from the generator has been regulated in such a way as to be able to flow according to the amount of output that required. This component will also ensure that the electricity from the generator flows/supplied consistently and stably.

A stable flow of electricity is very important because an unstable flow of electricity will have an impact on damage to electrical and or electronic devices such as short circuits.

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But what if the short circuit causes an explosion and fire? It's clear that this can't be happening. So it's very important to make sure that the AVR system in the generator that you have is functioning properly or in a good condition.

How Does AVR on Generators Work?

AVR does not work alone in regulating the voltage that will be supplied from the generator. This component works together with another part called Exciter. The AVR work to ensure that the output is stable and safe.

When the AVR receives a signal request for output, the exciter will work to adjust the supplied DC current. So, it's not only the AVR that works to regulate electricity according to its portion but also the exciter.

Those both (AVR and Exciter) of parts must be maintained so as not to cause a hazard/problem when the generator is in operation. Find out the cause of the breakdown and how to recognize it in the following points.

What causes the AVR break and how to find out?

The AVR, which is always connected to the mains voltage, can be damaged if there is an unusual condition in the machine. The damage to the AVR protects the user from feeling a large electric current. But you must immediately know when the component can be damaged so that a short circuit does not occur.

Don't let a short circuit occur continuously in the generator and eventually result in dangerous fatal damage. There are at least 3 ways you can recognize an AVR that has started to malfunction.

1. Generators Not Resulting Output

As one of electric source, generator should give an output (electric voltage). But if the output (voltage) does not come out then there is a possibility that the AVR is damaged. But knowing whether or not the AVR is causing the voltage not to come out must be investigated more deeply.

The reason is because of the output (electric voltage) that does not supplied can also be caused by other components such as switches, signals, or breakers. It is also possible that the fuel runs out so that there is no energy that can be converted into electricity.

2. Check by Using Multi Tester

The multi tester is a device for measuring the electric current or voltage. Using this tool will help you recognize in general whether the voltage and resistance of the generator are in good condition or not.

If an unstable current is found, it is possible that the AVR components are not functioning properly or damaged. When you can't turn on electronic devices at home, you should unplug all cables and turn off the generator engine.

Check all the conditions of the cable and generator to ensure the cause of the output is not good or not stable. Do not turn on the generator until you know it is no longer dangerous.

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3. Some Parts of Generators are Broken or Melted

The materials used to construct a generator actually have very strong resistance. And this can be used as a way to see or analyse whether the AVR is still in good condition or damaged.

But if you find that there are several parts of the generator that suddenly loosen or even melt and or break, this is one of sign that possibility the AVR is damaged and needs to be services or replaced with a new one. Do not use the generator until all parts are repaired. This situation is very dangerous if you force the use of a generator.

You must immediately bring the generator to be serviced and repaired so that this dangerous situation can be overcome. Make sure the generator engine is kept in cold temperatures and protected from direct sunlight. Do not also place the generator in a damp place and surrounded by flammable items. Store the generator in a safe place until you can bring it to a service centre.

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Information about the AVR function on the generator should make you more aware that this one technology is very important. The existence of AVR is proven to provide security to users when starting using a generator. A stable electric current is proof that the AVR function has a great impact on the use of generators.

So, when you are looking for a generator, make sure that there is an AVR voltage regulation system in place to maintain the stability of the flowing electric current. You don't have to look far for a generator with this system because Honda Power has it.

Honda friends, just choose a generator based on usage needs. Apart from the AVR system, you also need to find a type of generator engine with a 4-stroke engine so that the performance is maximized, and the fuel consumption is efficient.

4-stroke engine technology is the most sophisticated machine compared to other types so that its use will last for a very long time. Find the best and most trusted generator according to your needs only at Honda Power Products!

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