The Right Way How to Turn on a Generator

30 December 2023

A comprehension of generator operation must be known by user. Be a smart buyer and know well how to operate it. Keep in mind that starting way on the generator is not arbitrary.

If you starts the engine immediately without understanding caution and risk, the potential of accident will be high. That's right, that’s true. Laxity, unintentional and ignorance can cause accident from electric shock.

Therefore, Sobat Honda will be invited to understand how to turn on generator correctly so it will perform properly and avoids accident. Prepare your minute book and let's start the discussion!

How to Turn on the Generator Properly

Accidents could be avoid with the caution labels and manuals book provided while you bought product. It's also applied to a generator purchase that is attached with all instructions for the right operation way.

The question is, have you read it? Most people doesn’t want to read manual book for reasons of laziness or too long. Even though its all important information.

If you are flurried about function of knob or lever, please check the manual book. If you doubt about maximum fuel capacity, so the answer is available in manual book.

Keep in mind that every purchase will be given manual book with good purpose. It is impossible giving manual book just for fun.

Of course this is unreasonable. So if you haven't read it, start reading manual book and figure out all the information.

Apart from the importance of manual book, Honda Power has summarized information how to turn on the generator. Please pay attention to the following points.

1. Place Generator in an Open Area

Not Allowed to turning on generator in a closed area such as a garage, indoors, in front of a door, or in front of a window. Potentially, heat temperature generated by the generator can burn objects or houses if you leave in it.

And also if you place generator in a close area, the exhaust gas produced by the generator can cause poisoning. Make sure the generator has a safe distance from objects and people around at least 1 meter.

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2. Re Fuel appropriately

If you want to turn on A new generator for the first time, it should be fueled firstly. Find the fuel tank cap on the generator and open it slowly. Make sure the engine is off and normal temperature.

Then keep away generator from the objects that can generate sparks such as cigarettes and lighters. If all the thing is safe, then fill in fuel appropriately. Don't fill in excessively because overflowing fuel can cause problems when you turn on the generator.

Usually each generator has a refueling indicator so you can easily find out when the tank is full.

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3. Make sure the generator and safekeeping to be dry

If there is overflow while re fueling, you must clean everything surely because evaporation gasoline or splash of gasoline that stick to the body of the generator can cause an explosion.

Also pay attention to the area where generator was placed whether it is free from spilled fuel or not. You can flush it with clean water so the remaining excessive fuel will be flowed and wasted. Then wipe the generator with a cloth and make sure it is completely dry.

4. Understand Each Part of Control Panel Functions

Also understand the function of each part in the control panel. Usually the control panel has all the buttons or levers that are useful for starting or stopping the engine, applying electrical power, and opening the fuel lines.

Getting well understanding a whole function so you don't get confused when you are going to use it. A good understanding will make you notice and careful when trying to start engine.

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5. Do a Check Before Turning It On

Another check is needed to make sure all is well. You need to check the generator, the cable that will be used to power the electronic devices at home, as well as the electronic devices themselves.                                                                                                                                

Make sure all the cables are not damaged or have experienced a short circuit. Do not harm your life and your around people by using damaged cables as short circuits, fires and accident may occur.

Look again at the hazard, warning, and caution labels. You need to keep in mind these labels carefully to avoid any unwanted incident.

6. Ready to turning on Machine

If everything is ready then you can start the engine. Generally, how to turn on the engine in each generator will be vary. You can return to reading Owners Manual Book immediately so that the generator functions properly without interruption.

The following is not how to turn on the generator from Honda Power, namely:

  • Set the circuit breaker lever to the “OFF” position.
  • Turn the fuel tap to the "ON" position.
  • Pull the Choke Knob to the “CLOSE” position if the engine temperature is cold. After a few seconds return the choke to the starting position.
  • Start the engine by turning the engine switch to the "START" position and holding it until the generator starts.

Every time you want to use a generator, you need to make sure that the surroundings are dry and free from items that can trigger a fire.

Do the right way to turn on the generator as explained above so you can avoid the danger of accident. Honda Power has a lineup quality generators that are equipped with advanced technology.

Of course, the use of generators from Honda Power will help many activities when the electricity supply from the center is disrupted. Find the best and most trusted generator according to your needs only at Honda Power Products.

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