What Causes the Unstable Voltage of Generator?

30 December 2023

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What Causes the Unstable Voltage of Generator? Everyone is now familiar with generators. In fact, it is common for some households to start fulfill their home needs with a generator as a backup power when any time a power outage occurs.

Generators are effective and easy to use. But sometimes problems arise with the engine, such as unstable output voltage. This condition can cause the generator engine to be damaged and the electronic devices connected to the generator can also be at risk of damage.

Don't want this to happen? Check out the information on the causes of unstable generator voltage so you can find the right solution in the following article.

Causes of Generator’s Unstable Voltage

Generator voltage problems that produce unstable voltage output are generally caused by damage to the engine components inside. This can happen due to wrong use or other external factors. It would be best to leave this matter to a qualified technician in order not to further damage the generator.

But there are some things you can do as an emergency measure. Consider the various causes of unstable generator voltage below:

1. Unstable Generator Engine Rotation.

The first step to finding an unstable voltage problem is to check the generator engine rotation. You may take a look when the engine is started, whether an abnormal sound appears or not.

If it doesn't sound good, then this might be causing the generator voltage to become unstable. Normally the generator has an engine rotation of 3,200 rpm (rotation per minute); if it is less than this number, it is surely that the generator has a problem or abnormal condition.

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2. Problem on Governor

In the generator, the governor has a function as a fuel flow control component. For this reason, the governor will affect the generator's performance, because if the fuel flow is not smooth, the generator cannot work optimally.

The governor works by responding to engine rotation, if the engine rotates slowly then the governor will open automatically. This will make a lot of fuel into the engine. And vice versa; engine rotation that spins too fast will make the fuel flow less.

How to Overcome Unstable Generator Voltage

The problem of unstable generator voltage should not be ignored. As previously mentioned, this problem can trigger many other problems with the generator itself, as well as the electronic and electrical devices connected to the generator. Therefore, take the following steps to solve the problem of unstable voltage according to the cause:

1. Ensuring Proper Fuel

In order to run properly, make sure to use a good quality type of fuel and according to the engine's needs. In addition, don't forget to check the fuel supply to the engine to ensure that the engine rotation is running properly and normally.

After that check the condition of the fuel and fuel filter part (clean or dirty). If it is dirty, you can replace the filter or clean it so that the fuel flow can run normally.

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2. Check the Governor

If you find problems with abnormal fuel flow, check the governor immediately; whether the components are working perfectly and in good condition. Not only the governor, other parts in it such as the MPU and actuator valve must also be in normal condition.

3. Use Honda Power Products

The last step you can take is to make sure the generator used has good quality. It is undeniable, the selection and use of components in the generator affect the way it works and its durability. For that reason, choose high-quality generators from Honda Power Products.

Honda provides inverter generators on the EU22i model. Honda's inverter generator technology produces electricity of the same quality as commercial electricity, so it can provide good electricity for all your electronic and electrical devices in your home without worrying of the damage.

The EU22i generator uses an AC engine type, 4 stroke, OHV, single cylinder, with 3.6 liters of fuel capacity and 2,000 watts of maximum power. You can use this generator continuously for 3 to 8 hours.

Not only that, Honda also produces this generator in a small form so it can be easily stored anywhere; with length of 509 mm, width 290 mm, height 425 mm, and weighs 21.1 kg. The features in it are also complete and advance.

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After above explanation, are you ready to switch using Honda Power Products as a solution to the cause of unstable generator voltage?

Don't forget to always maintain the generator properly so that problems don't occur. If more serious problem occurs, it is better to contact the Honda Power Products team directly to get the optimal solution.

Get the best and trusted generator according to your needs only at Honda Power Products. We provide a variety of generators to suit your needs. Check specifications and further information about Honda Power generators on our website right now.

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