7 Causes of Generator Capacitor Often Broke Down

13 November 2023

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Sobat Honda, in maintaining optimal generator performance, one component that needs to be considered is the capacitor. When not maintained properly, these components can often experience damage that influences the performance and durability of Sobat Honda' generators. To ensure that your Sobat Honda generator continues to function properly, let's identify some of the causes of generator capacitors often being damaged.

Of course Sobat Honda don't want their generator to always be damaged and unusable, right? That's why make sure Sobat Honda carries out the best maintenance and learns what causes capacitors to often break down.

Then, also try to check whether the genset or generator that Sobat Honda has is already fit the standard quality or not. If it turns out that the quality of the generator is poor, don't be surprised if the capacitors often break down. It's better for Sobat Honda to immediately replace the old generator with a new one from Honda Power Products.

The genset or generators proposed by Honda Power Products obviously have high quality standards by using the best components which will determine their immutability. Just try visiting the Honda Power Products directly to look for a generator with the required specifications and capacity.

So, without further ado, let's immediately look at the information below!

Getting to know generator capacitors

The Generator capacitors are one of the important components in the generator systems that play a pivotal role in the regulation of electrical supply. As a basic understanding, a capacitor is actually an electronic device employed for the storage of electrical energy in the form of an electric field. 

The main function of capacitors is to store and release electrical energy quickly when needed. The capacitor consists of two platesconductive which are separated by a dielectric (non-conductive) material such as plastic, paper, or ceramic material. This configuration creates an electric field that allows the capacitor to store electric charge.

In generators or generator sets, capacitors have a very important role in optimizing the system performance. When the generator starts operating or when there is a surge in the electrical load, the generator capacitor will release the electrical energy it has stored to help offset the demand.

This is highly beneficial for maintaining the stability of the electricity supply, particularly when the generator is operating under initial load or at the time when equipment with a high load is connected.

Generator capacitors also help in improving the power factor. Power factor itself refers to a measure of efficiency in converting electrical energy into useful work. Capacitors help improve the power factor by providing additional power that can be used to offset the reactive power that may be generated by a particular load.

This allows the electrical system to operate more efficiently and avoid energy wastage. When the generator capacitor experiences damage or failure, the overall performance of the generator becomes not optimal, even leading to power outages. Therefore, the maintenance and care of the generator capacitors are very important to ensure that Sobat Honda’s generator can operate effectively and reliably.

7 Reasons Generator Capacitors Often Damage

Every component installed in the generator is important, including capacitors. However, unfortunately generator capacitors often experience damage that influences generator performance and durability. Apart from being caused by poor maintenance, try to find out more about what else causes capacitors to fail quickly.

1. Natural Aging

Natural aging is a common cause of generator capacitor deterioration. Its very important existence comes with a limitation, notably that it has a very limited useful life. As time goes by, the capacitor will experience changes in its capacitance value. This, in turn, can lead to a decrease in the capacitor's capability to keep back and  the electrical energy disengagement efficiently.

As a result, the performance of the capacitor will decrease which can influence overall generator performance. It is important to periodically inspect and replace capacitors that have reached their lifespan or are showing signs of aging.

2. Overvoltage or Undervoltage

Electrical voltage that exceeds normal limits (overvoltage) or less than normal limits (undervoltage) can also damage generator capacitors.Overvoltage, such as a sudden surge in electrical voltage, can overvoltage the capacitor so that structural damage or even an explosion can occur.

On the other hand, undervoltage or the excessively low voltage can affect the capacitor's ability to function appropriately and store electrical energy. Preventing extreme voltage fluctuations and installing appropriate voltage protection is the right approach to maintaining the generator capacitor safety.

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3. Poor Component Quality

Choosing a bad or low quality capacitor when initially replacing it can also cause damage more quickly. Poor quality capacitors are likely to have a shorter lifespan and are more likely to be susceptible to damage.

Therefore it is very important to choose capacitors that comply with the required specifications and quality standards. High quality capacitors will last longer and can maintain good generator performance.

4. Overload

Operating the generator at maximum capacity or excessively exceeding the recommended load limits can result in excessive stress on the capacitors.

The capacitor will be compelled to work harder to provide additional energy and this potentially can shorten the life of the capacitor. It is important to operate the generator within its designated capacity and not exceed the specified load limits, so that will prevent excessive strain on the capacitor. 

5. Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures, either too hot or too cold, can influence generator capacitor performance. Capacitors exposed to temperature extremes can experience changes in capacitance and internal resistance values ​​which ultimately damage the function of the capacitor. It is important to ensure that capacitors are protected from temperature extremes and are in suitable environmental conditions.

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6. Contamination and Moisture

Contamination such as dust or humidity that enters the capacitor can cause corrosion or interference in the capacitor's performance. High humidity in the environment can damage the internal components of the capacitor, while dust or dirt can disrupt the contact and insulation of the capacitor. That's why cleaning and keeping the environment around the capacitor clean and dry is very important.

7. Poor Environmental Conditions

Harsh environments, such as areas with excessive vibration or mechanical shock, can cause damage to generator capacitors. Vibration or shock can cause displacement or cracks in the internal components of the capacitor which ends up damaging it.

So make sure that every capacitor installation is carried out with proper physical protection and protected from a damp environment which could damage it.

How about Sobat Honda? Do Sobat Honda understand the various causes of frequent damage to generator capacitors? Through the information above, we hope that Sobat Honda will understand and realize the importance of carrying out proper maintenance.

Never forget that possessing a high-quality generator is the initial step that Sobat Honda must take to maintaining a dependable electricity supply. Honda Power Products can be relied upon as a trustworthy source to provide the finest generators that are ready to fulfill the needs of Sobat Honda.

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Honda Power Products offers a wide selection of high-quality generators that will give Sobat Honda peace of mind every time the engine is started. The design is also made modern to make it easier for Sobat Honda in every use.

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